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41. Ronald Reagan had served two terms as governor of California before

_______President. 罗纳德·里根成为总统之前担任加州两届州长

A. he became 他成为

B. when becoming

C. became .

D. did he become

42. Nothing further was known about the incident, but the captain _____ the passengers that the crew would be conducting a thorough investigation. 这件事情没


A. assured 保证C. assumed

B. insured D. Ensured

43. The importance of _______design becomes evident when we realize how much time we spend surrounded by four walls. 室内设计的重要性就变得很明显,当我们意识到我们花很多时间被四面墙包围。

A. internal 内部的

B. external 外部的

C. interior 室内设计

D. exterior 外观

44. Some of the members demanded to know why they had been kept in _____ of the true facts until they reached the present critical stage. 一些成员要求知道为什么他们一直保持不了解事实真相,直到他们达到目前的关键阶段。

A. connection 关系C. preparation 准备

B. opposition 反对

D. ignorance 无知,不知道

45. To maintain production levels, we must ______ and develop or acquire new oil and gas reserves to replace those depleted by production. 为了维持生产水平,我们必须找到并开发或收购新的石油和天然气储备,以取代那些枯竭产品。

A. search 搜寻C. identify 识别

B. examine 检查D. locate 查找

46. Because of ______diversity , seven separate groupings or divisions of algae have been established by botanists.因为他们的多样性,植物学家已制定了7个单独的分组或部门的藻类

A. them

B. so that

C. those

D. Their

47. ________ "nova" means new, novas are actually stars that have existed for a long time and suddenly flare into brilliance. 尽管“新星”意味着新的,新星实际上是恒星,已经存在了很长时间,突然发出耀眼的光芒。



A. That

B. Why

C. Although 虽然

D. It is

48. Because Mars is farther from the Sun than_______, Mars takes longer to complete

a revolution. 因为火星离太阳比地球远,火星需要更长的时间围绕太阳旋转。

A. Earth is

B. is from Earth

C. what is Earth

D. is it Earth .

49. The portrayal of everyday life in the objects of folk art makes it _____ valuable source of history. 民间艺术是对日常生活的写照,在对历史研究中提供了很有价值的信息。

A. and a

B. so that a

C. a

D. is a

50 ._______ by the United States government's Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Consumer Price Index compares current costs of goods and services with past costs. 消费物价指数由美国政府劳工统计局编制,比较货物和服务的现实成本与过去成本。

A. To prepare D. Prepared单位

B. As it prepared

C. When preparation

51. As we need plain, ______ food for the body, we must have serious reading for the mind. 因为我们需要明白,对身体健康的食品,我们必须有足够的重视。

A. wholesome 健康的C. tasteful 有滋味的

B. diet 饮食

D. edible 可食用的

52. This software can be ______ to the needs of each Customer. 这款软件可以适应每个客户的需求。

A. accustomed 习惯.

B. entitled 有资格

C. administered 给予

D. tailored 适应

53. Sometimes we may get quite _______when we are trying to communicate with someone in English. 有时候,我们可能会变得非常沮丧,当我们正在尝试用英语与人沟通。

A. depressed 压低的C. distracted 分神的

B. frustrated 挫败D. approved 规定的

54. Drinking water in many areas of bacteria the developing countries is ______with。在发展中国家的许多地区饮水被细菌污染

A. purified净化.

C. blended混用B. contaminated污染

D. mixed 混合

55. Both a person's heredity and his surroundings help to_____

his character 一个人的遗传和他的周围环境,有助于塑造他的性格

A. correct 调整C. shape 形成

B. improve 改善

D. modify 修改


56. Corn originated in the New World and this was not known in Europe until Columbus found it _______in Cuba.欧洲不知道玉米起源于新大陆,直到哥伦布在古巴发现它被栽种。

A. being cultivated 被耕种C. having cultivated

B. been cultivated D. cultivating 培养


57。__________, domesticated grapes grow in clusters, range in color from pale green to black, and contain sugar in varying quantities. 植物学依照浆果分类、种植的葡萄生长集中,颜色介于淡绿色到黑色,含糖量不同。

A. Their botanical classification as berries

B. Although their botanical classification as berries

C. Because berries being their botanical classification

D. Classified botanically as berries

58. Later another wrong idea about tomatoes grew up-the idea _____ they were poisonous. 后来另一种关于西红柿的形成的错误观点,,是他们有毒的。

A. that

B. which

C. in which

D. When

59. _______ directly with most metals to form compounds called carbides 碳直接与大多数金属发生反应,形成化合物称为碳化物

A. Carbon reacting

B. Carbon reacts 碳起化学反应

C. The reaction of carbon

D. When carbon reacts

60. All the major cities of the United States, ______ the cities of the Great Lakes and

the Gulf of Mexico, began as centers of trade. 美国所有主要城市,包括大湖城市和


A. and to include

B. which including

C. included .

D. including 包含


21. (He is remembered) mainly (for the invention) of the telephone,


Bell (devoted) his life to (helping) in the deaf


答案 A

本题解析:应为:Though remembered

被动语态省略形式的用法,如果主语是一致的,省略主语,be 部分也一起省略,只要连接词和分词


22. The rapid development of (communication technology) is


(transmitting ) the manner (in which) people communicate (across)


time and space.

答案 B

本题解析:应该用transforming v.转化,转变(transform的ing形式);transmitting传递,发射(transmite的现在分词形式)


23. A professor (at) the University of Hawaii has (carried) a


(series) of new


experiments in which some animals (have learned) to understand sentences.



本题解析carried out vt.执行,实行;贯彻;实现;完成; carried adj.被运的;入神的;忘我的


24. The research has (attracted) wide (coverage) in the media and




(featured) (to) BBC television program.


答案 D


翻译:研究吸引了广大媒体也在BBE电视上的Tomorrow’s World.做了特别报道

25. They finally (came to) the conclusion that the (foundations) were




(enough strong) to (sustain) the weight of the bridge.


答案 C

本题解析:应为strong enough enough作为副词时,修饰形容词、副词、动词, 并放在其后。


26. Science is the production of new knowledge that (can be applied)

or not,

A (since) technology is (the application of) knowledge to the



of some products, machinery or (the like).


答案 B

本题解析: 句中连词“since”用错了,逗号前后的两个句子从句意上是对照关系,但是since 使之变成了因果关系,整个句子变得模糊不清。应把“since”改成




27. In the United States (among) 60 percent of (the space) on the pages




newspapers (is reserved) for (advertising).


答案 A

本题解析: 应该为about 大约;among 在… 之中


28. Scientists believe that (altering) the genetic composition of

plants it is


possible to develop specimens that are (resisting) to (disease)


and have (increased) food value.


答案 B

本题解析:词性/习语。Resist是及物动词,其后直接接名词,不用to.此处划线词后出现to,说明不能用其动词形式resisting,而应用形容词resistant(be resistant to )是固定短语


29. The American anarchist Emma Goldman infused her spirited lectures,

publishes and demonstration with a passionate belief in the freedom


of individual.

答案 A 本题解析

and 前后应该保持一致,publishes 应该改成publications,强调是“每一个


30. Being the biggest expanse of brackish water in the world, the




Baltic Sea is of

C special interesting to scientists.


答案 D

本题解析interesting 应该为名词interest 表示兴趣,爱好




Imagine eating everything delicious you want with none of the fat. That would

be great, wouldn't it? 想象一下你想要吃的没有的脂肪美味。那可太好了,不是吗?

New "fake fat" products appeared on store shelves in the United States recently,

but not everyone is happy about it. 最近在美国,新的“仿造脂肪”产品出现在商店

货架上但不是每个人都喜欢它。Makers of the products, which contain a compound called olestra, say food manufacturers can now eliminate fat from certain foods. 制造商的产品包含,食品制造商现在可以消除某些食物的脂肪。Critics, however, say the new compound can rob the body of essential vitamins and nutrients and can also cause unpleasant side effects in some people. 然而,批评人士指出,这些

新的化合物会剥夺人体必需的维他命和养分的, 在某些人身上也会导致令人舒

服的副作用。So it's up to consumers to decide whether the new fat-free products taste good enough to keep eating. 这要由消费者决定是否尝起来不够好继续吃下


Chemists discovered olestra in the late 1960s, when they were searching for a fat

that could be digested by infants more easily. Instead of finding the desired fat, the researchers created a fat that can't be digested at all. 在60 年代末,当他们正在寻找一种可以使婴儿更容易消化的脂肪时候,化学家发现蔗糖聚酯,替代所需的脂肪, 研究人员设计了一种不能被完全消化的脂肪,。

Normally, special chemicals in the intestines(肠) "grab" molecules of regular fat and break them down so they can be used by the body. 通常,在肠道的特殊化学

品(肠)“抓住”分子的普通脂肪和分解它们因此可以使用它们身体。A molecule of regular fat is made up of three molecules of substances called fatty acids. 一个分子


The fatty acids are absorbed by the intestines and bring with them the essential vitamins A, D, E and K When fat molecules are present in the intestines with any of those vitamins, the vitamins attach to the molecules and are carried into the bloodstream. 脂肪酸肠道被吸收和携带必要的维生素A、D、E 和K 当存在于肠脂肪分子,所有那些维生素,维生素附加到分子和携带到血液中。

Olestra, which is made from six to eight molecules of fatty acids, is too large

for the intestines to absorb. 蔗糖聚酯,这是由6 到8 个分子的组成的脂肪酸,太大便于小肠吸收。It just slides through the intestines without being broken down. Manufacturers say it's that ability to slide unchanged through the intestines that makes olestra so valuable as a fat substitute. 它只是穿过肠道缓慢运动而不被分

解。制造商说它的能力将幻灯片不变穿过肠道让蔗糖聚酯这么有价值作为脂肪替代品。It provides consumers with the taste of regular fat without any bad effects on

the body. 它给消费者提供满意的味道没有任何不良脂肪对人体的影响。But

critics say olestra can prevent vitamins A, D, E and K from being absorbed. 但批评

者说蔗糖聚酯可以防止维生素A、D、E 和K 吸收。It can also prevent the absorption of carotenoids (类胡萝卜素); compounds that may reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, etc. 它还可以阻止类胡萝卜素的吸收,而类胡萝卜素这种化合物可能降


Manufacturers are adding vitamins A, D, E and K as well as carotenoids to their products now. 制造商正在添加的维生素A、D、E 和K 以及类胡萝卜素产品。Even so, some nutritionists are still concerned that people might eat unlimited

amounts of food made with the fat substitute without worrying about how many

calories they are consuming. 即便如此,一些营养学家们仍然担心人们会吃无限量


1. We learn from the passage that olestra is a substance that______我们学习的段落


A. contains plenty of nutrients 含有大量的营养

B. renders foods calorie-free while retaining their vitamins 呈现低卡路里的食


C. makes foods easily digestible 使食物容易消化的

. D。makes foods fat-free while keeping them delicious 使食物无脂肪,同时让


2. The result of the search for an easily digestible fat turned out to be____寻找一个易


. A. commercially useless 商业无用的 B. just as anticipated. 正如预期的

C. somewhat controversial 有点争议的

D. quite unexpected 完全意想不到的

3. Olestra is different from ordinary fats in that _


A, it passes through the intestines without being absorbed


B. it facilitates the absorption of vitamins by the body


C, it helps reduce the incidence of heart disease


D. it prevents excessive intake of vitamins


4. What is a possible negative effect of olestra according to some critics? 根据评论


A. It may impair the digestive system. 它可能影响消化系统。

B. It may affect the overall fat intake. 这可能影响总的脂肪摄入量。


D. It may increase the risk of cancer. 它可能增加患癌症的风险。

It may spoil the consumers' appetite. 它可能会破坏消费者的胃口。

5. Why are nutritionists concerned about adding vitamins to olestra? 为什么营养学家担心蔗糖聚酯中加维生素?

A. Because it may lead to the over-consumption of vitamins. 因为这有可能会导致过度消耗的维生素。

B. Because people may be induced to eat more than what is necessary 因为人可


C. Because the function of the intestines may be weakened. 因为肠道的功能可


D. Because it may trigger a new wave of fake food production. 因为它可能引


"Clean your plate!and Be a member of the clean plate club!”Just about every kid in the US has heard this from a parent or grandparent. Often it's accompanied by

an appeal, "Just think about those starving orphans in Africa!" Sure, we should be grateful for every bite of food. Unfortunately, many people in the US take too many bites. Instead of staying "clean the plate," perhaps we should save some food for tomorrow. “吃完你的盘子里面的饭!保持盘子干净!”只是对每个孩子在美国



According to news reports,, US restaurants are partly to blame for the

growing bellies. A waiter puts a plate of food in front of each customer, with two to

four times the amount recommended by the government, according to a USA Today story. Americans traditionally associate quantity with value and most restaurants try to give them that. They prefer to have customers complain about too much food rather

than too little. 据新闻报道,,我们日益增长的腹部部分应归咎于餐厅。一个服务员

把一盘食物放在每个客户的面前,政府推荐摄入量的2-4 倍,根据《今日美国》



Barbara Rolls, a nutrition professor at Pennsylvania State University, told USA Today that restaurant portion sizes began to grow in the 1970s, the same time that the American waistline began to expand." 芭芭拉·罗尔斯,宾夕法尼亚州立大学的营

养学教授,告诉《今日美国》,餐厅的份量在70 年代开始生长,同一时间,美国的腰


Health experts have tried to get many restaurants to serve smaller portions. Now, apparently, some customers are calling for this too. The restaurant industry trade magazine QSR reported last month that 57% of more than 4,000 people surveyed believe restaurants serve portions that are too large; 230 had no opinion, 20 percent disagreed. But a closer look at the survey indicates that many Americans who can't afford fine dining still prefer large portions.70 percent of those earning at least $

150,000 per year prefer smaller portions; but only 45% of those earning less than

$25,000 want smaller. 健康专家曾试图让许多餐馆饭菜变少。现在,显然,一些客户

要求这也。餐饮业的贸易杂志特征上个月报告说,有超过4000 人接受了调查57% 的人认为餐厅提供的那些部分太大,230 人没有发表意见,20%的受访者表示反对。但仔细看看这个调查表明,很多美国人在高档餐厅都买不起仍然喜欢的很大一部分。百分之70 的那些年收入至少有150000 美元更喜欢小部分;但只有45%人的收入低于25000 美元的要小。

It's not that working class Americans don't want to eat healthily. It's just that,


after long hours at low-paying jobs, getting less on their plate hardly seems like a good deal. They live; from paycheck to paycheck, happy to salve a little money for next year's Christmas presents.


1. Parents in the United States tend to ask their children


A to save food B, to wash the dishes

C. not to waste food不要浪费食物

D. not to eat too much

2. Why do American restaurants serve large portions? 为什么美国餐馆供应很多分量?

A. Because Americans associate quantity with value.

B. Because Americans have big bellies.

C. Because Americans are good eaters,

D. Because Americans are greedy

3. What happened in the 1970s? 在70 年代发生什么?

A. The US government recommended the amount of food a restaurant gave to


B. Health experts persuaded restaurants to serve smaller portions.

C. The United States produced more grain than needed. 美国生产的粮食比需要的多。

D. The American waistline started to expand. 美国的腰围开始扩大。

4: What does the survey indicate? 调查表明什么呢?

A. Many poor Americans want large portions. 许多贫穷的美国人想要大的部分。

B. 20% percent Americans want smaller portions. 20%的美国人想要更小的部分。

C. 57% percent Americans earn $150,000 per year. 57%的美国人每年赚$ 150000。

D:23% percent Americans earn less than$25,000 per year. 23%的美国人年收入不足25000 美元每年

5. Which of the following is NOT TRUE of working class Americans?


A: They work long hours. 他们长时间工作。

B. They live from paycheck to paycheck. 他们靠薪水生活。

C. They don't want to be healthy eaters. 他们不想成为健康饮食。

. D. They want to save money for their children. 他们想要省钱为他们的孩子。




四、短文填补(4 小题,每题 5 分,共 20 分)

阅读下面短文 ,根据短文内容 ,从所给中选出所给句子最适合补入的一处.

9. The scientists measure the total utterances of the parents, the number of

different words they used, the complexity of their sentences and other aspects of their speech.

In families with two working parents, fathers may have more impact on a child's language development than mothers, a new study suggests. (A) Researchers recruited 92 families from 11 child care centers before their children were l year old,

interviewing each to establish income, level of education and child care arrangements.

(B) When the children were 2 years old, researcher videotaped them at home in

free-play session with both parents, recording all of their speech.(On average, fathers spoke less than mothers did, but they did not differ in the length of utterances or proportion of question asked. (D) Finally, the researchers analysed the children's speech at the age of 3, using a standardized language test.

家庭中的父母都有工作,父亲可能比母亲更多的影响孩子的语言发展, 一项新的研究表明。(A )研究人员招募了 92 名来自 11 个家庭的儿童保健中心 之前,他们的孩子一岁了,为每一个儿童的教育水平和照料情况建立档案。(B ) 当孩子 2 岁,研究人员录下了他们在家中会议自由发言,记录双方父母所有的讲 话。【C/科学家测量父母话语,他们使用的一些不同的话,复杂的句子和其他方 面的演讲。】平均来说,父亲比母亲说的少了,但他们没有差别在话语的长度或比 例的问题问。(D )最后,研究人员使用一个标准化的语言测试,分析了 3 岁儿 童的讲话,

10. Learners, therefore, must have books, and the right type of book, for the satisfaction of their need. .

A bookless life is an incomplete life. (A) Books influence the depth and

breadth of life. (B) They meet the natural desire for freedom, for expression, for creativity and beauty of life. They are presented with a diversity of human

experiences and come to respect other ways of thought and living, (C) Through their reading they find a deeper significance to life as books acquaint them with life in the world as it was and it is now. (D) Readers turn naturally to books because their

curiosity concerning all manners of things, their eagerness to share in the experiences of others and their need to escape from their own limited environment lead them to find in books food for their mind and spirit.

一个没有书的生活是一个不完整的生活。【A 学习者,因此,必须有书籍,正确 类型的书,为了满足他们的需要。】书影响生命的深度和广度。(B)他们满足自然渴 望自由,for 表达式,为创造性和生命的美丽。他们面前是一个多样性的人类经验和 来尊重其他的思维方式和生活方式,(C)通过阅读他们找到了一个更深层次的意义 生活的书,使他们懂得生活在真实的世界和现在。(D)的读者自然而然转向书,因为 他们的好奇心有关的形形色色的东西,他们急切的想分享他人的经验和他们的需 要逃离自己的有限的环境,使他们在书中找到食物,给他们的思想和精神。

11. Violence and traffic accidents can leave people with rrible physical and emotional scars. Often they relive these experiences in nightmares.

Not all memories are sweet. Some people spend all their lives trying to forget bad experiences. (A) Now American researchers think they are close to developing a


pill, which will help people forget these bad memories.(B) The pill is designed to be

taken immediately after a frightening experience. possibly erase, the effect of painful memories.

(C) They hope it might reduce ,or

(D) The research has caused a great

deal of argument. Some think it is a bad idea, while others support it.


12. Scientists have now conducted a number of laboratory experiments in which volunteers are exposed to ozone inside a steel chamber for a few hours.

There is no question that the old style of air pollution could kill people: (A) A series of these killer fogs eventually led to the British Parliament passing the Clean

Air Act which restricted the burning of coal. (B) Fortunately, the effect of smog on the lungs is not so dramatic. 【C】Even at quite low concentrations there is a reversible fall in lung function, an increase in the irritability of the lungs and evidence of airway inflammation. (D) Although irritable and inflamed lungs are particularly seen in people with asthma and other lung diseases, these effects of ozone also occur in healthy subjects. Similar changes are also seen after exposure to nitrogen dioxide.








①Food poisoning is often caused by salmonella bacteria c 沙门氏菌) in food, especially raw meats and dairy products.

②Also, be sure to keep your hands and cooking utensils clean so.you do not transfer germs to the food while you are preparing it.

③So, remember to keep hot food hot and cold food cold': .

④To stay healthy, you must also be careful to avoid food poisoning-a common, unpleasant, and often dangerous illness that affects one out of every six Americans each year;



⑤Heat usually kills the bacteria and refrigeration keeps them from growing.

A15432 B41532 C15234 D41235

4 为了保持健康,你也必须小心,避免食物中毒,一个共同的,令人不快的,而且往往是危险的疾病,每年影响到六成美国人;

1 食物中毒往往是由沙门氏菌引起的细菌(沙门氏菌)食品,特别是肉类和乳制品。

5 加热通常会杀死细菌和制冷阻止他们成长。

3 所以,记得保持热的食物热,冷食品冷

2 另外,一定要保持你的手和炊具清洁,所以在你准备它的时候,你不要细菌转移到食物。


①But identical twins have identical genes, so genes cannot be the whole story.

②In the past, left-handed have suffered anything from teasing to flogging.

③Most people are right-handed and children usually have the same handedness as their parents. ' .. ' ' , .

④Cultural attitudes seem to have played an important part in the development

. . . :

of hand preferences. .

⑤This suggests that genes are at work

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①Medical journals are publications that report medical information to physicians and other health professionals.

②With the development of electronic publishing, many medical journals now have websites on the Internet, and some journals publish only online.

③Most medical journals are specialty journals that focus on a particular area of medicine.

④In the past, these journals were available only in print; .

⑤A few medical journals, like the Journal of the American Medical Association, are considered general medical journals because they -diver many fields of medicine.

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⑤一些医学期刊上,像《美国医学协会杂志》, 一般被认为是医学期刊,因为他们涉及许多领域的医学。



1. Generally, courts have accepted the reliability of DNA testing and admitted DNA test results into evidence.

2. DNA fingerprinting was first developed as an identification technique in 1985.

③In criminal investigations, DNA fingerprints derived from evidence collected

at the crime scene are compared to the DNA fingerprints of suspects. .

④Originally used to detect the presence of genetic diseases, it soon came to be used in criminal investigations and legal affairs. . .

⑤The first criminal conviction, based on DNA evidence in the United States occurred in 1988.

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②DNA 指纹技术最初是发展作为识别技术是在1985 年。


⑤首次刑事定罪, 根据基因证据在美国发生在1988。

③在刑事调查, 来源于在犯罪现场收集的DNA指纹证据和犯罪嫌疑人的DNA指纹比对。

①。一般来说,法庭接受了DNA 测试的可靠性,并承认DNA 检测结果可作证据。



下面五题中文句子,每题均有 A.B.C.D四个英文翻译选项,从中选出一个最佳


(11) It is common experience that a certain amount of regular exercises improves the health and contributes to a feeling of well being whether or not exercise adds to the length of life.








(12) In reality, the lines-of division between science are becoming blurred, and science again approaching the “unity” that it had two centuries ago-although the accumulated knowledge is enormously greater now, and no one person can hope to comprehend more than a fraction of“.







(13) The history of a tree from the time it starts in the forest; until the boards which it yields are used, would form an interesting and, in many instances, an exciting story。



C. 一棵树的历史是从它在森林开始一直到被制成供使用的木板为止,在许多例能子中,可以形成一个有趣的并且是激动人心的故事。


(14) Even as the technological progress lightens some of the librarians load, recent convention of the American Library Association showed that it brings complications, too。





(15) Studies show that the things that contribute most to a sense of happiness cannot be bought, such as a good family life, friendship and work satisfaction。







下面五题中文句子,每题均有 A.B.C.D四个英文翻译选项,从中选出一个最佳答案


A. The instrument has been welcomed by the customers because of its stability in service, reliability in operation and simplicity in maintenance.

B. The instrument is reliable when operating, stable in service and simple to

maintain, so it is welcomed by the customers.

C. Because the instrument is reliable when operating, stable in service and simple to maintain, it is welcomed by the customers.

D. As the instrument is reliable when operating stable in service and simple to maintain, it is welcomed by the customers. .


A. For most working people in the city, it is more economic to go to work by subway.

B. class.

C. subway.

D. It is more economical to go to work by subway, for most of the working For most working people in the city, it is more economical to go lo work by It is more economic to go to work by subway, for most of the working



A. As our life pace getting faster and faster, our body and brain are more overdrawn than ever before.

B: Today, with our life, pace getting faster and faster, we are more

over drawn than ever before mentally and physically.

C. With our life pace getting faster and faster, our ph/ysical body ant mental brain are more overused than ever before.

D. At present people's mentality and health are more overused than before, as their life pace is getting faster and faster. -


A. The substantial progress made in biology and genetics is posing a radical challenge to the roles, responsibilities and specific;characteristics of each sex.

B. The great progress achieved in biology and genetics is putting a big challenge on people's roles, responsibilities and. characteristics of each sex.

C. The progress in biology and genetics is arising a radical challenge to the roles, responsibilities and specific characteristics of each sex.

D. Biology and genetics have made great progress, which is posing a radical challenge to the roles, responsibilities and specific characteristics of each sex.

(15)与此同时,我们每个人每天都需要大约50 夸脱的水,用于饮用、沐浴、做




A. At the same time, every of us needs about 50 quarters of water each day for drinking, bathing, cooking and other necessities. .

B. Every one of us needs about 50 quarters of water everyday for drinking, bathing, cooking and other things. …

C. Mean time, each of us requires about 50 quarters of water every day for drinking, bathing, cooking and other basic needs.

D. Meanwhile, each of us requires about 50 quarters of water per day for drinking, bathing, cooking and other basic needs.