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One day, a train was approaching the small town of Cheekyville. On the train was

a young man with a big suitcase. He was called William Warbler, and he looked very common indeed. What made him most unusual, though, was the fact that whenever he needed

to communicate he did it by singing opera (歌剧). It didn’t matter to William whether

it was simply a matter of answering a brief greeting, like “good day”. He would clear his voice and respond, “Gooood dayyy to youuuuuuuu... toooooo!”

No one could get a normal spoken word out of him and no one knew how he made his living. As he lived quite simply, always wearing his same old second-hand suit, people often looked down on him.

William had been in Cheekyville for some years, when, one day, word spread round town like wildfire: William had played a role in a very important opera in the nation’s capital. Everyone in the capital went to see it, and it was a great success. Everyone

in Cheekyville felt it was a surprise. But something more surprising was, when William was being interviewed by reporters, he answered their questions by speaking rather than singing. And he did it with great manners, and with a clear and pleasant voice.

From that day, William gave up singing at all hours. Now he did it only during his stage appearances and world tours. Some people suspected why he had changed, but others continued believing him to be somewhat mad. They wouldn’t have thought so

if they had seen what William kept in his big suitcase. It was a large stone, with

a hand-carved (手工雕刻的) message on it. The message said: “Practice, my boy. Practice every second, for you never know when your chance will come.”

Little did people realize that he only got the role in the opera because the director had heard William singing while out buying a newspaper.

1. Why did people in Cheekyville consider William strange?

A. He always carried a big suitcase.

B. He always spoke by singing opera.

C. He always greeted people gladly.

D. He always wore an old suit.

2. Hearing the news about William, people in Cheekyville felt it was _____.

A. unbelievable

B. satisfying

C. disappointing

D. interesting

3. According to the text, William _____.

A. had no idea whether he should continue doing something mad

B. was nervous a nd didn’t know how to sing when he was interviewed

C. was selling newspapers when the opera director heard him singing

D. practiced singing whenever possible before he became famous

4. What can we learn from the story?

A. Live and learn.

B. Better late than never.

C. Practice makes the master.

D. Experience is the best teacher.


Australia’s koalas could be wiped out within 30 years unless urgent action is taken to stop the losing in population, according to researchers. They say development, climate change and bushfires have all combined to reduce the number of wild koalas sharply.


The foundation collected field data from 1,800 sites and 80,000 trees to calculate the numbers. In one area in northern Queensland estimated to have 20,000 koalas a decade ago, a team of eight people could not find a single animal in four days of searching.

The foundation said besides problems caused by cutting down forests, hotter and drier conditions because of global warming had reduced the nutritional (营养的) value of their staple food, eucalyptus leaves, leading to poor nutrition for them.

Koalas, which live in the forests in Australia’s east and south, are very fussy (爱挑剔的) about what types of the leaves they eat.

Foundation chief Deborah Tabar t said: “The koalas are missing everywhere we look. It’s really no tree, no me. If you keep cutting down trees you don’t have any koalas.”

She is hoping the new figures will persuade the government’s Threatened Species Steering Committee (TSSC) to list the koala as threatened. But committee chairman Bob Beeton said a decision was not likely recently and the koala’s status as one of the country’s favourite animals would not be a factor. “There’s a number of species which are attractive and people have spec ial feelings towards them. We don’t consider that,” Mr Beeton was reported as saying by the AFP agency.

5.The writer gives the example of the area in northern Queensland in Paragraph 3 to show that _____.

A. the forests are being damaged heavily

B. the environment is being polluted seriously

C. the number of koalas is dropping quickly

D. koalas usually live in wild mountainous areas

6. Global warming is an important cause of koalas’ reduction because _____.

A. koalas can hardly stand the hot weather

B. koalas cannot get enough water to drink

C. the leaves koalas eat are losing nutritional value

D. the leaves koalas eat cannot grow in hot weather

7. According to Bob Beeton, _____.

A. koalas are his favourite animals

B. a decision will be made to protect koalas

C. they needn’t pay special attention to koalas

D. koalas needn’t be protected at all


(Reuters) — A group of Chinese scientists and explorers are looking for international help to organize a new search for the country’s answer to Bigfoot,

known local ly as the “Yeren”, or “wild man”.

Over the years, more than 400 people have said they saw the half-man, half-ape (半猿) Yeren in a remote, mountainous area of the central province of Hubei, state news agency Xinhua said on Saturday.

Expeditions (探险) in the 1970s and 1980s found hair, a footprint, and a sleeping nest suspected of belonging to the Yeren, but there has been no conclusive proof, the report added.

Witnesses describe a creature that walks upright and is more than 2 meters tall with grey, red or black hair all over its body, Xinhua said.

Now the Hubei Wild Man Research Association is looking for volunteers from around the world to join them on another expedition to look for the Yeren.

“We want the team members to be devoted, as there will be a l ot of hard work in the process,” Luo Baosheng, vice president of the group, told Xinhua.

But the team will have to come up with about 10 million yuan ($1.50 million) first, and is talking to companies and other bodies to secure the money, so there is no timetable yet for when they may start, the report added.

China is no stranger to cryptozoology. There are many tales about mysterious, monster-like creatures in remote parts of the country. For example, Tibetans have long talked about the existence of the Yeti (喜马拉雅雪人), or “Abominable Snowman”, in the high mountains of their snowy homeland.

8. What the volunteers for this expedition need most is _____.

A. experience

B. enthusiasm

C. confidence

D. devotion

9. The timetable for starting the trip depends on _____.

A. the number of explorers

B. government’s support

C. the finance

D. local people’s guiding

10. According to the text, the underlined word “cryptozoology” in the last paragraph probably refers to _____.

A. the study of mysterious animals

B. the study of human beings

C. dangerous expeditions

D. tourism industry

11. What would be the best title for this text?

A. Volunteers for an expedition needed

B. Scientists to look for China’s Bigfoot

C. International cooperation in finding wild man

D. Yeren appeared in Hubei again


The US will seek to expand its own oil production in an attempt to reduce dependence on imported oil and bring down fuel prices, President Obama says. New contracts for exploration will be signed in non-protected areas of Alaska and in the Gulf of Mexico.

In his weekly speech, the President insisted the US could reduce its need for imported oil and improve safety. Using his speech to tell Americans that he understood their concerns about rising prices, President Obama focused particularly on the price of fuel, which has risen in recent months.

US consumers have historically enjoyed cheap fuel, but have seen prices rise in recent months even though US oil production in 2010 reached its highest level for seven years.

Although the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 was serious, Mr. Obama said the Gulf remained a key part of the country’s future energy supply.

The President’s proposals (议案) come after Republicans (共和党人) introduced a series of proposals that would expand and speed up oil and gas production.

The White House has criticized the Republican proposals for safety reasons, but Mr. Obama was clear in his speech that he felt safety and environmental standards could be maintained even though production might rise.

“I believe that we should continue to expand oil production in America — even as we increase safety and environmental standards,” he said.

“As a nation, we should be investing in the clean, renewable sources of energy

that are the solution to high gas prices.”

Mr. Obama has previously called for a step-change in energy policy, saying the US must move towards getting 80% of its electricity from clean energy sources by 2035.

12. Which of the following is NOT included in Mr. Obama’s speech?

A. The dependence on imported oil.

B. Improving safety standards.

C. The reason for the rising oil prices.

D. Expanding oil production.

13. Mr. Obama thinks the Republican proposals are ______.

A. not safe enough

B. not environmentally friendly

C. practical

D. clear

14.. What can we learn from the text?

A. The US has got most of its electricity from clean energy.

B. US oil production is too small to keep the present low fuel prices.

C. The US produced the most oil in 2010 in its history.

D. The Gulf is still important in energy supply in spite of the oil spill in 2010.

15. Which of the following can serve as the title?

A. Obama: US will seek oil in Alaska and Gulf of Mexico

B. Obama: US will import less oil to improve safety and environmental standards

C. Obama: the time of high fuel prices will be gone

D. Obama: clean, renewable sources of energy are the solution to high gas prices




Our story began in 1768 in Madrid, Spain. The king of Spain, Charles the Third, had recently received reports that worried him. The reports said Russian explorers were in the northern part of the territory (领土) called California. 16____ But Spain had no settlements in California. King Charles knew if the Russians began to

settle the area, Spain might lose control of California forever.

King Charles decided the best way to keep the Spanish claim (主权要求) to California was to build settlements there. So he decided to order the creation of a series of small farming communities along the Pacific Ocean coast of California. 17_____

Spanish citizens might want to settle there. Therefore, the Spanish claim to California would be safe.

18 ______ King Charles and his advisors decided that the farming settlements would begin with churches called missions. Missions were places where Roman Catholic religious leaders converted people to the Christian religion. 19_____ King Charles decided Roman Catholic priests would build the missions and settlements with the help of Native American Indians. The priests would teach the native people the Christian religion, the Spanish language and how to farm.

A religious group within the Catholic Church called the Franciscans would build the settlements. 20 _____ Serra was born in 1713 on the island of Mallorca, Spain. After he became a Franciscan priest, he taught at a university in Mallorca.

A. The settlements would provide trade and grow into larger cities.

B. Spain had claimed most of that area more than 200 years earlier.

C. But there was no one on the coast of California to begin the work.

D. King Charles decided to fight against Russia as quickly as possible.

E. Visiting the beautiful missions along California’s coast can learn history.

F. The Franciscans chose a young priest named Junipero Serra to begin the work.

G. They taught the religion to people who wanted to become members of the church. 第二部分:完形填空 (每小题1分,满分20 分)


Four days ago, I was taking a taxi. On the way, I just had the __21__ stop at a store to buy something. A woman __22___me to let her hitchhike (免费搭车).

I___23___ and picked this woman up. I thought she was too fat; she __24___ about 120 kg. But she was very sweet and kind-hearted, so I didn’t___25__.

She was talking to me ___26__ while going back to her place about how she got everything for her___27__. So I thought to myself she must have a happy family. But nothing special ___28__ yet.

I got to her apartment ___29___ she needed help getting all the things she got to her place. I just helped her out and while I was __30__ the stuff inside her house, I __31___ that her husband walked in from the back of the apartment. So she was talking to him in her __32___ voice, “Honey, I got you this; Honey, I got you that.” But what I came to notice was that her husband was __33___. And then I looked close to how they were together and I knew for that mo ment I was seeing “TRUE __34__.

They cared for each other so__35__ and what they looked like was not 36 at all.

I was just deeply __37___ by the true love between them.

Sometimes I think about going back to the apartment and tell them what I __38___in them and to thank them for sharing their ___39__with me, even it is for a few ___40__.

I like the blind couple care about each other; it is a very happy and romantic thing.

21. A. Stranger B. Waiter C. Passenger D. driver

22. A. reminded B. allowed C. asked D. helped

23. A. nodded B. promised C. hesitated D. explained

24. A. carried B. weighed C. supported D. lifted

25. A. remember B. mind C. worry D. leave

26. A. gladly B. nervously C. slowly D. calmly

27. A. friend B. husband C. daughter D. neighbor

28. A. stayed B. continued C. stopped D. happened

29. A. unless B. if C. because D. although

30. A. moving B. searching C. arranging D. observing

31. A. imaged B. noticed C. believed D. expected

32. A. polite B. tired C. high D. sweet

33. A. painful B. foolish C. blind D. ill


35.A. frequently B. deeply C. thankfully D. quietly

36.A. useful B. clear C. secret D. important

37.A. encouraged B. surprised C. touched D. shocked

38.A. hid B. built C. put D. saw

39.A. lives B. troubles C. food D. memory

40. A. days B. hours C. minutes D. seconds 第三部分:语法填空 (每小题.1.5分,满分15 分)

WeChat was launched on Jan. 12, 2011, and took more than a year ____1____ (draw) 100 million users. By September,2012, it ____2____ (reach) the 200 million mark, Tencent said.

“The number of people _____3___ (use) WeChat, a voice-messaging service developed by the Internet giant Tencent Holdings, has hit 300 million in less than two years ____4____ the service was released,” the Shenzhen-based company said on Wednesday.

“The 300 million number is ___5_____ milestone for WeChat, and we hope the service will be ready to perform ___6_____ the global stage in 2013,” Pony Ma, Tencent chairman and chief executive officer, said on his microblog on Wednesday morning.

The function of WeChat is very similar to the text messaging and voice call services____7____are provided by telecom carriers. Late last year saw the ____8___ (introduce) of an English version of WeChat in a bid to draw more international users. Tencent has released versions in Arabic, Italian, Vietnamese, Japanese and Thai.

Tencent said it is ____9____(most) pursuing its expansion plans in emerging Asian markets. It said the company finds_____10___easier to reach its goals in such places, in part because they have cultures that are similar to China's.



1.She’d find a way to ______(原谅) him for the theft of the money.

2.I felt incredibly a________ of myself for getting so angry.

3.The striking workers have ______(占据) the whole building.

4. Gradually I lost the ______ (勇气) to speak out about anything.

5. When things aren’t going well, she e____ me, telling me not to give up.

6.We’ve had a few _____ (分歧), but we’re still good friends.

7.He a______ to escape from the prison, but failed in the end.

8.The firefighter lost his life when trying to r____ a child from the big fire.

9. Susan looks s_____ —she obviously didn’t expect anything like this.

10. The house on the hill ________(俯视)the valley.


1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;

2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。

Two years ago, Mr. Smith taught myself English. He was friendly to us student. Though he was strict in the students, he was respected. However, he was always careful and forgot things, that brought him a lot of trouble. For example, once he was on the holiday by the sea and he forgot which hotel he was staying in. After dark, he didn’t know where stay for the night. It was his wife who find him under a big tree behind the hotel. Heard this experience, we all burst into laughter. Such are Mr. Smith, a man whom everyone looks up to.






注意:1. 词数100左右 2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

[1-5 BADCC 6-10 CCDCA 11-15 BCCDA 1-5 BACGF

1-5 DCABB 6-10 ABDCA 11-15 BDCAB 16-20 DCDAC

1.to draw 2.had reached http://www.wendangku.net/doc/e80e1d4877a20029bd64783e0912a21615797f78.htmling 4.since 5.a

6.on 7.that/which 8.introduction 9.mostly 10.it


Forgive ashamed occupied courage encourages disagreements attempted rescue shocked overlooks

Music is the universal language to all human beings, which plays a very important part in our life. It can make our life more colourful and help us to relax ourselves. Without music, our world would be like a wild desert.

There are different varieties of music, such as popular music, classical music, country music, jazz music, rap music, and rock music.

Of all the music, I like popular music best. For one thing, with beautiful melody, it is pleasant to hear; for another, most popular music deals with the topics of love and friendship, which appeal to us young people.