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1.your ideas are difficult, but they are____________(fascinate).

2.I’m considering____________(change) a new job. I will leave my new address in a few days.

3.It’s an ____________(education) experience for children to watch this movie.

4.There were 12 people ____________(kill) in the accident, ____________(include) two


5.The beach was ____________(tourist), ____________(especial) in summer.

6.What a ____________(thrill) game! The winner was in doubt until the last minute.

7.The village is far from the big city. It looks very ____________(peace).

8.She is a ____________(live)girl. We all like her.

9.How often do you go to ____________(church), Mr Green?

10.He feels like____________(do) morning exercises every day.

11.Would you like____________(drink) some orange juice?

12.The girl felt very ____________(tire) and didn’t want to run any longer.

13.He said he ____________(be) a scientist some day.

14.It’s easy for the young girl ____________(work) out the problem.

15.____________(stand) here too long will make you ____________(tire).

16.I think you are supposed ____________(ask) your parents for help when it is


17.I would like ____________(travel) to an ____________(excite) place.

18.The MP3 costs only 300 yuan. I think it’s ____________(expensive). I can afford it.

19.We want to take a trip this summer somewhere in ____________(east) China.

20.Our teacher often tells us ____________(not talk) in class.

21.Don’t ____________(do) it all by____________(you) . Let Helen____________(help)you

____________(do) it.

22.Here are the ____________(find)of the survey.

23.The book needs ____________(read) again.

24.It’s very ____________(excite) to sail down the river.

25.It is ____________(report) that 200 people were killed in the accident.

26.The classroom was very____________(noise) because some students are


27.____________(like) football, basketball is played with five members on each side.

28.Could you please____________(not trouble) me and ____________(give) me a hand?

29.I would rather____________(not eat) anything that’s been____________(cook) in oil.

30.I prefer____________(not get) together____________(discuss)this question.

31.There are many places of____________(interesting) near the city.

32.I hope you and Jim can enjoy____________(you) at the party.

33.He always supports charities because he thinks it’s____________(mean) to help people in


34.Please put away the ____________(act) skirts. They are going to do the show.

35.Old David lives with his family in a small house____________(quiet).

36.We got together to celebrate her grandma’s ____________(ninety) birthday.

37.Keep clean please. It is ____________(correct) to litter there.

38.The bridge that____________( be) built last year is very strong.

The books that ____________(be)written by Lu Xun____________(sell) well.

39.Sandy looked so sad. She needs someone like you ____________(cheer) her up.

40.What’s the ____________(little) expensive way to travel, by train, by bus or by plane?

41.Daniel is interested in playing computer games and ____________(chat) with friends on the


42.So far, Spring Bud Project ____________(help) poor young girls return to school.

43.Could you tell me when he____________(interview) the pop stars? In two days.

44.We’ll have a ____________(discuss)at two this afternoon.

45.What the story____________(interest) me most is the monster.

46.The population in China is ____________(increase)very quickly.

47.Whose notebook is this? It must be my____________(uncle).

48.Wearing ____________(ear) is not good for school girls.

49.Try your best and you will ____________(successful).

50.The food is ____________(taste). I like it very much.

51.—Grandmother fell down, —please call 120 and get the ____________(medicine) help first.

52.I would wait for the new student to introduce____________(her) to me.

53.Taking exercise can help you____________(relaxing).

54.There are many books on these____________(shelf).

55.Edison carried the boy to____________(safe).

56.He knows much about history. He is a ____________(knowledge) teacher.

57.Please turn off the lights before____________(leave) the room.

58.He went to school without____________(have) breakfast.

59.You can’t believe him, because he is ____________(honest).

60.He fell____________(sleep) before he took off his clothes.

61.The police caught a man ____________(try) to get into a shop through the window.

62.What a good person he is to ____________(get) on with!

63.This is a ____________(home) boy, let’s ____________(cheer) ____________(he) up.

64.Our teacher____________(give) out the test papers this morning. I am sorry I


65.He is supposed ________(call) up ten__________(people) and ask them__________(come).

66.We’re going to ____________(set) up a food bank ____________(help) the poor. We need

____________(come) up with some____________(idea).

67.Clean-up Day is in two____________(week) time from now, we can’t put off

____________(make) a plan.

68.Meili plans ____________(travel) in the south of ____________(china).

69.We have____________(put) our love to good use by____________(tudy) something we


70.He____________(spend) and hour ____________(read) every morning.

71.Long Zhou wants____________(be) a ____________(profession) ____________(sing).

72.Ming says he has ____________(meet) some____________(wonder) people at eh hospital.

73.Would you like____________(help) ____________(coach) a football team for little kids? You

may be a ____________(coach).

74.I____________(run) out of my money last week. He____________(lend) me some.

75.He also put up some signs____________(ask) for old bikes and ____________(ring) up all

his friends.

76.Why can’t he stop____________(cry)? Because his grandpa died, he is too sad.

77.They want to help____________(able) soldiers.

78.Mr. Yang has____________(fill) our ____________(life) with ____________(please).

79.Lily is a friend of ____________(I), you are one of ____________(I) friends too.

80.Tom feels____________(luck) to have a ____________(train) dog.

81.Your____________(donate) is ____________(appreciate), so I have an ____________(amaze)


82.My sister and I take turns____________(look after) my sick mother.

83.The movie is so exciting that the boy can’t stop____________(laugh).

84.We __________(ask) not to talk in class.

85.He remained __________(stand)though we asked him to sit down.

86.Japan is a __________(develop) country and India is a__________ county.

87.Potato chips__________(invent) by a man__________(call) George Crum.

88.Tree __________(leaf) begin to fall down when autumn falls.

89.He did the work as__________(care) as most of us.

90.Tea is one of __________(popular) drinks in the world today.

91.He added some__________(salt) on the food but it was still not__________.

92.The__________(swim) of our school got 2 prizes at the games.

93.What do you think is the __________(annoy) invention?

94.Henry Ford had an __________mind. He was the __________of the car.

The car is a very helpful__________(invent).

95.The weather is so __________.I can’t stand the __________.Please scoop some could ice

cream with the __________ scoop.(heat)

96.The factory __________lots of plastic__________.(produce)

97.Well done! I’m__________ (pleasure) with your performance.

98.Lots of __________(drink) water in our village has__________(pollute)

99.Qi Baishi was a __________ artist. He __________lots of works of art. (create)

100.Dr. Naismeth created a game to __________(play) on a hard wooden floor.

101.Look both sides while__________(cross) the road.

102.The medicine should __________ ( take) before meals.

103.Great changes have __________(take place) in our city.

104.Nick__________(buy) a new camera. He has taken lots of pictures with it.

105.Mrs Green used to __________(go) to hospital, but now he is in good health.

106.He__________(leave) from our school for 2 weeks.

107.He__________(have) the dictionary for about 20 years, But it is still new.

108.It’s said that Chery(奇瑞) __________(develop) a new kind of car recently.

109.It__________(seem) you are right.

110.It’s very cold. I think it__________(rain).

111.I need some paper. I __________(bring) some for you.

112.I can’t find my pen. Who__________(take) it?

113.He said that he__________(com) back in five minutes.

114.I didn’t meet him . he __________(leave) when I got there.

115.He__________(sit) down and began to read his newspaper.

116.He is not here. He __________(go) to the post office.

117.He is very hungry. He__________(not eat) anything for 4 days.

118.I__________(go)with you if I have time.

119.We will go to the cinema if it__________(rain) tomorrow.

120.I will tell her the news when she __________(come) to see me next week. 121.We __________(be) good friends since we met at school.

122.What __________ you __________ ( do) at five yesterday afternoon?

123.The bike is nice . How much __________ it __________ (cost)?

124.He__________(arrive) here for 5 days.

125.It__________(be) 4 days since he arrived here.

126.I asked him if he__________(see) a whale(鲸) blowing.

127.He__________(study) Japanese for a week when he was sent to the hospital. 128.Jim__________(be ill) for a week when he was sent to the hospital.

129.They said they__________(see) the film.

130.The train__________(leave) when I arrived at the station.

131.He stood up, __________(take) his coat and__________(go) out.

132.I told them the news after you __________(leave).

133.As soon as she__________(put) the phone down it rang again.

134.When my father got home, I__________ already__________(stop) raining. 135.By the end of last week, I __________(be) to the farm twice.

136.Before she telephoned them, they__________ (come) to her home.

137.He said that he__________(read) the book before.

138.Jim said he__________(work) in that factory since 1990.

139.Because he__________(lose) his keys, he can’t get into the house.

140.By 9 o’clock last night, we__________(get) 50 pictures from the spaceship. 141.When I got to the cinema, the film__________(be) on for 5minutes.

142.When she left the supermarket, she__________(spend) all her money.

143.Since last summer, over 10 people__________(lose) their lives in the accident. 144.After I got off the bus, I found I __________(lose) my wallet.

145.When I arrived at the bookstore, all the books__________(sell) out.

146.The man __________in 2000. He__________ for 9 years. (die)

147.Our teacher told us that Columbus__________(discover) America in 1492. 148.I bought a radio but __________(lose) it.

149.Look! She__________(dance) with an old man.

150.By the time she woke up, it__________ already__________(stop) raining.