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The discovery of the oilfield is of great ____ to the economy in this region.

A. fulfill

B. significance

C. cause

D. explanation

--- What is the _____ for your being late?

--- I am sorry I missed the first bus.

A. reason

B. excuse

C. cause

D. explanation

There have been _____ in the old man?s life, but he is always very optimistic.

A. ups and downs

B. on the surface

C. situation

D. background

I would be _____if you would mail this package for me.

A. weaken

B. grateful

C. angrily

D. background

it is an honor to meet the well-known scientists _____ person.

A. in B on C. by D. for

More and more people choose to shop in a supermarket as it offers a great _____ of goods.

A. variety

B. mixture

C. extension

D. combination

Only when ______ in 1918, ______ happily back to work.

A. the war was over … he went

B. was the war over … did he go

C. the war was over … did he go

D. was the war over … he went

--Who telephoned just now?

--Sorry. I couldn't ______ the voice.

A. recognize

B. realize

C. know

D. understand

He had ______ in finding Mr. Green's house.

A. many difficulties

B. many difficulty

C. much difficulties

D. much difficulty

I don't want to _______ money on such books.

A. cost

B. pay

C. spend

D. take

--Thank you for your help. --________.

A. All right

B. That's right

C. You're right

D. That's OK

The man is standing _______ his back _______ the fire.

A. with … to

B. with … against

C.on …for

D. at … of

I looked everywhere in the house ______ a key that had been lost.

A. in searching for

B. in search of

C. to search

D. searching of

I insisted that he_______ at once.

A. leave

B. left

C. leaves

D. leaving

When will you _______ me the money that was borrowed?

A. pay

B. repay

C. pay for

D. repay for

"Do you have any clothes to ______, Tom?" mother asked.

A. wash

B. washing

C. be washed

D. washed


Professor Green, known to the world as a scientist, is not only absent-minded but short-sighted as well. His mind is always busy __21___ scientific problems and seldom notices what is going on ____22____ him.

One fine day recently, he went ____23__ a walk in the countryside, but as ___24__ he has

a book in his hand. When he went out , he began to read his book . He hadn?t gone far __25__ he run into a big cow and fell down. In the fall, he had lost his glasses, without which he couldn?t see anything. He thought he had hit his head ___26___ a fat lady. “I?m sorry, Madam.” He said politely ___27___ searching for his glasses. As soon as he had ____28___ , he realized his mistake.

Soon he was fixing his mind on his book ___29___ and paid no attention to anything else. He had scarcely been walking for five minutes when he fell over again, ___30__ both his book and his glasses. This time he got very angry, seizing his umbrella, he gave the “cow” a wild blow. Then, after finding his glasses, he realized with horror that he made a second mistake. A large fat woman was fleeing from him in a horror.

21. A. to think B. thinking C. thinking about D. to think of

22. A. with B. around C. for D. at

23 .A. for B. to C. towards D. over

24. A. also B. often C. ever D. usual

25. A. when B. while C. just then D. at that time

26. A. to B. against C. about D. onto

27. A. after B. in C. before D. during

28. A .put it on B. taken them off C. put them on D. taken them out

29. A. always B. again C. usually D. very much

30. A. holding B. getting C. finding D. losing

答案:CBADA ,26-30: BCCBD

In China it is relatively usual to ask people their age, but in the west this question is generally regarded as impolite. This is particularly true __21_ women, and even more so if the inquirer is a man.

However, it is very __22__ to ask children their age, and some adults may not mind ___23__ either. In fact, some elderly people are quite happy to __24__ their age, especially if they feel they look young for their age. Nevertheless, it is not very wise to ask a(n)___25__question like “How old are you?”. If elderly people want to talk about their age, and perhaps receive a compliment on how young they look, they may easily bring up the topic themselves, and ask the other person to _26__ how old they are. For such a question, it is quite acceptable to discuss age freely . They normally expect to be complimented on their youthfulness, though rather than _27__ that they look very old!

Although Westerners do not usually ask people directly how old they are, this does not _28__ that they are interested to know how old other people are. They may ask someone else _29___ the information, or else they may try to approach the topic indirectly. Sometimes discussions about educational background and the number of years of working experience may provide some __30_ ,but this is not always the case.

21. A. on B. for C. in D. of

22. A. average B. normal C.expected D. unusual

23. A. being asked. B. asking C.to ask D. to be asked

24. A. reveal B. reflect C.release D. remark

25. A. open B. strange C.impolite D.direct

26. A.guess B. know C. learn D. predict

27. A. being told B. told C.to tell D. to be told

28. A. include B. intend C. mean D. conclude

29. A. about B. of C. with D. for

30. A. knowledge B. clues C. evidence D. suggestions


文章1:Most Americans enjoy moving from place to place very often. In some states only one house in five has people living in it who have been there for more than five years. One may be born in one city, and go to school in another. He may finish his middle school education in two or three cities and attend a college far across the country. And when he has entered business, he may possibly move from job to job. Moving from job to job, or job- hopping, is a very common practice in the United States.

This practice is not good by and large. Yet every chance to change a job offers the worker an opportunity to move up to a higher position and to get better wages. And job-hopping also gives employers—the bosses, the managers the—chance to benefit from the new ideas and skills that different people bring to their firms or factories. Then, most Americans love traveling. People often drive their automobiles 120 to 160 kilometers just to have dinner with a friend or even fly to Europe and back just for watching a football match. It is because of this—the fact that Americans are in constant motion and, in this way, it is also easy for you to become friends with Americans. And the friendship can be close and strong for a while, but then disappears as soon as the individuals move away from each other. But if these people should meet again, even years later, they would be delighted to continue the friendship. So don?t be unhappy when you fail to find lifetime friendships or relationships in the United States.

“Job-hopping” means _______.

A. moving from place to place

B. looking for work

C. hoping to get a job

D. moving from job to job

Why do Americans change their jobs so frequently? Because _______.

A. they have the habits of moving

B. they want a higher position and better wages

C. job-hopping benefits the bosses

D. it gives them a good opportunity of traveling

It is inferred that _______.

A. Americans like to make friends but don?t specially attach importance to it

B. it?s impossible to find lifetime friendships or r elationships in the United States

C. Americans ignore friendships and relationships with others

D. Americans make friends just for fun

Personally, the author______ job-hopping.

A. is against

B. thinks well of

C. wants to stop

D. doesn?t go alo ng with

What?s the meaning of “delighted”?______

A. happy

B. sad


D. Moving


John Smith was lazy. He had finished his education and was happy to sit in his room and listen to the radio all day long. In fact, he had been doing nothing for almost six months, which worried his father a lot. One day Mr Smith decided that he had to do something. “Johnny, When I was your age 1 was working and supporting my ten brothers and sisters. I want you to go out and get a job.” So that was what he did. In fact, in the next three months, Johnny started ten jobs and was fired from ten jobs. He explained to his father.” They wanted me to be at work at 8:00 a. m. and told me to do all sorts of unpleasant things.”

“I don?t care how you do it,” Mr. Smith said. “Either you earn some money or move out of the house. I gave you one week?s time.”

In the next few days Johnny began to change. He still stayed in his room all day, but spent his time writing letters and reading through the newspapers. More and more posts began to arrive for him. He bought a new suit for himself and invited his parents to the theatre and for dinner afterwards at the most expensive restaurant in town. When his proud parents arrived home after their evening hour, a policeman was waiting at the front door.

“John Smith,” he said as he banded him a piece of paper, “I?ll see you in the court tomorrow.”When he got outside, Johnny told his parents everything.

“When you told me to earn some money, 1 decided to put an advertis ement in the newspaper saying, …New way to money fast! Send me $ 5 and I?ll tell you my secret.? When I received the money I wrote back telling people to do as I do.”

Johnny was fined $ 250 by the court and was ordered to pay all the people back. As be left the court house feeling very ashamed, a newspaper man came up to him, “Young man, would you like to tell your story to my newspaper for $ 2500?”

Johnny was fired from the jobs because _______.

A. he liked listening to the radio

B. he had a big family to support

C. he spent a lot of time writing letters

D. he didn?t do the jobs well

Johnny put an advertisement in the newspaper about _______ months after he left school.

A. three

B. six

C. nine

D. eleven

Why was Johnny fined $ 250? _______.

A. Because he was lazy

B. Because he was out of work

C. Because he deceived

D. Because he didn?t pay for his new suit

What would probably happen at last? _______.

A. Johnny would get $ 2500 from the newspaper

B. The court would give $ 250 back to Johnny

C. Johnny would continue to advertise in the newspaper

D. Johnny would become a newspaper reporter

Which of the following questions is NOT answered by the information from the passage? _______?

A. How did the parents feel when Johnny invited them to the theatre and dinner

B. What?s Johnny?s secret

C. What did the policeman want Johnny to do

D. How much did Johnny have to pay all the people back


I came to study in the United States a year ago .Yet I did not know the real American society until I was injured in a car accident because after the accident I had to see a doctor and go to court.

After the accident .my roommate called a doctor for me. I was very grateful and determined to repay him one day. But the next day, he asked me to pay him $200 for what he had done. I was astonished. He had good reason to charge me, he said. And if I wanted to collect money from the person who was responsible for my injury, I?d have to have a good lawyer. And only a good doctor can help me get a good lawyer .Now that he had helped me find a good doctor, it was only fair that I should pay him.

But every day I went to see the doctor, I had to wait about 50 minutes. He would see two or three patients at the same time, and often stop treating one so as to see another. Yet he charged me $115 each time .The final examination report consisted of ten lines, and it cost me $215.

My lawyer was all smiles the first time we met. But after that he avoided seeing me at all. He knew very well the other party was responsible for the accident, yet he hardly did anything. He simply waited to collect his money. He was so irresponsible that I decided to dismiss him. And he made me pay him $770.

Now I had to act as my own lawyer. Due to my inexperience, I told the insurance company the date I was leaving America. Knowing that, they played for time…and I left without getting a cent. The author?s roommate offered to help him because________.

A. he felt sorry for the author

B. he thought it was a chance to make some money

C. he knew the doctor was a very good one

D. he wanted the author to have a good lawyer

A good doctor is essential for the author to __________.

A. be properly treated

B. talk with the person responsible for the accident

C. recover before he leaves America

D. eventually get the responsible party to pay for his injury

The word“charge”in the third paragraph means_________ .

A. be responsible

B. accuse

C. ask as a price

D. claim

Both the doctor and the lawyer in this passage are very__________.

A. friendly

B. selfish

C. professional

D. busy

What conclusion can you draw from the story?

A. Going to court is something very common in America.

B. One must be very careful while driving a car.

C. There are more bad sides in America than good sides.

D. Money is more important than other things in the US.


Dick lived in England. One day in January he said to his wife,"I'm going to fly to New York next week because I've got some work there." "Where are you going to stay there?”his wife asked. "I don't know yet." Dick answered. "Please send me your address from there in a telegram (电报)," his wife said. "All right," Dick answered.

He flew to New York on January 31st and found a nice hotel in the center of the city. He put his things in his room and then he sent his wife a telegram. He put the address of his hotel in it.

In the evening he didn't have any work,so he went to a cinema. He came out at nine o'clock and said,"Now I'm going back to my hotel and have a nice dinner."

He found a taxi and the driver said,"Where do you want to go?" But Dick didn't remember the name and address of his hotel.

"Which hotel are my things in?" he said,"And what am I going to do tonight?" But the driver of the taxi did not know. So Dick got out and went into a post office. There he sent his wife another telegram,and in it he wrote,"Please send me my address at this post office."

Choose the right answer

Dick flew to New York because ___.

A. he went there for a holiday

B. he had work there

C. he went there for sightseeing (观光)

D. his home was there

Why did his wife want a telegram from him?

A. Because she didn't know his address yet

B. Because she wanted to go to New York,too

C. Because she might send him another telegram

D. Because she couldn't leave her husband by himself in New York

Where did Dick stay in New York?

A. In the center of the city.

B. In a hotel.

C. In a restaurant.

D. At his friend's house.

. Who would send him the name and address of his hotel?

A. The manager of his hotel.

B. The police office.

C. The taxi driver.

D. His wife.

Which of the following is not true?

A. Dick stayed at a nice hotel in the center of the city.

B. Dick didn't work on the first night of his arrival.

C. Dick forgot to send his wife a telegram.

D. Dick wanted to go back to his hotel in a taxi.

答案:B A B D C


If you feel depressed at a social gathering, keep it a secret.


The bacteria pneumonia may complicate influenza at both extremes of age.患有流感的幼儿和老人可能并发细菌性肺炎。

.Don?t try doing it yourself, it requires specified knowledge.


Fire goes wherever it can, but it prefers to follow a draft.


He pretends to be as modest as anything.




We still remember the day we passed together in Paris.


More and more Americans begin to worry about their safety.


This modern place used to be a small village.


All this cannot be achieved overnight.