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1 So important _____ which Edison had given us that we could not live without them.

A. the electrical inventions were

B. the electrical inventions was

C. was the electrical inventions

D. were the electrical inventions

2 Most of the people in the group felt rather disappointed at their traveling abroad. They said it _____ better organized.

A. might have been

B. must have been

C. had to be

D. ought to be

3 ____, all your problems will be solved if you use the computer.

A. How difficult is not a matter of

B. The mater is difficult if no

C. No matter how difficult

D. It does not matter if the difficulty

4 After I look the Japanese culture course, I knew that the culture and customs of Japan are a little bit like_____ of China.

A. what

B. those

C. ones

D. that

5 It’s high time we_____ something to stop road accidents.

A. did

B. are doing

C. will do

D. do

6 _____from the top of the hill, the city looks even larger and more beautiful.

A. Seeing

B. See

C. To see

D. Seen

7 It is thought to be a wise way to have some money ______for old age.

A. put aside

B. taken off

C. given in

D. set out

8 How many computers will the company _____ this year?

A. turn up

B. turn out

C.turn on

D. turn over

9 In that country, the cost of living ______quickly after the war broke out.

A. rise

B. raised

C. arose

D. rose

10 Our president will hold a special party at May Flower Hotel tonight _____ your honor.

A with

B. at

C. in

D. on


Student participation in the classroom is not only accepted but also expected of the student in many courses.Some professors base part of the final grade on the student’s oral participation.Although there are formal lectures during which the student has a passive role(i.e;listening and taking notes),many courses are organized around classroom discussions,student questions,and informal lectures

A professor’s teaching method’s another factor that determines the degree and type of student participation. Some professors prefer to control discussions while others prefer to guide the class without controlling it. Many professors encourage student to question their ideas. Students who object to the professor’s point of view should be prepared to prove their positions.

In the teaching of science and mathematics, the controlling mode of instruction is generally traditional, with teachers presenting formal lectures and students taking notes. However, new educational trends have turned up in the humanities and social sciences in the past 20 years. Students in educations. society, and history classes, for example, are often required to solve problems in groups, design project, make presentations, and exam case studies. Since some college or university courses are “practical” rather than theoretical, they pay more attention to “doing” for themselves.

11 Part of the final grade of the student may be based on _____.

A.the student’s oral participation

B.the student’s written scores

C.the student’s attitude in learning

D.the professors’ formal lectures

12 Particpation in the classroom is not only accepted but also expected of the student in many courses EXCEPT in ________.

http://www.wendangku.net/doc/d6e54bbc4afe04a1b071deff.html rmal lecture courses

B. the humanities and social sciences

C. science and maternities

D. discussion courses

13 Form the passage we know that education in the humanities and social sciences._______

A. has not changed much

B. pay attention to student’s studying instead of teachers’ teaching

C. is much more important than that of science and mathematics.

D.has become more practical than theoretical

14 The main reason why some professors ask students to make presentations and lead discussions is that_______.

A.these professors are often no, well prepared before class.

B.these professors want to stress “doing”

C.these professor s want to test the students’ abilities

D.these professors are not willing to teach theories

15 Which of the following statements is true according to the passage?

A. Student participation is not common in the classroom in many courses of society.

B.Some professors want to control the classroom discussions.

C. Some Professors usually want the students to take part in the teaching of science and mathematics

D. New educational trends have turned up in natural sciences such as chemistry


Writing a resume in English can be very different than in your native tongue. The following points outline a standard resume formal.

Begin resume by writing your full name, address, telephone number, fax and email at the top of the resume.

Write an objective. The objective is a short sentence describing what type of work you hope to abtain.

Begin work experience with your most recent job, include the company specifics and your responsibilities-focus on the skills you have identified as transferable.

Continue to list all of your work experience job by job progressing backwards in time. Remember to focus on skills that are transferable.

Summarize your education, including important facts (degree, typo, specific courses studied) that are aoolicable to the job you are applying.

Include other relevant information such as languages spoken, computer programming knowledge, etc, under the heading: additional skills

Finish with the phrase: REFERENCES available upon request.

Your entire resume should ideally not be any longer than one page.If you have had a number of years of experience specific to the job you are applying for. two pages are also acceptable

16 Object in resume means_______

A.your resume is uninfluenced by personal feelings or opinions

B.your purpose for writing the resume

C.your resume is impartial

D.the type of work you want to get

17 Work experience should be arranged

A.with your recent job at the beginning

B.with your first job at the beginning

C.with the most transferable job at the beginning

D.not mentioned in the passage

18 Relevant information is listed under the heading of______

A. work experience

B. education

C. additional skills

D. references

19 The meaning of the word “reference” in the second paragraph from the bottom is_______.

A. note or direction telling where certain information may be found

B. a statement about a person’s character or ability

C. instance of referring

D. turning to or going to someone for information

20 Your resume is better to be written on ________.

A.one page

B. two pages C .three pages D.four pages


For some employers the policy if lifelong employment is particularly important because it means that they can put money and effort into their staff(职员) training and make them loyal to the company what they do is to select young people who have potential(潜力) and who can be trained. They then give the young people the kinds of skills that will make them suitable employees for the company .In other words, they adjust their training to their particular needs.

One recently employed graduate says that she is receiving a great deal of valuable training from the company. ”This means that I will be a loyal employee,” she says,”and it also means that the company will want to keep me. I am an important investment for them. So the policy is a good one b ecause it benefits both the employer and the employee ”

Recently, however, attitudes towards lifelong employment are beginning to change. Employees are slowly beginning to accept the idea that lifelong employment is not always in their best interest and that changing firms can have career advantages.

21 The purpose of lifelong employment is to ______.

A. adjust the needs of the company to its employees

B.make employees loyal to their company

C .select the best skilled young employees

D. keep the skilled staff satisfied

22 By training its employees, a company can make them______.

A. do their work more easily

B. more interested in their work

C.willing to invest money into the company

D.possess the necessary qualities for the job

23 Talking about the training she has received, a recently employed graduate has the view that ______.

A.it is valuable to the employer and the employees

B.it is still well-received by all the staff members today

C.it is helpful for attracting young employees.

D.it is both useful and interesting

24 Attitudes towards lifelong employment are changing because______.

A. job changes have career advantages

B.it’s boring to work in only one company

C.only the employer benefits from such employment.

D. stable employment seldom offers better opportunities

25 The passage is mainly about______.

A. lifelong training of employees

B .policies of lifelong employment

C. attitudes towards lifelong employment

D. employers’ interest in lifelong employment


26 Any academic breakthrough , brilliant as it may be, does not autonatically ensure that it can be applied to practice.





27 The road department apologized for any inconvenience caused while road improvements were in progress.





28 You may use this computer on condition that you are able to handle it properly so as not to damage it.





29 His academic record was constantly maintained at the top level, which is resulted from his devotion to study and intelligent nature.






A research team at the United States Pentagon first developed the concept or linking computers together in the 1960s. They wanted to have a system that would ____universities, research departments and the military to share resources with each other. Computers at this time were ____ refrigerators and could not be transported easily. _____ problem was that they were often complicated and not compatible (可兼容的) with each other. The research team had to overcome these difficulties to create a network that could share computing power.

Gradually, more and more scholars came online. Years later, businessmen began using the internet, too. The number of people _____it is increasing all the time and it is becoming ______available across the world. In fact, somewhere in cover continue in the world, it is ______ to use the internet.

There is a wide range of services available on the Internet. This means that there are many different _____ to communicate. The most popular way is undoubtedly electronic mail-more

commonly called-mail”. The second is browsing (浏览) _____ the World Wide Web(W). Briefly, the WWW is a very big series of connected pages _______ various forms of multimedia. The third is real time text based communication between users _______ IRC—Internet Relay chat.

30 A. able B. ably C. enable D. unable

31 A. as larger as B. as large as C. as small as D. as smaller than

32 A. Other B. The other C. The another D. Another

33 A. using B. uses C. to use D. use

34 A. more wide B. more widely C. wide D. widely

35 A. impossible B. possible C. possibly D. possibility

36 A. methods B. ideas C. opinions D. ways

37 A. in B. on C. across D. over

38 A. contain B. contains C. containing D. to contain

39 A. such as B. for example C. and D. or


40 We are buys (prepare) _______ for the final examination, so I cannot come to see you.

41 The solider was punished for (obey) ______ orders.

42 Students should (strength) _______ their sense of self-confidence.

43 She was such a (consider) _______ person, always asking how I’m feeling.

44 For a (various) _____of reasons, the economy of our country is growing at its fastest rate this decade.

45 (frank) ______ speaking, we don’t think your plan is practical.

46 They wrote us a letter, (confirm) _______ that they had received our check.

47 The (argue) _______ went on for two hours as neither side would give in.

48 With the cost (rise) _______, we must stop the product.

49 Provided that there is no (object) ______, we will begin with the next item.


A-Dispute Settlement Body

B-Balance of International Payments

C-World Trade Organization

D-Risk Management

E-Investment in Non-productive project F-Grant the National Treatment

G-Appeal Body

H-Common Agriculture Policy

I-Customs Values

J-Export Performance

K—Food Security L—Free-rider

M—Grey Area Measures N—Import Licensing

O— Maker Access

P—Marker Boards

Q—Presence of National Person R—North American Free Trade Area S—International Settlement T—Peace Clause

U—Least-developed Countries V—Most-favored-nation Treatment


50 ( ) 上诉机构

51 ( ) 最惠国待遇

52 ( ) 实行国民待遇

53 ( ) 进口许可

54 ( ) 市场准入55 ( ) 非生产性投资

56 ( ) 食品安全保障

57 ( ) 非同农业政策

58 ( ) 风险管理

59 ( ) 争端解决机构


60 What are the two Pulitzer Prizes the Wall Street Journal honored with in 2007?

The two prizes are _____ and International Reporting.

61 What is the Wall Street Journal’s highest calling as a news organization?

It is to _____ so that they can be effectively addressed.

62 What has the magazine done to get the prize for Public Service?

They have done the brilliant _____ work on stock options backdating.

63 Who was the managing editor in 1991?


64 How many Pulitzers has the Wall Street Journal received to date?

It has received _____ Pulitzers to date.


65 Haier Group is the world’s fourth largest white-goods manufacturer and one of China’s Top one hundred electronics and IT companies. Haier has thirty design centers, plans and trade companies and more than 50,000 employees throughout the world. Ha ier’s fifteen leading products, including refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, televisions, water heaters, personal computers, mobile phones and kitchen facilities have been considered as China’s famous brand.


66 陶氏(Dow)化学公司是全球第五大化学公司,年销售额达200亿美元。陶氏生产化工产品、塑料和农用产品,并为164个国家的客户提供服务。陶氏在世界各地拥有员工43000人。现诚聘秘书一人。







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