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北京市高考英语 阅读和信息匹配四月自练4




Parents used to rely on physical punishments to control their children's bad behavior, which has been proven to be very harmful.Therefore, most parents now choose to simply yell, thinking that language

probably won't hurt as much.But is that really so?

Using harsh words such as "lazy" or "stupid" is just as harmful as hitting, according to a new study carried out at the University of Pittsburgh, US."It cannot reduce or correct their problem behavior," said Professor Ming - Te Wang, leader of the study, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal."On the contrary, it makes it worse."

In the study, which involved 976 two - parent families, researchers asked the kids about their behavior problems, while asking their parents how often they had yelled at them. Nearly half of the parents admitted that they'd shouted at their children in the past year.Researchers noted that the kids whose parents used more harsh words experienced more behavior problems after-wards, including fighting, stealing, lying as well as symptoms of depression.

"Adolescence is a very sensitive period when kids arc trying Lo develop their self -identities(个性).When you yell, it makes them feel they are not capable, and that they are worthless and useless," Wang said."This may explain why so many parents say that no matter how loud they shout, their teenagers don' t listen.

While harsh yelling can stop bad behavior in the moment, it doesn' t teach children to be-have how parents want them to, according to Professor Alan Kazdin of Yale University, US.What parents need is to praise their children for good behavior.If parents really need to punish their kids, they should try things like taking away smartphones and reminding them that good behavior will get them back. After all, "we want to teach kids, not hurt them," said Kazdin.

1.How do most parents react to their children's misbehaving now?

A.Letting them alone.B.Beating them.

C.Shouting at them.D.Praising them.2.The study finds that using harsh words .

A.can make things even worse B.inspires children to do better C.corrects children's bad behavior D.has a better effect than hitting 3.According to Professor Ming - Te Wang, .

A.physical punishments are sometimes necessary

B.children are more self - centered in adolescence

C.parents should never punish kids for misbehaving

D.harsh yelling damages children's self - confidence

4.In Professor Alan Kazdin's opinion, parents should

A.set good examples for their children

B.take away their children' s smartphones

C.praise their children for good behavior

D.always think in their children's shoes

5.What does the underlined word "them" in the last paragraph refer to?

A.children B.bad behaviors C.parents D.smartphones



Finally,I entered the university.Because of my careful savings,I did not have to work during the school years.Then,summer came and it was time to work harder than ever.I continued working as a waitress at night,instructed tennis camps several mornings a week and worked as a secretary for a few hours in the afternoons.I even decided to take a class at a community (社区) college.This class at the community college saved me $650.It was an extremely tiring summer and made me anxious to return to my relatively easy life at the university.

During my second and third years of undergraduate schooling,I decided to work about five hours per week in the campus (校园)admissions office answering phones.This

provided a little spending money and kept me from drawing my savings out.The overall situation looked hopeful as I approached my senior year as long as I could make as much money as I had the previous summer.I wanted to go to Israel to study for 3 weeks,but I hesitated in making this decision because it would cost me $1,600 more to get the credits in Israel.About two weeks later my mom called to tell me that I had $1,600 in the bank that I had forgotten about!One of my concerns about this trip was not only the cost,but the loss of time to make money;however,I made as much that summer in the ten weeks when I was at home as I had made during the fourteen weeks when I was at home the summer before.The way everything worked together to make this trip possible was one of the most exciting things that have ever happened to me.

This experience has shaped me in many important ways.The first thing that I learned was the importance of a strong work ethic (道德准则).Working long hours did a lot to develop my character and helped me learn the value of a dollar.It also made me learn how to search for creative ways to settle difficult situations.



1.Where did the writer probably work part-time before attending the university?

A.In a restaurant.

B.In the tennis camps.

C.In a company.

D.In the campus admissions office.

解析细节理解题。根据第一段中的“I continued working as a waitress at night”


答案 A

2.The writer took a class at a community college mainly because________.

A.she wanted to save money

B.life there was relatively easy

C.summer time was tiring

D.it was required by the university

解析细节理解题。根据第一段中的“This class at the community college saved me $650.”可知,作者是为了省钱。

答案 A

3.The writer’s major concern about the trip to Israel was that________.

A.her mother would not give her approval

B.she would fail to get credits in Israel

C.a well-paid summer job would be lost

D.$1,600 cou ldn’t be drawn out in time

解析推理判断题。根据第二段中的“One of my concerns about this trip was not only the cost,but the loss of time to make money”可知,作者主要担心没有时间赚钱了,一分高薪的暑假工作失去了。

答案 C

4.The passage is mainly about how the writer________.

A.made money on the college campus

B.managed to make full use of her vacation

C.was forced to support herself by her mother

D.was shaped by working part-time through college


答案 D


Autumn is a time when nature prepares to test and it is just the same with many people.With less energy or strength they have no desire to meet with friends after work,preferring to sit still in front of the television before going to bed early.And the next morning they find it hard to get up,too.

For most people,this period of time passes without any major effects,but a small minority suffer from complete winter depression(压抑).Apart from tiredness and without energy,the latter often has the following symptoms(症状).They have an increased need for sleep and also for sweet food like chocolate.Normally,depression is along with difficulty in falling asleep and loss of appetite(胃口).

True winter depression exists when the symptoms occur repeatedly in autumn and winter.Moreover,they have to last at least two weeks.Symptoms of winter depression begin for northern hemisphere(北半球)countries in October,November or December,and reduce in January.The symptoms decrease when the days grow longer again.

Lack of light during the c old months is the cause of people’s depression.

To reduce the bad effect of the winter depression,sufferers should spend as much time outdoors as possible.Exercise is also a tested cure for depression.A regular sleep wake cycle can help too,and sufferers should stick to it even at weekends.By getting up early,they can receive more daylight regardless of the weather.

北京市高考英语 阅读和信息匹配四月自练4

36. suffer [第二段第一句是关键句。]

37.Symptoms [第二段末有该词,第三段对该词进行了解释。]

38.energy [第二段第二句里的energy是关键词。]

39.hard/difficult [第三段第二句里的difficulty是解题关键。]

40.desire/appetite [第三段末句里的appetite是解题线索。]

41.lasts [第四段第二句是解题线索。]

42.decreases/reduces [第四段倒数第二句是解题线索。]

43.Due [第五段里的the cause of是解题线索。]

44.possible [末段首句里的“as much time outdoors as possible”是解题线索。] 45.regularly [末段第三句是解题线索。]


Directions: Read the passage carefully. Then answer the questions or complete the statements in the fewest possible words.

Travelers arriving at Heathrow airport this year have been met by the smell of freshly-cut grass, pumped from a corner through an “aroma box”, a machine which blows warm, sweet-smelling air into the environment.

Heathrow’s move into “sensory” marketing is the latest in a long line of attempts by businesses to use sensory psychology — the scientific study of the effects of the senses on our behavior to help sell products. Marketing people call this “atmosphere” — using smell s to influence consumer behavior. On Valentine’s Day two years ago, the chain of chemist’s Superdog scented one of its London shops with chocolate. “Chocolate is associated with love, ” said a marketing spokeswoman, “We thought it would get people in the mood for romance.” She did not reveal, though, whether the smell actually made people spend more money.

However, research into customer satisfaction with certain scented products has clearly shown that smell does have a commercial effect, though of course it must be an appropriate smell. In a survey, customers considered a lemon-scented detergent (洗涤剂) more effective than another scented with coconut despite the fact that the detergent used in both was similar. On the other hand, a coconut-scented sun cream was rated more effective than a lemon-scented one. A research group from Washington University reported that the smell of mint or orange sprayed in a store resulted in customers rating the store as more modern and more pleasant for shopping than other stores without the smell. Customers also rated the goods on sale as better, and expressed a stronger intention to visit the store again in the future.

Writers and poets have often described the powerful effects of smell on our emotion, and smell is often considered to be the sense most likely to recall emotion-filled memories. Perhaps the reason is because smells are very difficult to give a name to. The fact that smell is invisible, and thus somehow more mysterious, may partly explain its reputation as our most emotional sense.

(Note: Answer the questions or complete the statements in NO MORE THAN TEN WORDS.)

78. What is the function of “aroma box” at Heathrow airport?

79. The example of “co conut-scented detergent” and “coconut-scented su n cream”

is used to show that __________.

80. __________ is of help for the store to leave a better impression on customers.

81. What is one of the reasons why smell is considered the most emotional sense? 【参考答案】

78. To blow warm, sweet-smelling air into the environment. / To use smells to

influence traveler /consumer behavior.

79. an appropriate smell does have a commercial effect

80. The smell of mint or orange

81. It is invisib le, and (thus) mysterious. / It’s difficult to give a name to.