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12级金融营销实务期末考试A 试卷试题答案及评分标准

promotion of empl oyment, form a rea sonable a nd orderly pattern of i ncome distri buti on, bui ld a more fair a nd sustai nable social se curity systems, medi cal and health system reform. T he pl enar y, innovati on of soci al governance, must focus on the mainte nan ce of fundame ntal interest s of the overwhelming majority of the pe ople, maximize fact ors, e nha nce social development, impr oving soci al governance, the i nterests of national se curit y, e nsure t hat the people live a nd w ork, soci al stabil ity and orde r. o improve social gover nance, stimulati ng social organizati on, i nnovative and effective system of preventing and resolvi ng social conf licts, impr oving t he publi c se curity system, set up the National Security Council, national security systems and nati onal se curity strategy to e nsur e national security. Plenary sessi on, the construction of ecologi cal civ ilization, you must esta bli sh system of ecol ogical system, using the system to protect t he ecologi cal e nvironme nt. o improve natural

resour ces asset property right system a nd use control, red li ne of delimitation of e col ogical protecti on, re sources paid use system a nd e col ogical compensati on sy stem in ecologi cal envir onme nt prote ction management sy stem reform. Plenary sessi on, ce ntering on building a liste ning party comma nd, can wi n and havi ng a fine style of the pe ople's army, a strong army under the new sit uation of the party Goal s, restricti ng the development of nati ona l defense and army buil ding i s solve d outstanding contra dicti ons a nd problems, i nnovati on a nd development of military the ory, enhance milit ary strategic guida nce, improve t he military strategy in the new period, building a modern military force system with Chi nese chara cteristics. o dee pen t he adjustment of personnel system reform in the army, military poli cy and system reform, prom ote the development of military and civi lian integration de pth. Plenary session stresse d that compre hensive reform must be to strengthen a nd impr ove the

party's leader shi p, give full play to the core r ole of the party commands t he overall sit uation and coordi nating all parties, impr oving the party's leadi ng water ... Margin. Challe nged t he leadershi p of the Communi st Party of Chi na, Marxi sm-Leni nism and Mao Ze dong thought by Deng Xiao-pi ng's fla g, replace d by thre e representatives and the harmonic societ y. The former Communist Party spirit and social cohesi on poi nt of almost all politica l makeover. Chara cteristics of socialism publi c ow nership is shifting to private ow nership, planned reg ulation and market regulati on, t he pr oletari an regime controlle d by the elite. Of univ ersal equality, fairness a nd basi c principl es of distri buti on sy stem is socialist societ y, however after economic monopolize d by powerful, ve sted interest s grow employers do not have t he same status, har dly se ems fair socia l distri buti on. State key protection of capital i nterests rather tha n the i nterests of citizens, had bee n hits the bott om of the prol etariat


2014-2015 学年第_1 学期

课程金融营销实务试题 (A) 命题教师莫业博-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


1. 金融营销:指金融企业以金融市场为导向,以市场需求为核心,通过采取





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1. 根据所学金融营销知识分析当前我国金融营销中存在的主要问题有(8分)

bvi ousl y, face Chi na's Socialist sy stem, the Communi st Party is not the party. In that case, politi cal chaos ha s bee n very tight. Is remodeling or reconstr ucti on, i s a correction or a stove. Whet her to tur n right or left, is ba ck to the source or put forward new political i deas. This is to determine the r oad pr obl ems in China, is al so the key out of the de ep water of the reform of the e conomic sy stem. After 18, the new Ce ntral coll ective lea dership attaches great importance to politi cal orie ntation. First, the "Central eight arti cles" as a starti ng point, starti ng from the Ce ntral Governme nt's self-re straint, whi ch prea ches a nd pro-image, br oug ht fresh feeling to t he communit y. Secondly, before reform and openi ng up and reform and openi ng two periods after non-negative, untyi ng the tangl e of the soci ety a long time on t his issue. Third, a ne w generation of part y leaders on various occasions to Mao Ze-Dong a nd Ma o Ze-Dong's thoug ht of evaluati on has room for manoe uvre,

throug h to the r uling i deol ogy of Ma o Zedong thought, i s the call of the soul t o the S ocialist Revol ution and constr ucti on. Empty talks jeopardize national interest s and try again, is a n affirmation of De ng Xia o-ping's reform i deas. These strong politica l signal showing a new ge neration of poli tical leader s is still kee ping to t he Socialist roa d. Four is revisiting t he "talking to Ma o Ze-Dong's hi storical cycle of" high pr ofile anti-corrupti on a nd t he importa nce of the Constit ution, reorga nization is ba d style of official dom, wa s to civ ilize people obey the la w, w hile impr oving the col or change of the regime of vigila nce. Five is to reform into dee per waters a nd stressed t hat top-level design, this i s a review on the reform and openi ng up in t he past, i s also look ing for a way out. Six foreign and Russia cl oser, the flexibl e attitude on the issue of the Korea n pe ninsula, Sino-Japane se fishi ng har dli ne China on the island out of the "patie nt" and l ow pr ofile sha dow bega n to gradua lly pla n development. Signs show that t he new l eadership began t o make a left turn in politics. However, as of right now, not only ide ologi cal confusi on i n the community, the new lea dership's t hinki ng is messy. Ne w leader s bot h stresse d the need t o implement t he Constituti on, stresse d the n eed t o turn off the power i n a cage. Al so stre sses that Mao Zedong t hought ca nnot be lost, 30 years after the reform and openi ng up 30 years ago can not deny each ot her. Bot h advocate dem ocracy a nd rele ase "seve n does not speak of" files of politi cal constraint s. Neit her de ny the history of the CPC Central Committee on several issues ...

Comrades: today brings t ogether member s, mainly in order to provi de a platform to Exchange a nd lear n from each other i n order t o facilitate our work. Just now, we focus on taxation, pla nni ng and stabilit y, safety, proje ct constr uction, typi cal topics such as private facts prese ntation and interacti on, and towns currently exist in the in-de pth a nalysis of the problems to be solved, to ex plore new methods t o solve t he pr oblem. It can be sai d that summing up t he achievement, no grandstanding; analy sis