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But life is not worth anything if he is not kept busy. From morning till night he toils and works on some scheme which will meet a social need or solve a social problem. He may talk to you as if he were a pessimist beyond redemption, but his own activities are always prompted by unblenching idealism. As a matter of fact, he is today a hard worker who does not get paid for it. In Peiping or in Shanghai he is the most effective public citizen wherever he is found. He cannot be said to be rich or even well-to-do, but he is most lavish in digging into his own pocket in order to induce a millionaire to make a contribution to a worthy cause.

blench--flinch: to make a sudden flincining movement out of fear or pain (因害怕或痛苦) 突然退缩,畏缩;unblenching:无所畏惧的,一往无前的,毫不动摇的,坚定的参考译文:无所事事的生活对他来说毫无意义。为了满足某社会需求或是解决某社会问题,他整天忙于订计划,做方案。与人交谈起来,他俨然是一个无可救药的悲观主义者,然而,他的所作所为又都是出于一种坚定的理想主义。如今他不辞劳苦地干事,却又不拿报酬。无论在北平,还是在上海,所到之处,他都是最有影响力的公众人物。他谈不上富有,甚至算不上殷实,可一旦为了说服某富豪捐助于某项有意义的事业时,他会慷慨解囊,倾其所有。

Reflections on the Sports Meet

The first campus football match Hu Shih watched after he entered an American university was played ______ two ______. Compared with the _____ in China, American football is a tough game. A few thousand people attended the match _____ the high cost of 2 US dollars per person for ______. When the match reached a ______ ______, the audience would shout in ______ to cheer for the warriors of their ______ team. If a player of their ____ team got _____ and was helped out of the field, they would solute and comfort him by ______ of yelling. At first Hu could not get used to the rough play and deafening noise, ______ that it was ______ and he _____ it to the ancient bloody fights in the arena of the Roman amphitheater.

What _____ Hu was the fact that some _______ professors were yelling along with young boys and girls, and he was very surprised to find Mr. Rolly, his professor of botany sitting _____ to him, shouting with great ______.

After attending football match several times, Hu Shih _____ his fellow students in cheering for the players in ______ of himself. He wondered how such a _____ had taken place in him. Was it because he had accepted such barberous _______? The answer was _____. He had graduaully ______ up the “old-age mentality” and became _______.

Five years after he had spent teaching at Peking University, he _______ to his “scholarly dignity” and his ______ “old-age mentality” had revived _______.

Now he was very glad to learn that a sports meet was _______ in Peking university. That made him ______ of how 12 years ago he joined the football crowds and shouted with them at the ______ of his ______. He _______ to have the opportunity to regain some of his youthful spirit and ______ that all his students would be present to taste the joy of youthfulness and _____ about their “scholarly dignity” for the ____ ____.

Comparison between English and Chinese (continued)

形合hypotactic (hypotaxis) vs. 与意合paratactic (parataxis)

形合hypotactic is the dependent or subordinate construction or relationship of clauses with

eg I shall despair if you don’t come.

意合paratactic is the arranging of clauses one after the other without connectives showing the relationship between them.

Eg: The rain fell; the river flooded; the house was washed away.



More examples in English:

1.All was cleared up some time later when news came from a distant place that an earthquake

was felt the very day the little copper ball fell.


2.When I try to understand what it is that prevents so many Americans from being as happy as

one might expect, it seems to me that there are two causes, of which one goes much deeper than the other.


3.It was what sentimentalists, who deal in very big words , call a yearning after the ideal, and

simply means that women are not satisfied until they have husbands and children on whom they may centre affections , which are spent elsewhere, as it were, in small change. (Vanity Fair)



4.Change of information, if any, concerning the contents of this section will be found in the

appendix at the end of this book.


Example in Chinese:


Until all is over, ambition never dies.


He who does not advance falls back.


Once a certain limit is reached, a change in the opposite direction is inevitable.


尺璧非宝,寸阴是竞 A piece of jade, big as it is, is by no means as precious as time, no matter how short the time is.


Women who are pure and virtuous are to be admired and respected,

Men should learn from the people who are both talented and morally good.

You should correct your mistake as soon as you know it,

And do not forget what you have learned.

性静情逸,心动神疲●When people are calm, their emotions are peaceful;

When people are attracted by material, they are liable to become tired spiritually.


A little error may lead to a large discrepancy-a small error to make may lead to a great mistake.


The poor are care-free while the rich and powerful are worried.

人无远虑,必有近忧。People who give no thought to difficulties in the future are sure to be beset by worries much closer at hand.

得宠思辱,居安思危。●When you are graced, you should think of the time when you might be disgraced; in times of safety, you should think of anger and difficulty.

善有善报,恶有恶报,不是不报,日子未到。●Good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil; if the reward is not forthcoming, it is because the time has not yet come.

养兵千日,用兵一时。Armies are to be maintained in the course of long years, but to be used in the nick of time.


Proud as a Lucifer, he never tolerates an act which injures his dignity. Such an insult he would not take even from his closest friend. He is humble in admitting his own mistakes when his attention is directed to them in a friendly way, but even in his fifties he would have none of the foolishness which hurts his pride.

He is wiser today through his many disappointments. But where he excels others whom we

revere is that he has regained his romanticism in life through his disillusions. In other words, he has got hold of what may be called the “secondwind” and the strength of his personality is irresistible.