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4b unit 6第3课时(cartoon time)教案


Unit 6 Whose dress is this?

Cartoon time


Teaching contents 教学内容

Cartoon time

Teaching aims and learning objectives 教学目标

1. 在前两课时学习的基础上,学生能够理解句型:Whose …is this /that?Whose …

are these/those? It’s/ They’re …’s.的含义,并能正确运用到实际中进行描述。

2. 学生能够看懂Cartoon time的小故事,会心一笑。

3. 学生能够在与人交流中表达自己的需求,大胆使用英语进行沟通。

Focus of the lesson and predicted area of difficulty 教学重点和难点

教学重点:1. 在前两课时学习的基础上,学生能够理解句型Whose …is this/that? Whose … are these/those? It’s/ They’re …’s.的含义,并


2. 学生能够看懂Cartoon time的小故事,会心一笑。


Teaching procedures 教学过程

Step 1 Warm up &revision

1. One-minute-non–stop Talking

T: Hello, boys and girls. Today, let’s go on learning Unit 6 Whose dress is this?

These days, we are talking about the clothes. First, let’s play a game to warm up.

It’s our old friend “One-minute-non–stop Talking”. Please talk about your classmates’ clothes, one by one, in one minute, at least one sentence.

S: OK! (Play the game)

Look at my/your/his/her/ … It’s/They are …My/his/her … is/are …

2. Let’s find

T: Everyone, please look at the table of letters. There are 8 lines, there is a word we have learnt these days each line, and all the words are about the clothes. Please watch carefully, and try to find them as soon as possible. Ready? Go!

(KEY: shirt sweater coat shorts jeans gloves dress trousers)

3. Let’s say

T: Well done! You know the words of clothes very well, and I’d like you to pay attention to the singular and the plural form. Now, a new game for you! If you find the clothes, please stand up and say “dress, dress, try this (单数) …”, or “trousers, trousers, try these (复数) ...”

【设计意图:本课时为第三课时,主要讲授cartoon time部分,课的一开始用活动激发学生的兴趣,激活近几课时所学知识。我们在这里安排了三个环节,One-minute-non–stop Talking,Let’s find和Let’s say,其中One-minute-non–stop Talkin一分钟小嘴说不停是个传统项目,从三年级的时候我们就开始训练学生在这个环节中用流利的英语限时轮流表达,快速激活思维。第二课时我们针对词汇进行了强化,这里Let’s find环节将近期学习的服饰类词汇揉进一些错排的字母中,刺激学生快速反应。接着我们用Let’s say环节让学生区分服饰类单词的单复数。通过这三个环节迅速打开学生的思维,让学生快速进入课堂学习状态,同时,竞技类型的活动也让课堂气氛迅速升温,便于下一部分的教学。】

Step 2 Presentation

1. Watch and choose

T: Boys and girls, you are so smart! Look at the screen! What’s this? Whose T-shirt is this? Guess.

Yes, you are right! It’s Bobby’s T-shirt! Look at Bobby. Is he happy? No, he isn’t.

He is very confused. Why? What’s this? Look! It can move.

Now, let’s watch cartoon. Try to find out the answer.

A. It’s a ball. (图)

B. It’s a hedgehog. (图) (播放视频)

A or B? Great! It’s a hedgehog.

2. Listen and answer

T: Look! What’s the matter? (教师说2遍) This time, try to listen and find out.

(播放音频) Who can be Bobby?

S: My hand hurts.

T: You know this story very well. Now, let’s read the story together.

3. Learn to say

T: (跟读录音) Picture One, which one wants to try? (指导语气)

S: ….

4. Let’s read

T: Boys and girls, this time open your books. Let’s read in rol es.

T: Would you like to show us? (请一组学生分角色朗读)

5. Let’s dub

T: You can read it so well. Would you like to dub? (全班分角色给动画配音)

6. Let’s show

T: Now, it’s your show time. Work in group of 3, and you can work in 3 ways.

If you read the story together, you can get 1 star.

If you read the story in roles, you can get 2 stars.

If you act the story together, you can get 3 stars.

Here are some tips for you. Please speak loudly with cute expressions.

Practice with your partner! OK?


【设计意图:Cartoon time是本课时学习的重点,虽然只是一个幽默小故事,对学生的学习要求只是能听懂,会心一笑即可,我们在教学过程中还是分层次慢慢展开故事内容,并对细节加以反馈,加深学生对故事的理解。我们先通过图片猜测,激发学生了解故事的兴趣,进一步Watch and choose,Listen and answer,然后在录音以及教师的辅助下,进行有效的朗读和练习;此为铺垫,让学生可以更好地演绎整个故事。在表演的过程中,我们同样重视分层教学,针对不同水平的


Step 3 Consolidation

Our stage

T: So much for that. You know Bobby would like to make friends with the little hedgehog. One day, he invites the little hedgehog to his home. He shows his cloakroom to this new friend.

Look, there are so many clothes here. What are these?

Are they cool? So you can say “How cool!”/They are so cool.

Whose shoes are they?

They are Bobby’s.

Now, use your imagination and guess what they may say? Try to act it out.

These sentences may help you.

Come in, please. /Look at my cloakroom.

What’s this? /What are these?

It’s/They are…

So cool/nice/big …!

Whose … is this/are these?

It’s…’s./They’re …’s.

【设计意图:最后的拓展环节是对本课时Cartoon time的一个形式以及难度的延伸和拓展,给学生一个综合语言运用能力展示的平台。学生可以在小刺猬参观Bobby家的情境中,运用自身所学语言知识和礼仪知识自由发挥。】

Homework 家庭作业

1. Review the words about the clothes.

2. Read after the tape for ten minutes after class.

Teaching aids 教学准备(含板书设计)



Unit 6 Whose clothes is this?

4b unit 6第3课时(cartoon time)教案



本单元以参加化妆舞会、询问物品主人等为主要内容,本课时以Bobby 和hedgehog 为线索人物,延续类似情景。



本课时为第三课时,主要讲授cartoon time 部分,课的一开始用活动激发学生的兴趣,激活近几课时所学知识。我们在这里安排了三个环节, One-minute-non –stop Talking ,Let’s find 和Let’s say ,其中One-minute-non –stop Talkin 一分钟小嘴说不停是个传统项目,从三年级的时候我们就开始训练学生在这个环节中用流利的英语限时轮流表达,快速激活思维。第二课时我们针对词汇进行了强化,这里Let’s find 环节将近期学习的服饰类词汇揉进一些错排的字母中,刺激学生快速反应。接着我们用Let’s say 环节让学生区分服饰类单词的单复数。通过这三个环节迅速打开学生的思维,让学生快速进入课堂学习状态,同时,竞技类型的活动也让课堂气氛迅速升温,便于下一部分的教学。

Cartoon time 是本课时学习的重点,虽然只是一个幽默小故事,对学生的学习要求只是能听懂,会心一笑即可,我们在教学过程中还是分层次慢慢展开故事内容,并对细节加以反馈,加深学生对故事的理解。我们先通过图片猜测,激发学生了解故事的兴趣,进一步Watch and choose ,Listen and answer ,然后在录音以及教师的辅助下,进行有效的朗读和练习;此为铺垫,让学生可以更好地演绎整个故事。在表演的过程中,我们同样重视分层教学,



最后的拓展环节是对本课时Cartoon time的一个形式以及难度的延伸和拓展,给学生一个综合语言运用能力展示的平台。学生可以在小刺猬参观Bobby 家的情境中,运用自身所学语言知识和礼仪知识自由发挥。


1. 关注学生在日常生活中的语言使用。

2. 关注学生在过程性体验中产生的种种语用问题并及时修正。

3. 关注学生思维的延展和思维的开阔。

4. 关注学生思维和语言能力的层级性发展。