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The Agricultural Feast take s place after the Independence Day. It is not a worldwide celebration. Only Christian s in Mexico look forward to its arrival for its religious origin: Long ago, humans’ ancestor s were bad. They fool ed and play ed tricks on each other and never kept their word. So God turn ed up and drown ed all their crops. Humans starve d day and night, weep ing. In order to gain God’s forgiveness, a woman poet set off to see God. She admire d God and kept apologizing. God was moved. With his permission, humans finally had good harvest s again. So, to wipe sadness and remind themselves of the belief in God, people began the festival.

On the festival, people gather in open air, such as playgrounds or parking lot s, and energetic ally have fun with each other all night long, as though they were never tired. When a beauty dress ed up in lovely clothing reads poems in memory of the poet, everyone hold s their breath. Then, it is the custom that the bone of a rooster head is given to her as an award.

Obvious ly, the story is not true, but the festival is interesting.





UNIT 2.Balanced Diet 平衡膳食

Wang Peng earn ed his living by running a barbecue restaurant, which served delicious bacon, fried chicken breast and mutton roast ed with pepper and garlic. But his food and discount attracted fewer and fewer customer s. Finally, he was in debt. Yong Hui’s slim ming restaurant served fresh pea s, carrot s, eggplant s, and raw cucumber s with vinegar. As the hostess, she said fibre s benefit ed customers' digestion the most. In order not to let Yong Hui get away with tell ing lies, Wang Peng spied on Yong Hui despite her glare. But he was surprised that she was losing her customers, too.

Curiosity drove Wang Peng to consult an expert. The expert sigh ed and said, “Both of your menus have weakness and limited strength. Your customers put on weight too easily, while Yong Hui’s lose weight too quickly. So, Wang Peng, cut down the fat of your food and increase vegetables and fruits, like nut s, bean s, mushroom s, peache s and lemon s. You ought to combine the two menus and provide a balanced diet.”

Before long, Wang Peng won his customers back.




UNIT 3. Sailing Home


This novel was about an unbelievable but genuine adventure. Its author was a black businessman who was brought up in America. In 1956, he visited Africa, his birthplace. One day, when he was wander ing on the pavement near the bay enjoying the sea scene s, he lost his money and passport that he kept in an envelope. So he went to the embassy to seek help, but the ambassador with rude manner s didn’t permit his staff to help though he bow ed to him. Staring at his impatient face, he understood that it was the fault of his skin colour that account ed for their refection. So he decided to take a chance to sail on a small boat home.

He met a large amount of difficulty but was never stopped. On the contrary, difficulty pushed him to go ahead harder. Three months later, he was spot ted by a ship by accident. He was in rags indeed. A maid even scream ed when bringing him a steak and pineapple dessert. Aboard, he earned his passage by working as a barber and got home finally. As for the name of his novel, he couldn’t think of a better one than the phrase“Go Ahead”.




UNIT 4. Explore MKII


MKII, a planet billion s of kilometers away, is the origin of life in many religion s. Physicist s have proved the theory that its gentle climate and the pull of its gravity are similar to the earth’s. And astronomer s have found that oxygen atom s and carbon dioxide, which are fundamental to life, exist in its atmosphere through satellite s. Cheer ed up by this news, biologist s, in their turn, began to do some research to remove people’s puzzle s—Now that there are some suitable conditions, does life really exist on this globe? Do they multiply by lay ing eggs or giving birth to babies?

Last month, a spaceship was sent there. It’s a pity that this mission failed. Unlike the earth, MKII is a much younger planet. Thus, mass es of harmful acid clouds float everywhere causing violent chain reactions to break out. These clouds not only block ed out the pilots’ sight but also damaged the engine system. Luckily, the pilots watch ed out carefully and prevent ed the spaceship from crash ing in time.



UNIT5.A Journey across Canada


After a quiz last autumn, Kuang crossed the continent eastward to Toronto to visit his schoolmate, the distance measuring approximately 5,000 kilometers,

His train started from Vancouver, a city surround ed by mountains. After confirm ing his baggage was aboard the train, Kuang settle d down in his seat. Having a gift for communication, he started chat ting with another passenger within 5 minutes. Their topic s included the Canadian tradition s, the Prime Minister, the mixture of races, and the terrifying Great Fall. After a nice buffet at noon, he was pleased to find that the scenery was impressive. He saw beautiful harbour s in the distance, wealthy urban areas and maple forest that covered thousands of acre s. He even manage d to catch sight of an eagle flying upward over bush es.

Kuang reached Toronto which lies slightly near the border at a misty dawn. There was frost and the broad downtown streets were very quiet. Though it was early, Kuang phoned his schoolmate in a booth nearby at once rather than waiting for him to come. They had a good time together.