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From a very early age,some children exhibit better self-control than others.Now , a new study that began with about 1000 children in New Zealand has tracked how a child’s low self-control can predict poor health ,money troubles and even a criminal(犯罪的) record in their adult years.

Researchers have been studying this group of children for decades now.They observed the level of self-control the youngsters displayed .Parents, teachers ,even the kids themselves ,scored the youngsters on measures like “acting before thinking”and “Persistence in reaching goals.”

“The children who had the lowest self-control when they were age three to ten ,later on had the most health problems in their 30s,”Moffitt said, “and they had the worst financial situation.They were more likely to have a criminal record and to be raising a child as a single parent on a very low income .”Moffitt explained that self-control problems were widely observed, and weren’t just a feature of a small group of misbehaving kids .

Moffitt said it’s still unclear why some children have better self-control than others, though she said other researchers have found that it’s mostly a learned behavior, with relatively little genetic influence. But good self-control can be set to run in families because children with good self-control are more likely to grow up to be healthy and prosperous parents .But the good news, Moffitt said ,is that self-control can be taught by parents ,and through school curricula that have been shown to be effective.

1.From the first two paragraphs we learn that .

A.the research has been carried out for five years .

B. self-control in kids tends to determine their future

C.self-control was assessed(评估) by children’s intelligence(智力)

D. children’s self-control is almost the same at early age

2. Children with low self-control are more likely to .

A. become wealthy in later life

B. get good school performance

C. have better financial planning

D. adopt(采用) negative( 消极的) behaviors

3.What can be inferred from the passage?

A. Self-control cannot be taught in schools.

B. The study is restricted within few participants .

C. It’s never too late to deal with self-control problems.

D. Good parenting can improve self-control and life success.

4.Which of the following might be the best title of the passage?

A. Chil d’s self-control predicts future health, success .

B. Kids are encouraged to take risks at an early age

C. Children’s development cannot be changed by teachers

D. How to teach the kids a bit of self-control in schools

There is no doubt that to study abroad gives you an excellent opportunity to learn things which are very helpful in your career building .Today ,Canada has earned a good name in providing quality education and safe healthy environment for iys students .That is why more than 130000 international students enroll every year in famous Canadian universities. It is an ideal education destination and gives students a unique experience of education and its versatile(多样的)arts and culture. Canada spends a lot on education and is ranked the highest in G-8 countries.

To study in Canada is very cost-effective. These universities are affordable compared to other universities in the world such as in the US,New Zealand and UK where cost of education and living is very high .According to a survey in 2006, “Canada offered the lowest tuition fees for foreign students compared to UK and Australia.”

The low rate of crimes and the peaceful safe environment of the country also attract lots of international students to Canadian universities .Canada has 92 universities and 175 community colleges and university degrees have three levels-Bachelor’s ,Mast er’s and Doctoral.

A Bachelor’s degree in Canada is for three or four years,full-time study depending upon the nature of the program you are doing .On the other hand , a Master’s degree consists of two years of study . For a Doctoral program in Canadian university , you require a minimum of three to four or sometimes five years of research and study.

You can also find many diploma and certification ( 认证)programs in Canadian universities where the time is generally one year. Some of the Canadian universities are well-regarded worldwide and the degree and diploma obtained from these Canadian universities are recognized globally and promise bright future. Afrer the completion of studies, a person could also find great job offers in Canada itself. International students require a work permit to work on campus.

1.We can learn from the passage that .

A. Canada has 92 community colleges

B. to study in Canada is cheaper than in Australia

C. Canada spends the least on education among G-8 countries

D. 130000 Chinese students enroll in Canadian universities every year

2. How long will you spend at least in total if you want to finish your Bachelor’s and Doctoral degrees in Canada ? ( )

A. 11 years.

B.9 years.

C. 8 years.

D. 7 years .

3. What advantages does Canada have to attract foreign students according to the passage?( )

①Quality education. ②Safe environment . ③Versatile culture . ④Bright job future. ⑤High scholarships. ⑥Low tuition fees.





4. What’s the author’s attitude towards studying in Canada?

A. Favorable.


C. Doubtful.

D. Not mentioned.

When a child has been told he is “uncool”, it can be very painful. He may say that he doesn’t care, and even act in ways that are the opposite lf cool on purpose . But these are simple ways to deal with sadness by pretending it’s nothing.

Helping a child like this has to be done carefully, otherwise the child will be guided in a wrong way. If you say “Why are you worried about what other children think about you? It doesn’t matter!”,children know that it does matter. Instead ,an active way may be best. You could say, “I’m going to do a couple of things to help make school feel better for you . ”

If a boy is having trouble making friends, it helps most if he can be in a school and in a class .The teacher can arrange(安排)things so that he has chances to use his abilities to be helpful to class projects. This is how the other children learn to value his good qualities and to like him.A teacher can also raise a child’s popularity in the group by showing that she values that child. It even helps to put him in a seat next to a very popular child ,or to let him be partners with that child in activities, etc.

There are things that the parents can do at home,too.Be friendly when your child brings others home to play. Encourage him to invite friends to meals and then serve the dishes that they consider “super”. When you pan weekend trips, picnics, Movies ,and other shows, invite another child with whom your child wants to be friends .

What you can do after is to give him a chance to join a group that may ve shutting him out .Then, if he has good qualities, he can start to build real friendships of his own.

1.A child who has been told “uncool” may .

A. pretend to be hurt very much .

B.develop a sense of shame

C. do something uncool on purpose

D.care nothing about the word

2.People have to be careful when it comes to helping a child because the child may .

A. behave in an unfriendly way

B.feel sad about thenselver

C. be worried about other, words

D. get misled by negative advice

3.How can a teacher help an unpopular child?

A.By providing the child with chances to show his good qualities.

B. By taking the child as the teacher’s favourite

C. By asking the popular students to respect the child.

D. By asking the child to do something for others.

4. The text is mainly about .

A. why some children are unpopular

B. what good points unpopular children have

C. how an unpopular child can be helped

D. who cares about unpopular children.

Kerry and Alice were both artists in Britani. They taught drawing and painting at Cambridge University. Although they were friends , each thought oneself to be the better painter.

One day, Kerry promised marriage to Alice .Surprised and pleased by the offer, the girl was not sure whether she would spend her future as a wife or a painter. After a moment she replied as follows, “Each of us must paint a picture. If yours is superior to mine,you can make me your wife. If not ,please drop the question,” Then it was decided to give it the following day .

The next morning ,Alice hung her picture on the gate. It showed a hunch of flowers and won high praise from everyone who passed by. In fact , a crowd collected in front of her masterpiece and fixed their eyes on it.

Several hours passed. Then Kerry was seen coming along to the gate with what appeared to be a beautiful leather suitcase in his hand . When he finally sopped before Alice ,the girl artist brushed like a rose and agreed to marry him without any hesitation. Why?

1.What did Alice think of Kerry’s offer?

A.She liked Kerry, but she didn’t expect him to promise marriage to her .

B.She didn’t want to marry anybody.

C.She didn’t like it at all.

D.She thought the offer wasn’t polite .

2.In the sentence “If yours is superior to mine, you can make me your wife .”

“superior to”here means ““

A. not so better than

B. better than

C. so good as

D.as good as

3. Which of the following is true?

A. Kerry didn’t accept Alice’s suggestion.

B. Kerry wasn’t sure of his painting so he dropped his offer .

C.Kerry did go the next day ,but he failed to take a picture.

D. Kerry agreed to Alice’s suggestion

4. The “leather suitcase” was in fact .

A. a real one

B. a painting drawn by Kerry

C. a box with a picture in it

D. made up of leather