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7. It's not unusual for people to feel a pain directly behind their breastbone and think that it can't be their heart, because everyone knows that is in the left side of the chest.

It's not unusual, but it's wrong. While people think that the problem is in their airways, it is often (36) their heart, Helmut Gohlke of the German Association says.

The (37), known as angina (心绞痛), reveals itself as pain behind the breastbone. It's an illness where the blood (38) to the heart muscle is restricted. If not (39) and treated in a timely manner, it can lead to a heart attack and death.

The pain behind the breastbone radiates mostly to the throat, the upper abdomen and the left arm. It is (40) described as a dull, wearing feeling of compression, says Christian Hamm of the German Heart Association. Women often (41) about lack of air. All those suffering say the pain comes suddenly and in (42) but does not last for days on end.

Steady forms of angina are (43) by exertion (努力,费力), like physical work or stress. "The pain usually disappears with rest," Hamm says.

Things are reversed in the more (44), unstable form of the disease. The pain appears out of nowhere, meaning there is a danger of a coming heart attack due to the complete blockage (堵塞) of a blood vessel. Both forms require a(n) (45 trip to the doctor.

A) intervals B) obvious C) recognized D) prompted E) actually

F) times G) transforms H) immediate I) flow J) complain K) dangerous

L) inspired M) typically N) sometimes O) condition

8.Being fat is bad for you. On that, almost everyone agrees. It is just possible, though, that almost everyone is wrong. In fact, getting fat may be a mechanism that protects the body. The health problems (36) with fatness may not be caused by it but be another consequence, another symptom, of overeating.

That is the heretical (异端邪说的) (37) of Roger Unger and Philipp Scherer. They have been (38) the science of what has come to be known as metabolic syndrome (代谢综合症). This is a host of symptoms such as high blood pressure, insulin (胰岛素) resistance and fatness that seem to increase the (39) of heart disease and strokes and liver disease. Metabolic syndrome is (40) in one-sixth of the American population.

"Syndrome" is the medical term for a (41) of symptoms whose common cause is not properly understood. The symptom of metabolic syndrome that appears first is usually fatness, so this is generally regarded as the (42) cause.

Dr. Unger and Dr. Scherer, however, turn this logic on its head. They point out that there is usually a period of many years between a person becoming overweight and his (43) other symptoms. If the growth of the body cells was directly harmful, that would not be the case. This is one of the lines of evidence that has led them to the conclusion that, in addition to its role in storing energy as a way to (44) against future famine, getting fat is a (45) mechanism against metabolic syndrome.

A) proposal B) issue C) developing D) stored E) protective F) negative

G) fight H) collection I) reviewing J) assigned K) risk L) found M) discovered

N) associated O) potential

9. Suffering with joint pain? Millions of Americans suffer with joint pain for a variety of reasons. Sports fatigue, arthritis (关节炎) and aging can all cause wear and tear on your joints (36) to discomfort and painful joints. Every single (37) your body makes puts pressure on your joints. Up, down, side to side your joints are (38) strained.

For some people, just moving around results in joint pain. Even people with (39) joint pain suffer through activities they once loved. Your joints age over time and like any part of your body, they require regular care and comfort. Many people don't realize how important joint care is, or how to stop joint pain. Some people (40) painful joints are just part of life.

However, (41) discovery is changing everything. Researchers in Cambridge have discovered a new compound of all-natural ingredients that (42) to relieve joint pain, improve mobility (灵活性), and in some cases protect the actual joints themselves. The new formula, branded under the trademark Green Light Joint Support, includes ingredients with clinical (43) nothing short of amazing.

The samples arrive just a few days after ordering and unlike most joint relievers, the results are almost (44) . By the second week of the trial, results can be even more impressive with increased flexibility.

After trying many of the joint relief products on the (45) , we've found huge differences in quality. It is an impressive product and a great choice for anyone looking to comfort and relieve their joints.

A) assume B) breakthrough C) constantly D) determined E) elements F) essentially

G) immediate H) leading I) market J) movement K) occasional L) promises M) rational

N) surface O) trials

10.It's college graduation season in the United States. Even in today's weak economy, students from famous Ivy League universities like Harvard have an extra (36) on the road to financial success. However, not everyone in Harvard College's Class of 2010 is (37) for a profitable career. The director of Harvard's Office of Career Services is (38) her students with the right employers and career opportunities, often in the fields of education, international development and public service.

Graduating senior Wes Howe (39) to become a mainstream journalist, but he became (40) about social justice while working as a reporter during summer break. Howe wrote a news article about a man who spent his savings on a house that turned out to be a failure. The circumstances pointed to criminal (41) by the seller, but the man has no way to get his money back. Howe was angry, but felt that, as a newspaper reporter, there was little he could do about it. "There is a point where (42) injustice wasn't enough," Howe says, "and actually working either toward changing either the law or bringing this to the attention of law enforcement (实施) was something that was interesting to me."

Statistics from Harvard's Office of Career Services do not show a (43) among students away from profitable careers in the (44) sectors and toward public service. However, one thing is clear: many of today's best and brightest are also (45) to ensuring the well being of America's communities tomorrow.

A) associated B) advantage C) benefit D) committed E) disposing F) exposing G) expecting

H) fraud I) intended J) matching K) private L) passionate M) public N) tend O) trend

7.46.Insurers cut off the woman's benefits because she gave away too much her information on Facebook.

47.A job candidate would be turned down if the employer found some negative information about him on Facebook.

48.The mom found her biological children on Facebook, but the children don't want anything to do with her.

49.Facebook can make it easier for your follower or insulting partner to follow your movements.

50.Lenders use Facebook to decide whom they would lend money to and creditors use Facebook to track their debtors down.

51.Kids might be targeted by killers.

52.Facebook could make people feel depressed.

53.Facebook can cause you trouble because you might be charged for libel.

54.Divorce lawyers use information they get from Facebook to defend clients.

55.Your friends might give away your secrets even if you thought you were careful enough. 8.46.Scientists should remember that their job is to do good science.

47.Finally many scientists realize that they should accept the public criticism and regain the public support although they thought their cirtics were ignorant.

48.After the exposure, more Americans thought that they were cheated by the climate scientists.

49.Climate scientists need to do something that they haven't experienced before in order to change the status quo.

50.The exposure of errors has badly ruined the public confidence in the science.

51.Scientists need to regain their reputation and draw the public attention again back to the climate change.

52.Some scientists were charged with hiding data and faking results.

53.However, some critics are still unsatisfied with the climate scientists and their work.

54.The officials and institutions are making efforts to imporve their work and trying to regain public confidence.

55.The United Nations IPCC were forced by the critics to reform, reviewing its research procedures and trying to eliminate bias and errors from their reports.

9.46.Still you can keep fit if you are active most of the day though you don't have time to do exercise.

47.You should try to get more knowledge of the company before you go to the interview.

48.One of the lessons we learned from the incident is that we should remember, first of all, to leave

a note about where we're going.

49.Mobile phones and GPS units can help you enjoy your life, whereas they can also ruin it.

50.You'll find it beautiful if you look at it with love.

51.Good quality sleep can make you work faster and have more time in your day.

52.Enough water in your body can make you act and feel young.

53.You will win more clients if you can offer solutions instead of pointing out problems.

54.Carrying heavy shoulder bags might cause an aching back.

55.No matter how wonderful an eating plan seems to be, it is not successful if you can't carry it out.

10.46.The map shows that wellness consumers care not only what they eat, but also how they live.

47.Most American consumers prefer a healthier lifestyle rather than targeted responses.

48.Consumers become clearer on what they should buy.

49.People change from more general watching behaviors to more targeted health behaviors when they fall ill.

50.Core wellness consumers take not only vitamins and mineral, but also special supplements.

51.Cosumers become more and more health-conscious.

52.Consumers think that supplements are very important in their lives.

53.People start using supplements because of their nutritional needs, health conditions and aging.

54.The core wellness consumers have more knowledge about supplements and are more brand aware.

55.More people turn to use medicine when they experience health problems.