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2019年高考英语二轮复习 阅读理解学生选练2


阅读理解。阅读下列短文, 从给的四个选项 (A、B、C和D) 中, 选出最佳选项。

She is widely seen as proof that good

looks can last forever.But,at nearly 500

years of age,time is catching up with the

Mona Lisa.

The health of the famous picture,

painted by Leonardo da Vinci in 1505,is getting worse by the year,according to the Louvre Museum where it is housed.

“The thin,wooden panel on which the Mona Lisa is painted in oil has changed shape since experts checked it two years ago.”the museum said.Visitors have noticed changes,but repairing the world's most famous painting is not easy.Experts are not sure about the materials the Italian artist used and their current(现在的)chemical state.

Nearly 6 million people go to see the Mona Lisa every year,many attracted by the mystery of her smile.“It's very interesting that when you' re not looking at her,she seems to be smiling,and then,you look at her and she slops.”said

Professor Margaret Livingstone of Harvard University.“It' s because direct vision(视觉)is excellent at picking up detail,but less suited to looking at shadows.Da Vinci painted the smile in shadows.”

However,the actual history of the Mona Lisa is just as mysterious as the smile.Da Vinci himself loved it so much that he always carried it with him,until it was eventually sold to France's King Francis I in 1519.

In 1911,the painting was stolen from the Louvre Museum by a former employee,who took it out of the museum hidden under his coat.He said he planned to return it to Italy.The painting was sent back to France two years later.

During World War II,French men hid the painting in small towns to keep it out of the hands of German forces.

Like many old ladies,the Mona Lisa has some interesting stories to tell.

1.The underlined sentence in the first paragraph means the Mona Lisa________.

A.is losing its value

B.is being damaged after so many years

C.is getting more valuable with years passing

D.will rot away

答案:B 细节理解题。首先,由转折词But判断,本句的意思应和文章前面所说“美貌是永恒的”在意义上相反。后面又介绍说“蒙


2.The smile of the Mona Lisa can only be seen________.

A.by indirect vision B.at a distance

C.by direct vision D.in shadows

答案:A 细节理解题。文章第四段提到,人们“正视”时,往往看不到“蒙娜·丽莎”的微笑,原因是当时达·芬奇是在暗处画得画,因此只有人们“不正视”时,才能看到她的微笑。

3.From the last paragraph,we can infer that________.

A.many interesting stories have been written about the Mona Lisa

B.people are interested in the stories about the Mona Lisa

C.some mysteries still remain to be solved about the Mona Lisa

D.many more stories will be told about the Mona Lisa

答案:C 推理判断题。文章前面提到“蒙娜·丽莎”的历史像她的微笑一样是个谜,因此最后一段的意思是她还有一些秘密未被人知。

4.Experts haven't had any repairs on the Mona Lisa because________.

A.it is now in a poor chemical state

B.they don't know how to replace the wooden panel

C.they don't have the materials Da Vinci used

D.they are afraid it will be done further damage

答案:D 推理判断题。根据第三段最后一句可知,专家对于达·芬奇所用的材料及材料现在的化学状态没有把握,也就是说担心盲目修补会更加损坏此画。A项讲此画状况极差,观点过激与本文不符;B项本文未提及;C项与第三段最后一句不符。


Maybe you don’t think animals have certain mental powers which human beings do not have. But the truth is that some of them have instincts, and besides this, I am sure they can feel certain things we humans cannot. A personal experience showed me this.

Some years ago, I had a dog named Howard. From the time when he was a puppy, he was timid, so we named him Howard, sounding like “coward”! He was especially afraid of thunderstorms. At the first flash of lightning or crash of thunder, he would run whining into his house and hide under a table.

I often went for a walk with Howard. Once, as we were walking along a road, it began to rain. I quickly ran to a bus stop for shelter. The bus stop had a roof supported by metal poles. Soon after I had got there, Howard caught my trousers in his teeth and tried to pull me away. At first I was puzzled and a little angry at his behavior. But I decided to humor him and walked away from the shelter into the rain and started to go


When I was about two hundred metres from the shelter, there came a flash of lightning and soon after, there was thunder which nearly deafened me. Howard stopped walking and began whining. Thinking he was afraid, I bent to pick him up. As I straightened up, I glanced at the bus shelter we had just left. I was shocked to see that two of the poles were bent and the roof was lying on the ground, broken. The shelter had been struck by the bolt of lightning!

21. The reason why the author was puzzled and angry with the dog was that .

A. Howard had a strange behavior

B. Howard should be afraid of the metal poles

C. Howard should know the approaching of the terrible lightning

D. Howard bit his trousers in his teeth

22. Which of the following is true according to the passage?

A. Dogs are cleverer and better than men.

B. Dogs are usually afraid of thunderstorms.

C. Some animals can feel certain things humans cannot.

D. Dogs are naturally born heroes.

23. What can be inferred about the bus shelter from the passage?

A. It was about 200 me ters from the author’s home.

B. It was destroyed in a rainy day.

C. Its roof was supported by wood poles.

D. It could produce blinding flash of lightning.

参考答案21-23 ACB


Lost iPhone

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Do you need a babysitter that you can trust?

My name is Tina. I am a responsible babysitter that you can trust. If you are looking for someone dependable and affordable I am that person! I HAVE MORE THAN 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE (including disabled children)! I am a retired Home Health Aid and absolutely love children. I work with my sister Iris who has also 20+years as a teacher’s assistant. WE LOOK FORWARD TO MEETINC YOU! Available 24 hours and flexible with fees! I am fully bilingual—Spanish/English. Please email me or call 712-867-7688.


I accept children from all ages. Fee starts from $100-

$150 a week depending on the hours. I am very flexible and my fee can change. Feel free to contact me via email or on my cell phone 566-67-1873 and we can work something out.

Part-time Chinese Babysitter Wanted

24. Who posted the lost and found information?

A . A mother B. A kind woman C. A heartbroken girl

D. A parent

25. If you want to send your kids to the babysitter’s home, you can find one in______.

A. Ad 1

B. Ad 2

C. Ad 3

D. Ad 4

26. What do we know about Tina?

A. She can speak two languages.

B. She lives alone now.

C. She takes care of children over 3.

D. She used to be a teacher’s assistant.

27. An applicant accepted by Ad 5 will have to .

A. be able to speak two languages

B. be a college graduate

C. work every weekend

D. look after two children

参考答案24-27 DCAD


The day my husband fell to his death, it started to snow,

just like any November day. His body, when I found it, was lightly covered with snow. It snowed almost every day for the next four months, while I sat on the couch and watched it pile up. One morning, I shuffled downstairs and was surprised to see a snow remover clearing my driveway and the bent back of a woman shoveling(铲)my walk. I dropped to my knees, crawled through the living room. And back up stairs so those good people would not see me. I was embarrassed. My first thought was, how would I ever repay them? I didn’t have the strength to brush my hair let alone shovel someone’s walk. Learning how to receive the love and support that came my way wasn't easy. Friends cooked for me and l cried because I couldn't even help them set the table. “I'm not usually this lazy,” I wept. Finally, my friend Kathy sat down with me and said, "Mary, cooking for you is not a burden. I love you and I want to do it. It makes me feel good to be able to do something for you. ”

Over and over, I heard similar emotions from the people who supported me during those dark days. One very wise man told me, “You are not doing nothing. Being fully open to your sorrow may be the hardes t work you will ever do.”

28. Which of the following is true according to the passage?

A. The writer’s friend was unwilling to cook for her.

B. The writer had been busy with her life before.

C. The writer recovered from her sorrow quickly with his friend‘s help.

D. The day her husband died, it was snowing heavily.

29. The underlined word “shuffled” in Paragraph 1 probably means ___________.

A. stepped steadily

B. walked slowly

C. ran swiftly

D. fell sadly

30. We can infer from the passage that ____________.

A. the writer found her husband immediately he fell off the roof

B. the writer became strong-willed immediately after John's death

C. the people around the writer were friendly and supported her

D. before John’s death, the writer never asked others for help

31. The writer wrote the passage to ___________.

A. share her sad story with us

B. express her guilty conscience to the people who helped her

C. show her thanks to the people who love and support her

D. tell us the changes she has made because of her husband’s death

参考答案28-31 BBCC


CHICAGO(Reuters)-Smoking not only can wrinkle(皱纹)the face and turn it yellow—it can do the same to the whole body, researchers reported on Monday.

The study, published in the Archives of Dermatology, shows that smoking affects the skin all over the body-even skin protected from the sun.

“We examined non-facial skin that was protected from the sun, and found that the total number of packs, of cigarette smoked per day and the total years a person has smoked were linked with the amount of skin damage a person experienced, ”Dr. Yolanda, who led the study, said in a statement.

“In participants older than 65 years, smokers had significantly more fine wrinkling than nonsmokers. Similar findings were seen in participants aged 45 to 65 years. ” Yolanda’s team added in their report.

The researchers tested 82 people, smokers and nonsmokers, taking pictures of the inner right arms. They ranged, in age from 22 to 91 and half were smokers. In dependent judges decided how wrinkled each person’s skin was.

Several previous studies have found that cigarette smoking led to premature(过早的)skin aging as measured by facial wrinkles, the study said, but little has been done to measure the aging of skin not exposed to light.

The report did not discuss die mechanism involved but previous research has found that cigarette smoke, among other things, causes blood vessels(血管)beneath the skin to constrict(紧缩), reducing blood supply to the skin.

Smoking can also damage the connective tissue(组织)that supports both die skin and the internal organs.

32. The best title for this passage would be ______________.

A. The danger of smoking

B. Smoking causes skin aging

C. Quit smoking for health

D. A survey of smokers

33. According to the passage, how wrinkled a person’s skin is doesn’t relate to ___________.

A. the number of cigarettes a person smokes

B. the kind and characteristics of skin

C. how long a person smokes

D. how long skin is under sunlight

34. From the passage smoking results in skin aging mainly because ____________.

A. it will lower blood supply to skin

B. it can make you feel tired

35. The main purpose of the passage is to ____________.

A. inform people about the study of skin

B. advise people how to protect skin

C. warn people not to smoke again

D. introduce a new way of avoid skin aging

参考答案32-35 BBAC