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Mr. Jiang’


1gain many useful experience 2)名词的单复数变化three woman teachers

3) 抽象名词具体化the party is great success

4)含名词的复合词作定语时的名词的数 a seven-years-old boy

5)名词所有格变化 a fiend of me

1.drink some waters from a stream .

2. have been to Europe many time

3.There are branch library

4.I hope that you two could visit us some times

5.we study quite a few subject

6. often watch football match together

7.Jack is a friend of my brother

8. It’s a bout ten minutes walk.

9. some advices

11. make friend with

12. shake hand with

13. give my regard to

14. one of my friend

15.three woman doctors

16. wears beautiful cloth

17. take exercises

18. do morning exercise

19. many family 20. have good time

21. a teacher with sixty years’ experiences

22. a lot of sheeps

23. a pair of glass

24. three Germen

25. two foot long

26. three piece of news

27. it’s bad manner

28. reading newspaper

29. a lot of informations

30. have few time

31. have little friends

32. it’s great success

33. have knowledge of

34. what a bad weather

35. what a fun

36. have a fun with

模拟单句演练:1 Do you know they are Englishmen or Germen?

2 Y ou should follow his advices on how to learn a foreign language.

3 Dickens wrote Oliver Twist in the year 1837-1838.

4 My neighbor is a seventy-years-old woman.

5 Gorge is the kind of person whom people like to make friend with.

6 We saw many monkeys and deers in the valley.

7 I met my friend at the tailor.

8 Reading newspaper is good for your study of modern English.

9 It is bad manner to speak with your mouth full.

10 This hat of my father is old.

11 I have a lot of works to do.

12 He wrote a two-thousand-words report.

13 There are three woman doctors at the clinic.

14 We arrived at the Smiths at eight.

15 They’ve got a lot of informations at the subject.

16 What a bad weather we are having recently!

17 They often have fish, meat and vegetable for supper.

18 He saw some green grasses here and there on the hill.

19 His new play is great success.

20 The room is full of new furnitures.

21 John is the proud of the family.

22 Wood can be made into papers.

23 The businessman sold all his goods at low price.

24 What a fun it is to go skiing there!

25 I tried every mean to make him give up smoking, but failed.

26 She always wears beautiful cloth.

27 They made up their mind and made their way to the front.

28 Mr. Crossett is a teacher with sixty years’ experiences.

29 The farmer has raised hundred of head of cattle on his farm.

30 Something must be done to stop noise’s pollution.


1)特指还是泛指2)a 还是an 3)单数名词前加a 4)不可数名词去掉a 5)固定结构

1.a hour or so

2. at same time

3. have wonderful time

4. one of most interesting films

5. make the friends

6.pay visit to

7.know outside world

8.for the lunch

9.take a part in

10.in a unfamiliar environment

11.it is first time

12.it helps in the way

13.in hurry

14.as a matter of a fact

15.as matter of fact 16.good at the maths

17.a honest boy

18.will come the next week

19.at given time

20.have world with

21.be little nervous

22.go to the college

23.it’s pleasure

24.a country with long history

25.it’s waste of time

26the large number of students are

27.Knowledge is the power

28.It’s good chance

29.play piano

30.help poor

31.read in a bed

32.went on trip to

33.went for walk

34.as university student

35.a American family

36.know more about the health

37.caught a sight of

38.out of the sight

39.in the word

40.under a same roof

41.keep my diary

42.at early age

43.the firemen came and put out


http://www.wendangku.net/doc/fa057cfa770bf78a65295427.htmlst lifetime

模拟单句演练:1)Her sister,who is nurse,will marry one of the doctors in the hospital.

2)It was such wonderful dinner that we enjoyed it very much.

3)It was raining hard,so I had to borrow a umbrella.

4)My friend Mary comes from an European country.

5)Mr Smith used to be physics teacher till he turned writer.

6)In small village like this,everybody knows everybody else.

7)Only few of the children can read such books.

8)For long time neither of us spoke to each other.

9)Look, a girl in blue is my cousin.

10)Look! A car has stopped there. A car is beautiful.

11)She asked whether we came from a same city.

12)The mountain was covered with the snow all the year round.

13)You don‘t know what wonderful time we’ve had.

14)People made the fun of her because she wore such strange clothes.

15)Soon the plane was out of the sight.

16)Great changes have taken the place in my hometown since 1978.

17)In the word,he is a good student and all of us like him.

18)You say you took the book without his permission. In the other words,you stole it.

19)Some people read the books or watch television while others have sports.

20)Good health is person‘s most valuable possession.



1).基数词与序数词之间的误用。2). 几千、几百万等数字时表述是否正确。3). 分数的表达是否正确。4). 表示“历史上的几十年代和某人几十岁时”的表达方式是否正确。5). 检查数词与其他词构成的复合形容词是否正确。

1. about three-fifth of the workers

2. in his fifty

3. four hundreds and thirty-nine.


5. a two-thousand-words report

6. ten minutes walk

1. 理解形容词的作用: a careful man ;或形容词作表语,描述主语,The man is careful;形容词作宾补描述宾语的状况, I find the man careful。-ed型形容词和-ing型形容词的误用。Thank you much.

2.理解副词的作用:修饰动词,虽然可能会离动词有很远的距离,do everything you’re asked to do carefully;修饰形容词和其它副词,pretty careful,pretty carefully

3.注意部分行近副词的差异,jump high, think highly of ; stand close to, study the problem closely;

open wide, be widely used ;

4.注意as…as 之间用原级;…than 要用比较级,注意用er,est还是more,most,尤其是在本身已是比较级的词前误加more;三者相比使用最高级。

5. 注意形容词副词原级和比较级最高级不同的修饰词very / pretty / rather/ quite + 形/副原级

far, much, even, still + 比较级,much bigger;

6. what和how的误用

1. he is difference now

2. played strong and loudly music

3. nothing seemed very practically

4. the important of obedience

5. Unfort unate, there are …

6. feel very frightening

7. I am interesting in football

8. so much exciting

9. radios can be very noise

10. I told…that a great time I had.

11. what the world works 12. What things are in…

13. don’t real need

14. describe myself as shy and


15. Finding information is easily

16. not play basketball once more

17. a hobby which is both

interested and fun

18. called 119 immediate

19. felt lonely or helplessly

20. make your parents happily

21. He looked differently

22. the number of girls is very few

23. many books as you want

24. the taller building in New


25. live much more longer than

26. live for twice so long as


27. Evening came down


(1) I’ll try to be more carefully next time.

(2) China is much more bigger than the United States.

(3) There are few boys than girls in our class.

(4) He says that skiing is much exciting than skating.

(5) The more money you make, the most you spend.

(6) He found someone was following her, so she felt frightening.

(7) It was real very dangerous. You might have injured yourself.

(8) You should be respectable towards your teachers.

(9) Look at the asleep boy. How lovely!

(10) The fish tastes well; why not have a try?

(11) Last week it was very rain.

(12) The sun rises in the east and sets down in the west.

(13) I promise to return back before 10.

(14) The book contains much use information. It’s well worth reading.

(15) This is quite far the mostly expensive bicycle in the shop.

(16) The workers warm welcomed us at their offices.

(17) Oh, it’s simply wonderfully to see you here!(18) She is in more health now than she was last year.




5)不定代词的误用。some, any, no, none, many, much, few, little, each, every, one, all, both, either, other, another, others及由some, any, no, every构成的复合词

6)指示代词有this, that, these, those, it, such, same等的误用。



1. Don’t lose your heart.

2. He taught him English

3. taught our English

4. told my brother and I

5.my brother and me went

6.They enjoyed them at the party.

7.mix it up

8.help you to it

9.don’t forget it to write to me

10.I found me surrounded…

11.The young should try to build his country…

12.This will make you good to…13.Cars made in Beijin are more expensive than that in Shanghai.

14.Their friends are all young, our are …

15.That was in 2008 that the earthquake happened.

16.I feel this an honor to …

17.0find impossible to finish the work

18.the Smiths did his best

19.belong to mine

20.a friend of me

21.Bill smiled and shook head

22.I liked those classes because it helped me…

23.as I was learning to express me in …

24.I wrote a story and showed to my teacher

25.Have you finished homework?

26.His book is quite different from me


27.He never helped other

28.Do you have some questions?

29.Would you have any more tea ?

30.I must have lost my key everywhere.

31.a few lucky one were not hurt

32.None of my parents …33.My classmates and teacher were both excited

34.He has two sons. One is a doctor, other is…

35.The Olympic Games are held each four years.

36. He is taller than any one in his class.

37. …So is Albert Einstein.

38. as much as 30 students

39. as many as $ 30

40. both you two could come

41. spend all the whole weekend reading

42. …in any other words,


1) Here are some letters for you and he.

2) She loves swimming. It keeps she fit.

3) Here are the cats Auntie brought us. Take good care of it.

4) Everyone here gets up earlier than her does.

5) Here is my dog. It’s name is Petty.

6) He opened mouth as if to say something.

7) Don’t lose your heart. Try again.

8) The Smiths have been married, but have no children of his own.

9) I tell him everything, for he is a good friend of me.

10) He smiled at her and laid her hand on hers.

11) When you are away from home, you should look after you.

12) If you have any question, put up hand.

13) It’s a very important thing. You must think over carefully.

14) I don’t like these; please show me some other.

15) In order to catch the thief, the police did his best.

16) This is the book which you bought it for me ten years ago.

17) I’m very sorry about all the whole thing.

18) When I got up, I found parents were preparing breakfast for me.

19) Yes, money is very important, but it is not anything.

20) At the airport, all his baggage was stolen, but soon he got them back.

21)Whom do you think is the writer of this book?

22)The population of London is twice as large as this of our city.



1. 误用介词,尤其是日期前面的介词do well at maths

2. 介词遗漏,不及物动词带宾语必须带合适的介词listen me, 特别要注意作定语用的不定式后是否缺少必

要的介词 a seat to sit

3. 介词多余: a. 及物动词后加上介词visited to our school

b. 不及物动词没有宾语而还保留着介词have much time to play with

1)insisted in staying near the car

2) caught sight at a car

3) go a long walk

4) the police were angry to them.

5) get for help from a doctor

6) books for history

7) knew about a ride down a river could be so exciting

8) It was very kind for them to meet me

9) visit China in next year

10) practise for three times every week

11) play for the team instead ourselves

12) too many people among my family 13) spent a lot time arguing

14) Thanks very much on inviting me to

15) won’t be able to come in this time

16) get much time to talk about together

17) on one night

18) fell asleep at the moment my head touched the pillow

19) spend in more time preparing for

20) feel sorry to him

21) Because so much viewing, children may not develop

22) On one year the average child will see

23) The problem was in that I always thought in Chinese

24) laugh to me and see me as a fool 25) all kinds information

26) join in the Stamp Collectors’ Club

27) have a lot on common a


1) We must serve for the people heart and soul.

2) I followed the man for a while, and saw him enter into the bank.

3) Soon the nurse married with my friend Jim.

4) I took a great many of photographs in the mountains.

5) In English class, we often talk each other in English.

6) Don’t talk. What the man says is well worth listening.

7) The chair looks hard, but it is comfortable to sit.

8) She was very kind and insisted lending her car to us.

9) I asked to her what she would be doing on Saturday.

10) Are you glad to be going to back to school?

11) On his way to home, he met one of his old friends Jack.

12) Please close the door at next time you come in.

13) Thousands of people go to the seaside in every year.

14) We can finish the work either this week or in next week.

15) We walked down the stairs instead taking the elevator.

16) We could not have heard them because the noise from the river.

17) Don’t be angry to me for not having written—I was really too busy.

18) I’ve read a lot books about animals.

19) He invited us to dinner, which was very kind for him.

20) I knew that there was no hope on the moment I saw him.

21) Don’t go by plane. It’s a lot of more expensive.

22) Except milk and cheese, we all need vegetables.

23) On my way back, I called at Mr Smith at his office.

24)Y ou must write your letter with ink.

25)A man is known to the company he keeps.

26)The field was dotted the great yellow hats of peasants.

27)Don’t approach to a work of art in such a spirit.

28)The boy was absorbed building a dam in the brook.

29)I was impressed at the zeal which he spoke of the plan.

30)The gentleman insisted at my receiving the money.

31)At last we reached to the village at the foot of the hill.

32)It is known to everyone that butter is made of milk.





1) have been taken place

2)The lecture was lasted for…3)The park was belonged to

4)the book you want has returned 5)children may be develop the habit 6)They eager to know 7)I’d like to your pen-friend

8)What your favorite sport?

9)dream of a teacher

10)I use to play ping-pong

11)I was used to watch…,but now…12)There will a game

13) There will have a game

14)go here

15) come there

16) followed her advice and should put down …

17) accepted your letter the other day

18) be keep for weeks

19) get cheating online

20) They were seeing at the seaside

21) How short our lives are comparing with…22) She lay the baby on the bed and went off.

23) he lied down

24) They have married for ages

25) I have bought it for years

26)I have borrowed it yesterday

27)When I am seven

28)came up and stop us

29)my favorite sports are swimming in summer and skate in winter

30)say a lie

31)say three languages

32)It happened while I am reading. 33)I suggested he could ask …

34)if I am you

35)I would rather you come tomorrow. 36)It’s time you go to school.

37)It’s my first time that I come here.

38) the water level raised by a meter

39) he raised and left

40) if it won’t rain tomorrow


(1)I want to know how long the book can be keep.

(2)Don‘t worry. Your child is well looking after here.

(3)All the invitations must sent out today.

(4)You are an expert on this. You might invited to speak at the meeting.

(5)The public have a right to know what in the report.

(6)What the English for this?Can anyone tell me?

(7)He says that he likes singing and that he wants to a singer.

(8)He is a nice girl. You‘re certain to happy with her.

(9)I use to play tennis a lot but I don‘t play very often now.

(10)He has changed a lot. He is not what he was used to be.

(11)It was very cold. The snow lied thick on the ground.

(12)There will have an English film in the school hall tonight.

(13)After that,the boy decided not to a sailor.

(14)After supper,my father would go out for a walk and then come back to see newspapers.




To study English well is not easy. What he said is very important for us all. Reading in the sun is bad for your eyes.


Nobody but Jim and Mike was on the playground. / She, like you and Tom, is very tall.

3)就近一致Either the teacher or the students are our friends. / Neither they nor he is wholly right. / Is neither he nor they wholly right?


He is one of my friends who are working hard. / He is the only one of my friends who is working hard.

5)表示“时间、重量、长度、价值”等的名词的复数作主语时,谓语动词通常用单数形式Thirty minutes is enough for the work.

1) Neither of the two words are correct

2) Three times five make ….

3) Four hours are enough

4) One and a half bananas are left

5) Each boy and each girl have got …

6) No sound and no voice are heard …

7) To say things are one thing

8) What he has done are of great use.

9) The professor and doctor are …

10) Bread and butter are …

11) The chemical works lie in….

12) Both coffee and beer is on sale

13) The police is after a cheat.

14) There are a pair of compasses(圆规) 15)Three million tons of coal were exported

16)The rich is for the plan, but the poor is against it. 17)Either the teacher or the students is to blame.

Either the students or the teacher are to blame. 18)The boy with his two dogs are …

No one but your parents were …

The Greens besides me likes swimming.

19)More than 70% of the earth’s surface are …20)The rest of the apple are…

The rest of the apples is .

21)Tom is one of the students who is …

Tom is the only one of the students who are…22) Our school football team are a good team.

Our football team is having lunch …


1.Only one percent of the students in the college is Party members.

2.Tom as well as two of his friends were to the concert.

3.There is a plate on the table. The knife and fork are beside it.

4.The number of the girl students in that school are smaller than that of the boy students.

5.The doctor and scientist were invited to the meeting last week.

6. Her parents were in Shanghai, and so was his.

7. As is known to us all, remembering English words are not easy.

8. The police was looking for the murderer everywhere in the city.

9. Although many of the houses in the small town are still in need of repair, there have been much improvement in their appearances.

10. It is the parents and their son who wants to buy the bicycle.

11.What he said at the meeting were very important to us.

12. you will probably want to join the Stamp Collectors’Club which exist to add more stamps to your collection.

13. Nick is looking for another job because nothing he does satisfy his boss.

14. Not every student in all the classes know the importance of mastering the English language.

15. All through his life Einstein believed fighting and killing in war were wrong.

17. Going to bed early and getting up early are a good habit.

18. Writing English and speaking it is different things.

19. The first two questions in the test paper were difficult, but the rest was easy.





1)wanted go off

2)…rather than go into the forest and getting lost 3)a path which he thought would probably leading to

a village.

4)do all of these things as well as climbed building 5)know more about health, have better food, and to live in clearer surroundings

6)It was very kind of you to meet me and drove me…7)by work hard

8)thank you again for have me in your home

9)look forward to hear from you

10)the cost of send a postcard

11)I have got used to go to get up early

12)devoted most of my time to collect

13)without have to walk around to find your books 14)spend the whole weekend read and prepare for it 15)spend the weekend reading and prepare for it 16)fed monkeys,visiting temples and told stories 17)have a meeting attend

18)there is always more mysteries look into 19)…and let you to know

20)to make children to want things

21)he was made leave the company 22)has never been heard speak ill of others 23)Play football not only makes

24)watch TV demands very little effort

25)Shake her head, she said…

26)With the old man lead the way

27) I began to enjoy talk to myself

28) don’t allow smoke

29) avoid keep company with such people

30) difficult to make himself understand by…31)We hear it say frequently

32)had better not to go

33) prefer to stay at home rather to go outside

34) prefer staying at home to go outside

35) Giving more time, I will do it better.

36) some records giving to me as birthday gifts

37) Comparing with his past, he has changed…

38) have my hair to cut

39) do all they can make sure

40) are working improve health all over the world 41)You have to (改为否定)

42)He has to (改为否定)

43)He mustn’t have done that

44) Will we do it …? 45) Shall you help me…?


(1)In those days we were forced work twelve hours a day.

(2)It’s very difficult for a foreigner learn Chinese.

(3)It was silly of you believe what he said.

(4)He was made wash the boss’ car once a day.

(5)I‘ll let you to know as soon as I hear from her.

(6)I waved to her but failed attract her attention.

(7)I have already seen the film twice. I don‘t want see it any more. (8)What I want know is when all this happened.

(9)It was clear that he wanted be alone.

(10)Most children are interested in listen to stories.

(11)Walk quickly is difficult for an old man.

(13)Be careful in cross the street.

(14)The film is very interesting. It is worth see twice.

(15)Find work is very difficult these days.

(16)Most of us students enjoy ask questions in English.

(17)Look,some of my classmates are practising speak English over there.

(18)Teach a child to sing and dance is very interesting.

(19)Learn to speak English is more difficult than to write it.

(20)My friend Jim is very good at making things and repair things.

(21)He decided to go to the south,find a good job and living there.

(22)It was very kind of you to buy us some much fruit and seeing us at the station.

(23)Excuse me,would you to tell me the way to the zoo?

(24) Everyone is here. Should we start the meeting?

(25) He must have finished the work yesterday, but he didn't.

(26 ) ─Must we finish the composition in class? ─No, you mustn't.

(27) We mustn’



2. 检查连接词是否误用,要根据从句中的作用与成分而定,尤其是that和what。

That he really means is what he doesn’t agree with us.

3. 宾语从句与主句的时态是否呼应Could you tell me which was the way to the Science Museum?

4. 主语从句、宾语从句后置时,作形式主语形式宾语要使用it

I think that worthwhile that we spent so much money on these books.

That is hard to decide when and where we will hold our sports meeting.

5. if只用于宾语从句中表示“是否”,而whether可用于各种名词性从句。

If we will have a meeting hasn't been decided yet.

(注:if 可用于条件状语从句中作“如果”解,谓语动词通常用一般现在时代替一般将来时,而名词性从句中没有此要求)I don't know if he come back this month. If he come, wake me up.

6.同位语从句和定语从句混淆,致使引导词用错。The news which our team had won pleased everyone.

7. 注意含the reason句子中从句的引导词。The reason he failed in the exam was because he was too careless.

1. When and where we shall have the lecture are not decided.

2. They want to make it clear to the public which they do an important job.

3. He ordered that the injured must be taken good care of.

4. It is unknown that where we will have the meeting.

5. This is a fact that English is widely used as an international language.

6. What the earth moves around the sun is known to all.

7. The news they had won the game surprised us.

8. It depends on if the weather is suitable for us to do it.

9. At the meeting he raised a question if the project would be cancelled.

10. That you need is more practice.

11. If he is an engineer is unknown.

12. Only when he come, am I able to know whether he attend the meeting or not .

13. No matter who comes to visit the exhibition is welcome.

14. The question is if he himself will be present at the meeting.

15. He asked me if or not I could go with him

16. What he needs are enough time.

17. what I need is enough books.

18. Everybody considers it impossible which he wants to finish the job in such a short time.

19. It doesn’t matter that you will come or not.

20. He was late for school this morning. That was why the bell didn’t ring off.

21. The bell didn’t ring off.That was because he was late for school.

22. The reason is because he is ill.

23. I have been worrying about if I have hurt her feelings.

24. I’ll make known to all that you were not honest.

25. I found that quite pleasant that I worked with him.

26. He is said that he has gone to America.

27. My suggestion is that we will learn more words by heart.

28. Why we decided to put off the meeting is because we had some difficulty in preparing it.



The first passengers had left the sinking ship were women and children.


The technicians took a single day to complete the work I had planned to finish it within a week.

All of a sudden the lights went out in the dinning-room, where the guests were having dinner there.


In class our teacher spoke to us about the w riter and his works which were still unknown to us all.

④关系代词与关系副词的误用,尤其注意定语从句中含有visit 和spend 作谓语动词的句子。

I shall never forget those years which I lived in the farm with you.

I shall never forget those years when I spent in the farm with you.


Something unexpected happened to his family, this made it necessary for him to stop school and work in society.

I decided to write Chaplin, one of his films I had seen seven years before.


I don’t think it is the only one of the best films that have ever been shown this year.

⑦定语从句与强调句型误用。It was not until 1979 when he got happily back to work.


The boss whose department Ms King worked ten years ago look down upon women.


1.These who have plenty of money will help their friend.

2.This is the longest train which I have ever seen.

3.Which we all know, swimming is a very good sport.

4.I was fascinated by the modern village where I visited last week.

5.The radio set which I bought it last week has gone wrong.

6.He paid the boy $10 for washing ten windows, most of them hadn’t bee n cleaned fot at least a year.

7.The day will come which the people all over the world will win liberation.

8.Mr. Herpin is one of the foreign experts who is working in China.

9.They talked for about an hour of things and persons who they remembered in the school.

10.My glasses, with which I was like a blind man, fell to the ground and broke.

11.He is a man of great experience, from who much can be learned.

12.A harvester is a machine with which we harvest crops or a person which is harvesting.

13.I have bought the same dress which she is wearing.

14.In the police station I saw the man from which room the thief had stolen the TV set.

15.Chapin, for who money was now no problem , start a new film company with his friends.

16.Please put the letter which he can easily find it.

17.The house in the front of which there is a big tree was built more than 1000 years ago.

18.Antarctic ,which we know very little is covered with thick ice all the year round.

19.The reason why I was away from school is because I was ill yesterday.

20.It was a meeting that importance I didn’t realize at that time.

21. I don’t like the way which you speak to her.

22.They have decided to stay at home, that is , I think ,a wise choice.

23.All the apples which fell down were eaten by the pigs.

24.Did you see the man whom I nodded just now ?

25.I, who is your good friend, will try my best to help you.

21.She was the one I met at the party , whom you knew.

22.They have decided to stay at home, that is , I think ,a wise choice.

23.All the apples which fell down were eaten by the pigs.

24.Did you see the man whom I nodded just now ?

25. The visitor asked the guide to take his picture there stands the famous tower.

31.She heard a terrible noise , as brought her heart into her mouth.

32.His parents wouldn’t let him marry anyone whom family was poor.

33.The weather turned out to be very good, that was more than we could expect.

34.After living in Paris for fifty years he returned to the small town which he grew up as a child.

35.I shall never forget those years which I lived in the country with the farmers.

37.Dorothy was always speaking highly of her role in the play, who ,of course , made the others unhappy.

38.Recently I bought an ancient Chinese vase , the price of whose was very reasonable.

39.Which has already been pointed out , grammar is not a set of dead rules.

40.He lived in London for 3 months , during that time he learned some English.



It has been five years when we graduated, but those memories are as sweet as ever before.

I felt so nervous as I shook like a leaf.

②状语从句与并列句的混淆(but与though, although 不能同时用)。

In the past few years when we’ve planted thousands of trees along the river.

Though I was very careful, but I still made some mistake.

③状语从句和强调句的混淆。It was about noon we arrived at the foot of the mountain.

It was at about noon when we arrived at the foot of the mountain.


When they will come, I will tell them the news.

⑤比较状语从句中比较对象不一致The playground of our school is larger than of their school.

模拟单句演练: 1. The children were running on the playground as fast as they can.

2. Since her husband had died,so she had to support her family.

3. He won't go out until his parents will come back home.

4. He was very foolish that he didn't pass such an easy exam.

5. The streets in Nanjing are wider than in Shanghai.

6. It was three months since he came to our school.

7. Whatever there is plenty of sun and rain,the fields are green.

8. She sings songs as if she is a bird.

9. At the airport where all the baggage must be examined.

10. We will go out for a walk every evening if it rains.

11. We become more and more impatient of interruptions when the years go on.

12. It was not until it began to rain when I noticed his umbrella left in my car.

13. Y ou’ll be permitted to bring a watch so that you may keep track of the time during you are taking the test.

14. We must eat for we may live.


的连词,构成并列句或主从复合句。并列句应该检查并列连词的使用是否正确,主要用的并列连词有and, or, but, so, for.

模拟单句演练: 1. There may not be much choice between this one or that.

2. Which do you like better, coffee and black tea?

3. We tried to fix it and there was nothing we could do.

4. I told Mother, Father, Sister, all my friends here what a great time I had.

5. It is a very important exam but I can’t afford to fail it.

6. She was smiling but nodding at me.

7. It looks as if my parents treat me as a visitor and a guest.

8. The food was expensive and the service was good. (and 改为but,此处意义发生转折) (全国卷)

9. I’m the captain of our school team so with my fellow players we’ve won several games.

10. My grandma was the best cook in the world but could make the most delicious dishes.

11. Clever as she is, but she works very hard.三、

12. Do you want a bath at once, and shall I have mine first?

13. Hurry up, and you’ll be late for school.

14. She never said she was rich, and she was.

15. Mr. Smith worked very hard so without any success.

16. Everyone asked me to go, but I went.



2. 不该用倒装的部分用了倒装,应该去掉助动词Out did rushed the children.

3. 倒装句中的主谓一致Here come the bus.

4. 省略句中不能省略的词,常见有to, have, be Jack didn’t pass the math test,but he still hopes.

5.句子省略后导致比较对象不一致, 省略部分的逻辑主语与主句主语不一致

The weather in Beijing is much colder than in Guangzhou. Though tiring,he was not disheartened.

1) Only in this way you study English well. 2) Only after he had finished his homework he allowed to watch TV.

3) I am kind. Such is he. 4) I am not cruel. Not is he.

5) Not only she sing well, but also she dances well. 6) Never have he done a bad thing.

7) If his wife doesn’t go to the party, neither does Joe. 8) Not until then I know that I was wrong.

9) Little he care about what others think. 10) I saw the film last week. So does she.

11)There stand a tree in front of my house. 12)Beilun isn’t what she used to.