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Mad Men season1-01

Mad Men(第一季第一集)


waiter:Finished, sir?

draper:Yeah. Hey, do you have a light?

Old Gold man(黄金时代), huh? Lucky Strike(幸福时光) here

May I ask a question? why do you smoke Old Gold?

restaurant manager:I?m sorry, sir. Is Sam here bothering you? He can be a little chatty.

draper:No, we?re actually just having a conversation. Is that ok?

restaurant manager:Can I get you another drink?

draper:Yeah. Do this again. Old-fashioned(古典鸡尾酒), please.

So you obviously need to relax after working here all night.

waiter:I guess. I don?t know.

draper:But what is it? I mean, low-tar(焦油量低)? Those new filters(新款滤嘴)?

Why…I mean…why Old Gold?

waiter:They gave? em to us in the service a carton a week for free.

draper:So you?re used to … em, is that it?

waiter:They are a habit.

draper:I could never get you to try another brand…say, my Luckies?

waiter:I love my Old Golds.

draper:All right ,Well, let?s just say tomorrow a tobacco weevil(象鼻虫) comes and eats every last Old Gold on the planet.

waiter:That?s a sad story.

draper:It?s a tragedy. Would you just stop smoking?

waiter:I think I could find something. I love smoking.

draper:”I love smoking.”That?s very good.

waiter:My wife hates it. Reader?s Digest says it will kill you.

draper:Yeah, I heard about that.

waiter:Ladies love their magazines

draper:Yes, they do.(没错)


女人:You weren?t worried about waking me, were you?

draper:Am I interrupting anything?

女人:Mmm, no. You?re lucky. I?m still up working. And I?m alone.

draper:How?s it going?

女人:They invented something called Grandmother?s Day.

That ought to keep me busy drawing puppies(小狗) for a few months. draper:Can I run a few ideas past you? (能跟你说说我的想法吗?)

女人:Does that mean what I think it means?(你要说的和我想的是一样的吗?) because I?m familiar with most of your ideas.

draper:I?m having a situation with my cigarette account.(我那个香烟的企划案遇上了点麻烦)

女人:Wow, you really are here to talk.(你还真是来找我倒苦水的)

draper:The Trade Commission is cracking down on all of our health claims.(贸易委


女人:I get Reader?s Digest.

This is the same scare you had five years ago.(五年前你也碰到过这种情况)

You dealt with it.(你处理得很好)

I know I slept a lot better knowing doctors smoke.

draper:well, that?s just it. The whole “safer cigarette? thing is over.(香烟无害论泡汤了)

No more doctors, no more testimonials,(不再需要医生,不再需要健康证明) no more cough-free(不用再说他可以保护你的T型区), soothes your T-zone(而且不会引起咳嗽)

low-tar, low-nicotine, filter tip.(低焦油,地低尼古丁,过滤嘴) nothing(什么都没有了)

all I have is a crush-proof box.(只剩下一个空香烟盒)

and “four out of five dead people smoke your brand”(和“百分之八十的人死于吸食此烟”)

女人:is this the part where I say, “Don Draper is the greatest ad man ever, and his big, strong brain will find a way to lead the sheep to the slaughterhouse.” (把羊送入屠宰场)

draper:I don?t want to go to school tomorrow.

女人:You gonna pitch to me or not? (你是在跟我撒娇吗?)

draper:Midge, I?m serious. I have nothing. I am over. (我什么都想不出,我江郎才尽了)

And finally they?re gonna know it. Next time you see me, there will be a bunch of young executives picking meat off my ribs.(你会看到一群年轻的策划人在撕扯我肋骨上的肉)

That?s a pretty picture. (好一番景象啊)

What?s your secret? (你心里是怎么想的)

女人:nine different ways to say…”I love you, grandma”__(好吧,脱衣服,接吻···) Scene3

draper:we should get married.

女人:you think I?d make a good ex-wife?(你是不是觉得我做前妻还挺不错的) draper:I?m serious. You have your own business. (你事业有成)

You don?t mind when I c ome over. (也不介意我什么时候过来)

What size Cadillac do you take? (你想要哪款凯迪拉克)

女人:you know the rules. I don?t make plans, and I don?t make breakfast. (你知道我的,不对未来做长远打算,也不做早饭)

draper:Sterling is having the tobacco people in nine hours, and I have nothing.

女人:people love smoking. There is nothing you, the Trade Commission, or Reader?s Digest can do to change that.

draper:there is this kid who comes by my office every day, looks where he is gonna put his plants.

女人:is he handsome?


23, UH,not rhgt away, pal, could you take the long way up?

I am really enjoying the view here ,

You going to Campbell`s bachelor party?

Yeah, I want to be there before they tie an anchor around his neck and

Drag him out to sea.

I hear she`s nice girl. Eh, who wants that?.

What did you do that for? She`ll probably be assigned to one of us

Then she`ll know what she`s in for .besides, you got to let them know

What kind of guy you are.

Then they`ll know what kind of girl to be .i have a feeling we won`t be going to your bachelor party soon.

Yeah, well, compared to Campbell, i`m a boy scout

Excuse me , is he expecting you ? he`s not expecting anything.

Oh, honey, don`t worry, i`ll get home safely ,I have an important appointment right now , so why don`t you go shopping or something?

Take your mother to lunch, tell her it was my idea.

Wow, he`s good, it`s just a bachelor party ,dear,

No, I really don`t know what they have planned,

But judging from the creative brain power around here,

We`ll probably end up seeing my fair lady.i`ll tell you what

I`ll drop by your place on my way home , your mother can check under

My fingernails, of course I love you , i`m giving up my life to be with you , aren`t i? what a great gal.tell ya ,boys, she stole my heart.

And her old Mr draper`s loaded.

Now, this is the executive floor , it should be organized, but it`s not

So you`ll find account executives, and creative executives all mixed in together. Please don`t ask me the difference.great.hopefully,if you follow my lead, you can avoid some of the mistakes i`ve made here.

Hello, joan, like that one , so how Mr drapery trains did it take you ?

Only one, but I got up very early .

In acouple of yuears with the right moves,you`ll be in the city, with the rest of us.

Of course ,if you really make the right moves,you`ll be out in the country

And you won`t be going to work at all,you`ll be here just across the

Aisle from me .

We`ll both take care of mr draper for the time being.

I don`t know what your goals are , but don`t overdo with the perfume

Keep a fifth or something in your desk ,

Mr, draper drinks rye. also, invest in some aspirin, band-aids.

And a needle and thread,

Rye is Canadian , right?

You better find it out, he may act like he wants a secretary.

But most of the time , they`re looking for something between a mother and

A Waitress, and the rest of time ,well….go home, take a paper bag.

And cut some eyeholes out of it, put it over your head, get undressed

And look at yourself in the mirror, really evaluate where your

Strengths and weaknesses are , and be honest.

I always try to be honest

Good for you ,

Now, try not to be overwhelmed by all this technology

It looks complicated. But the men who designed it made it Simple enough for woman to use. I sure hope so ,

At lunch , pick up a box of chocolates, a dozen carnations, and

Some bath salts. I`ll explain later.

Thank you ,miss Holloway, you`re really wonderful for looking

Out for me this way , it`s joan, and listen , don`t take this the wrongway , but a girl like you ,with those darling little ankles,

I`d find a way to make`em sing, also men love scarves,good morning

Mr draper, oh and mr , sterling, how are you >? Morning, girls

You look like a hundred bucks, long night? It`s not this tobacco thing

Is it? It`s been on my mind. Yeah, well, I should hope so ,

Lee garner, his father, the whole lucky strike family will be here at 4

You worried?, no

If I was worried, i`d ask you what you`ve got

But i`m not , so i`m just going to assume you`ve got something.

Which means you should be worried. So you came here because

You wanted to watch me get dressed?

No , iwanted to make sure you were here,

In body, give me about a half hour for the rest of it.

How do I put this? Have we ever hired any jews?

Not on my watch that`s very funny, it`s not what I meant,

We`ve got an Italian, salvator, my director.

That won`t work, sorry

Most of the jewish guys work for the jewish firms

Yeah, I know , selling Jewish products to jewish people.

That`s very good

It`s just that our 11.00 is with menken`s department store,

And I wish we had someone to make them feel,,, comfortable.

You want me to run down to the deli and grab somebody?

You missed a button

Look at you, gidget. still trying to fill out that bikini?

Summer`s coming ,without the medical claims, all we have is A White box with a red spot on it, my neighbor posed for that.

Believe me , he always looks very relaxed, of course ,he doesn`t smoke. Had him hold a pencil.

if I know these guys, you`re better off with a little sex appeal , can you give me a woman in a bathing suit. put her next to your guy?

A sexy girl? I can do that.

give you a chance to get a real model.

Ho ,I love my work , speaking of sexy girls, are you going to pete`s bachelor party? I`m not really big on those things.

tell me about it, it`s so embarrassing If a girl`s gonna shake it in my face , I want to be alone so I can do something.

Should we drink before the meeting or after? Or both?

So ,,, that`s it, hah? Relax? Don`t be short with me ,

You`re the writer, I thought it was worth a try.

Greta guttman is here to see you.

sent her in

Oh great, now we get to hear from our man in research

Mr draper, Mr romano. You both seemed more relaxed than I expected, Do you have some kind of surprise for the tobacco people?

i`m doing my own research ,

Mr draper ;if you`re planning to continue with medical testimony. You`ll only be inviting further government interference. We must police ourselves,

there`s your slogan

the medical thing is dead, we understand that,

yes , dead, an apt choice of words, considering the public Is convinced that cigarettes are poisonous, if we can`t insist that they`re not, I believe my most recent surveys have provided a solution ,we can still suggest that cigarettes are part of American life, or too good to give up, or most appealing, an assertion of independence,

so , basically, if you love danger, you`ll love smoking,

we can put a skull and crossbones on the label, I love it

before the war, when I studied with adler in vienna, We postulated that, what freud called the death wish is as Powerful a drive, as those for sexual reproduction and physical sustenance

freud, you said? What agency is he with?

So we`re supposed to believe that people are all living one way and secretly thinking the exact opposite? that`s ridiculous.

let me tell you something , miss guttman.


dr, guttman. Psychology might be great at cocktail parties, but it so happens that people were buying cicarettes, before freud was born. the issue here Isn`t why should people smoke, it`s why should people smoke lucky strike. suggesting that our customers have a…what did you call it? A death wish? I just don`t see that on billboard,so what if digest says they`re dangerous? They also said bambi was the book of the century. there is no proof ,

there`s conclusive proof, that none of these low-tar, low-nicotine, or filtration systems, have any effect on the incidences of lung cancer.

Just give me the damn report.

I think you?ll find it very convincing.

I am sure I will. You are the one who found all of our medical testimonials in the first place.

That is true, mr draper, but I…

Has anyone seen this?

Of course not. It is your account.


I don?t wanna hear about it any more.

I am sorry. I just find your whole approach perverse.

Good luck at the meeting. I am sure it will be a quick one.

Sal, I will take that drink now.

Mr. draper. Excuse me. Mr. draper. I am sorry to wake you, but mr. campell is outside.

He doesn?t know I am sleeping in here, does he?

No, sir.

That?s good. Who are you?

I am peggy olsen, the new girl.

Can you go out there and entertain him?

I know it is my first day. And I don?t wanna seem uncooperative. But do I have to? See your point.

I brought you some aspirin.

Send him in.

You look like a hundred bucks. Ready to go sweet-talk to some retail jews?

You are tough to take first thing in the morning, pete.

I?ve never had any complaints. Speaking of which, who …s your little friend here? She …s the new girl. You always get the new girl. Management gets all the perks.

Where are you from, honey?

Miss deaver?s secretarial school.

Top notch. But I meant where are you from? Are you amish or something?

No, I am from Brooklyn.

Well, you are in the city now. it wouldn?t be a sin for us to see your legs. And if you pull your waist in, you might look a little bit like a woman.

It that all, mr. draper?

Hey, I am not done here. I am working my way up.

That will be all. Peggy, right?

Yes. Oh, and it is time for your 11:00 meeting.

Oh, and sorry about mr. Campbell here. He left his manners back at the fraternity house.

She?s a little young for you, draper.

The future mrs. Campbell is a very lucky woman. When is the wedding again? Sunday. Did ken tell you about the bachelor party tonight?

He sure did.

So do I get the first track at her? Word is she took down more sailors than the Arizona. How old are you, pete?

I just turned 26.

I bet the whole world looks like one great big brassiere strap, just waiting to be

snapped, huh?

You are good with words, draper.

Campbell, we?re both men here. So I am gonna be direct.

Christ, are you already sleeping with her?

Advertising is a very small world. And when you do something like malign the reputation of a girl from the steno pool on her first day, you make it smaller.

Keep it up, and even if you do get my job, you?ll never run this place. You?ll die in that corner office, a mid-level executive with a little bit of hair, who women go home with out of pity. Wanna know why? Cause no one will like you.

Oh, here are our miracle workers now. you know pete Campbell, of course. Your account executive if you choose to do business with us. And this handsome fellow is don draper, the best creative director in new York.

Well, at least the building. Pleasure to meet you.

Oops, sorry about that.

I am Rachel menken,

Oh ,sorry. I was expecting…

You were expecting me to be a man. My father was, too.

And you are?

Why, don, you remember david cohen from the art department.

Of course, david. One of those rising stars here at sterling cooper.

Well, why don?t we make ourselves comfortable? And miss menken, you can tell us what you have in mind.


That?s very subtle.

Isn?t that your shirt?

Had to go all the way to the mailroom. But I found one.

So you must be peggy olsen. Joan Holloway sent you over. Great girl. How was joan? She sends her regards.

She?s a lot fun. Must be scream to work with her.

Yes, it?s pretty terrific.

Try to make yourself comfortable.relax.

I see from your chart, and your finger. That you are not married.

That?s right.

And yet you are interested in the contraceptive pills.

Well, I was..

No reason to be nervous. Joan sent you maybe cause I am not here to judge you.

There is nothing wrong with a woman being practical about the possibility of sexual activity. Spread your knees.

That?s good to hear.

Although as a doctor. I …d like to think that putting a woman in this situation is not

goona turn her into some kind of strumpet. Slide your fanny towards me. I am not gonna bite. I?ll warn you now, I will take you off this medicine if you abuse it. It?s for your own good, really. But the fact is, even in our modern times, easy women don?t find husbands.

I understand, dr. emerson. I really am a very responsible person.

Well, I am sure you?re not that kind of girl. Now , joan…I am just kidding along here.

You can get dressed. I am gonna write you a prescription for enovid. They?re $11 a month. but don?t think that you have to go out and become the town pump just to get your money?s worth. Excuse my French.

So what don is saying is that through a variety of media, including a spot during the danny Thomas show, if you can afford it, we could really boost awareness. Then, a 10% off coupon in select ladies?magazines will increase your first time visitors. Once we get them into the store, the rest is kind of up to you.

Mr. draper. Our store is 60 years old. We share a wall with tiffay?s. honestly, a coupon?

Miss menken, coupons work. I think your father would agree with the strategy.

He might, but he?s not here because we just had our lowest sales year ever. So I suppose what I think matters most right now. miss menken, why did you come here? There are dozen other agencies better suited to your needs.

If I wanted some men who happened to be from the same village as my father to manage my account, I would have stayed where I was. Their research favors coupons, too.

It?s not just research, miss menken. Housewives love coupons.

I am not interested in housewives.

What kind of people do you want?

I want your kind of people, mr. draper. People who don?t care about coupons.

Whether or not they can afford it, people who are coming to the store because it is expensive.

We obviously have very different ideas.

Yes, like the customer is always right? Gentlemen, I really thought you could do better than this. Sterling cooper has a reputation for being innovative.

Miss, you are way out of line.

Don, please. Let?s not get emotional here. There is no reason we can?t talk this out. Talk out what? This silly idea? That people are gonna come to some store they?ve never been to because it?s more expensive?

It works for chanel.

Menkens is not chanel.

That?s a vote of confidence?

What don?s saying is, chanel is a very different kind of place. It is French, it?s continental, it?s…

Not just another jewish department store?


You were right, roger. This place really runs on charm.

This is ridiculous.


I am not gonna let a woman talk to me like this. This meeting is over. Good luck, miss


Hey don. I don?t blame you. She was way out of line. Heading money and education doesn?t take the rude head off people.

Roger?s not gonna happy, so I guess that?s good for you.

I am not gonna pretend I don?t want your job, but you were right. I am not great with

people, and you are. I mean, not counting that meeting we were just in. so I am kind of counting on you to help me out. There?s plenty of room at the top. Look, I am sorry I was so hard on you before. It is just this damn tobacco thing.

You?ll think of something. A man like you, I …d follow into combat blindfolded. And I wouldn?t be the first. Am right, buddy?

Let?s take it a little slower. I don?t wanna wake up pregnant.

Fuck you.

Dr. emerson?s a dream, isn?t he?

He seemed nice.

He has a place in south Hampton. I am not saying that I?ve seen it, but it?s beautiful.

Now don?t be nervous. But this is the nerve center of the office. You and your boss rely on the willing and cheethe cooperation of a few skilled employees.

Never snap, yell, or be sarcastic with them. And above all, always be a supplicant. I know you girls are busy, but we?ve got a new one. Peggy, this is marge, Nanette, and ivy. I brought you some things. I guess a sort of getting to know your gift.

Well, aren?t you a sweetheart. If I know joan, the candy?s for me. Joan, you?re not fair.

You know she has to lose 8 pounds by the Christmas party.

I think you look great.

Yeah, because I am sitting down.

You can come and visit any time you want, honey. Who does she work for?

Don draper.

They got rid of Eleanor?

She moved on. Draper was n?t interested.

Well, she couldn?t get a call through.

Rude little thing.

We see that you?ve got your hands full. Don?t want to be a bother.

Nice meeting you.

Hey, you have great legs. I bet you mr. draper would like them if he could see them. Sterling cooper. How may I direct your call?


Father: I just don?t know what we have to do to make these government?s antilogs happy.(才能让自相矛盾的政府高兴)They tell us to make a safer cigarette, we do it. And then suddenly that?s not good enough. (突然间又说不够好)

Son: might as well be living in Russia.

Father: damn straight. (一语中的)

You know, this morning I got a call from my competitors at Brown & Williamson, (布朗威廉森母公司) and they?re getting sued by the Federal government.(被联邦政府起诉)Because of the health claims they made.

经理:Yeah, we?re aware of that, Mr. Garner, but y ou have to realize that through the manipulation of the mass media, the public is under the impression that your cigarettes are linked to …certain fatal diseases.(大众媒体的操控使得公众脑海中有种印象,认为你的香烟跟一些致命疾病有关联)

Father: manipulation of the media? Hell, that?s what I p ay you for. Our product is fine.

I smoke myself.

Son: my granddad smoked. He died at 95 years old. He was hit by a truck.

经理:I understand. But our hands are tied. (我明白,但我们束手无策) We are no longer allowed to advertise that Lucky Strikes are safe.

Father: so what the hell are we gonna to do? We?ve already funded our own tobacco research center to put this whole rumor to rest. (平息这些谣言)

经理: and that?s a very good start. But it may not affect the sales.

Don, I think maybe that?s your cue. (唐,我想改到你力挽狂澜的时候了) Dan: well, I have been, uh…thinking quite a bit about this,

and I mean, you know I?m a Lucky Strike man from way back, so… (老早就开始抽这个牌子)

I might have a solution. At sterling cooper, we?ve been pioneering at the burgeoning

field research. And our analysis shows that the health risks associated with your product is not the end of the world. People get in their cars every day to go to work, and some of them die. Cars are dangerous. There is nothing you can do about it. You still have to get where you?re going. Cigarettes are exactly the same. So why don?t we simply say, so what if cigarettes are dangerous, you are a man, the world is dangerous. Smoke your cigarette, you still have to get where you?re going.

That?s very interesting. I mean, if cigarettes were dangerous, It would be interesting. Except they aren?t. that?s your slogan? You?re going to die anyway, die with us? Actually, it?s a fairly well-established psychological principle that society has a death wish. And if we could just tap into that, the market potential is…

What the hell are you talking about? Are you insane? I am not selling rifles here. I am in the tobacco business. We?re selling America. The Indians gave it to us, for shit?s sake.

Come on, dad. Let?s get out of here. The bright spot is at least we know if we have this problem, everybody has this problem.

Gentlemen, before you leave, can I just say something?

I don?t know, don. Can you?

The federal trade commission and reader?s digest have done you a favor. They?ve let

you know that any ad that brings up the concept of cigarettes and health together…well, it?s just gonna make people think of cancer.

Yes, and we?re grateful to them.

But what lee junior said it right. You can?t make those health claims, neither can your competitors.

So we?ve got a lot of people not saying anything that selling cigarettes.

Not exactly. This is the greatest advertising opportunity since the invention of serial.

We have six identical companies making six identical products. We can say anything we want. How do you make your cigarettes?

I don?t know.

Shame on you. We breed insect-repellent tobacco seeds, plant them in the north Carolina sunshine, grow it, cut it, cure it ,toast it…

There you go.

But everybody else?s tobacco is toasted.

No, everybody else?s tobacco is poisonous. Lucky strikes is toasted.

Well, gentlemen, I don?t think I have to tell you what you just witnessed here.

I think you do.

Advertising is based on one thing- happiness. And you know what happiness is?

Happiness is the smell of a new car, is freedom from fear, it?s the billboard on the side of the road that screaming and really insurance of that whatever you?re doing…it?s ok. You?re okay.

It?s toasted. I get it.

You had me worried. I don?t know if you were drunk or not drunk. But that was inspired.

For the record, I pulled it out of thin air. So thank you, up there.

You?re looking in the wrong direction. So now that I have got you in the afterglow here, what do you say you reconsider this presidential campaign?

I don?t know, bunting and babies? That?s hard work. I don?t want to make hash of it. Modesty, that?s adorable. Consider the product. He?s young, handsome, navy hero.

Honestly, it shouldn?t be too difficult to convince American dick Nixon is a winner.

Dr. draper, you?ve got visitors.

Could you be a little more specific, honey?

We heard you saved the day?

Oh, thank you, boys. I appreciate it.

I told them how amazing you were. I am still tingling.

Well, It looks like you are all going to engage in a little mid-level comradery. So I?ll be on my way. Don, thanks again for the home run.

I?d love to come through.

Speaking of which, any chance you could patch things up with Rachel menken? Any way you can be as charming as I said you were?

Haven?t you had enough of my magic for one day?

She?s worth $3 million.

You?re a whore.

Peggy, could she get us a little more ice?

Yes, mr. draper?

Just a minute. Gentlemen, I think this party is gonna have to move elsewhere.

Move wherever you want, but it?s 5:15. The bachelor party?s underway.

I don?t know.

Come on ,don. All hands on deck.

Aren?t you gonna help give pete his big sendoff?

Maybe next time.

Come on, guys. Don will join us later, right, don?

If greta?s research was any good, I would have used it.

What are you talking about?

I am saying I had a report just like that. And it sounds like there?s some magic machine that makes identical copies of things.

I still think she was right.

Have a great night, pete. Congratulations.

I heard you were amazing in the meeting.

Fear stimulates my imagination.

I just want to thank you for a great first day. And for, you know, standing up for me with mr. Campbell.

First of all, peggy, I am your boss, not your boyfriend. Second of all, you ever let pete Campbell go through my trash again, you won?t be able to find a job selling sandwiches in pan station.

He said he left his fountain pen in here. I didn?t knowl. I hope you do n?t think I am that kind of girl.

Of course not. Go home, put your curls in. we?ll get a fresh start tomorrow. Oh, and peggy, I need to place a call.

I want to see you here every 15 minutes, whether you have drinks or not.

Uh, every five minutes.

Let’s live here.

Better do more than look tonight.

Do you have a girlfriend, salvatore?

Come on, i am italian.

Is there some kind of party here?

How did you swing it?

The work at the automat.

He pressed a button, and they came out.

I hope we’re not interrupting anything.

Definitely not.

Well, i have the best seat. What are we drinking?

More of whatever’s making you the way you are.

I love this place. It’s hot, loud, and filled with men.

I know what you mean.

Oh my god. I can already feel it.

I have a feeling you like this all the time.

I like to laugh.

Is that right?

Now, you stop that.

You said you like to laugh.

I mean it.

It’s...it’s too

too delicious.

Hey, i said stop it. What do you think you’re doing?

You know exactly.

Um,you know what, girls? I think we should go.

Oh, come on.

You’re hurting me.

I’ll be good.

Buy the girls whatever they want.

So, uh. What do you fellas do?

You are looking at the finest ad men in new york. Hell, the world.

For the lady, a special mai tai and one whiskey neat.

So, you’re going to ply me with drinks and convince me what a terrible mistake i am making.

That’s quite a drink.

You got in trouble, didn’t you?

I shouldn’t have lost my temper, and i certainly shouldn’t have treated you like anything less than a client.

Apology accepted.

So you understand.

Now i do.

It was uh, refreshing, really. I mean, actually hearing all the things i always assumed people is thinking.

Well, i am not really as bad as all that. I was under a lot of pressure. Another account. Doesn’t really matter.

No, it doesn’t.

So, without making things worse, can i ask you a personal question?

Don’t you wat to get a second drink for me first?

Why aren’t you married?

Are you asking what’s wrong with me?

It’s just that you’re a beautiful, educated woman. Don’t you think that getting

married and having a family would make you happier than all the headaches that go along with...fighting people like me?

If i weren’t a woman, i would be allowed to ask you the same question. And if i weren’t a woman, i wouldn’t have to choose between putting on an apron and the thrill of making my father’s store whatever i thought it should be.

So that’s it. You won’t get married because you find business to be a throw. That..and i’ve never been in love.

So she won’t get married because she’s never been in love.

I think i wrote that once to sell nylons.

For a lot of people, love isn’t just a slogan.

Oh, you mean love. You mean the big lighting bolt to the heart where you can’t eat and you can’t work. And you just run off and get married and make babies. The reason you haven’t felt it is because it doesn’t exist. What you call love was invented by guys like me to sell nylons.

It that right?

I am pretty sure about it. You’re born alone, and you die alone. And this world just drops a bunch of rules on you to make you forget those facts. But i never forget. I am living like there’s no tomorrow...because there isn’t one.

I don’t think i realized it until this moment. But it must be hard being a man, too. Excuse me?

Mr. Draper.


Mr. Draper, i don’t know what it is you really believe in, but i do know what it feels like to be out of place, to be disconnected. To see the whole world laid out in front of you. The way other people live it. There is something about you that tells me you know it, too.

I don’t know if that’s true. You want another drink?

No. But you can tell your boss that you charmed me.

So i guess we’ll be seeing each other again.

I’ll be back in the office Monday morning, for a real meeting.

I’d like that.

We’re not buying anything.

Actually, for the first time today, i am not selling anything. Does peggy live here? Hold on. Do you know him?

It’s ok, marjorie. We work together.

He’s really drunk.

It’s ok, marjorie.

So what are you doing?

Nothing. Just, uh, sitting in my room listening to records,

I am getting married on Sunday.

I heard that.

You must think i am a creep.

Why are you here?

I wanted to see you tonight.


I had to see you.


Yeah, peg?

I am going to bed now.

I called the office, they said you’d left.

I didn’t want to bother you.

It’s no bother.

I just assumeed you were staying in the city again. There’s plate in the oven. Unless you’re not hungry.

I am not. I will be right back. Don’t move.