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Drills on spot

1、-it’s great pleraure to have you visit our company. (c )

2、When did you arrive here? (d )

3、How long will you sray in here? ( b)

4、was this fadtory built? (d )

5、would you mind giving me an introduction of your company?(c)

6、which flight do you want? ( d)

7、when will the plane arrive in paris?(a)

8、are there any morning flights to wuhan?(b)

9、isa later flight this evening? ( c)

10、how much is the air ticket?(a )

11、excuse me ,how long can the taxi get here?( c)

12、can you get a taxi for me?(a )

13、where do you want to go?(b)

14、how long does it take to go to the railway station?(d)

15、how much do I owe you?(a)

16、where are you traveing this summer?(c)

17、do you like traveling?(a)

18、did you enjoy your visit?(b)

19、when are you arriving in Beijing?(d)

20、what do you think of this tour a)

21、would you mind going to bank with me ?(c)

22、how much money do you want to deposit today?(a)

23、when are you going to the bank?(b)

24、thank you for your help.(d)

25、what kind of account do you want to open?(d)

26、would you like to go the there with me ?(c)

27、what are you doing this evening?(b)

28、what do you think of the show toning?(d)

29、do you like Beijing opera?(a)

30、why don’t we go to the theatre this evening?(b)

31、I’m sorry for my mistake.(a)

32、I’m not satisfied with your product.(b)

33、Are you satisfied now?(d)

34、Would you open the door for me ?(c)

35、do you mind my smoking here?(b)

36、he gave a (a) promise.

37、He felt a (b)urge to tell the truth.

38、To my (c),she tore up the contract and threw it in the bin.

39、Can I (b)you to another bottle of beer.

40、She (a)having to meet his patents.

41、My dictionary is missing. I can’t find (c) anywhere.

42、Who’s that? (b)

43、(a)was jane that I saw on the bus this morning.

44、Have you ever seen a snake alive?(d)

45、The color of my umbrella is different from (b)of yours.

46、The unemployment(d)jumped to its highest to its highest level in nearly three years.

47、When he saw professor smith. He (a) his hand to him.

48、I hope my tercher will take my recent illness into (c)when judging my examination.

49、The bushmen are(d) hunter even though their weapons are primitive.

50、During the graduation (d).the president gave a wonderful opening speech.

51、He is (b) to lose his temper in situation like this.

52、Ecinomic (d)often follows war.

53、Can computers (c)for teachers?

54、A (b)cheer rose from the crowd.

55、Areas of drug dealing are hellholes of (a),proverty and murder.

56、It was clever of you (a)this question.

57、Tomorrow is my son’s birthday .i want (c)a new toy.

58、I saw them (c)in the river.

59、I have no paper.could you give me a piece of paper(c)?

60、Aunt wang told the childen (a)paper plane.

61、The girl is not happy at the new school .she has(a)friend there.

62、The old gentleman never fsils to help (c)is in need of his help.

63、I’m afraid that there isn’t (d)for you in my cad.

64、It suddenly (b)to me that we could use a aomputer to do the job.

65、Thanks for the advice ,but this is something I have to (c)out myself.

66、Mike ofren attempts to escape (d)whenever he breaks traffic rehulations.

67、The thief took away the girl’swallet without (a).

68、People appreciate (c)with him because he has a good sense of humor.

69、I’ve enjoyed (b)to talk with you.

70、They are considering (c)before the prices go up.

71、The world economic system (a)the developing countries in faor of the developed ones.

72、The matter is (b)grrat importance.

73、A steam engine (d)heat into power.

74、The dentist (a)her wisdomtooth.

75、Sugar(c)in water.


77、Our (a),with a stick in his hand.

78、(b),he knows a lot of things.

79、So carelessly (d)that he almost kills himself.

80、Early in the day (b) the news (b)the war broke out.

81、The experiment (d),the student went on to take notes in the experiment report.

82、The meeting (c)over,we all left the room.

83、European football is played in 80 countries,it (a)the most popular sport in the world.

84、There (d)no danger,the police went back to their police office.

85、He (a)late for the meeting,other students have already started their discussion.

86、The little boy is thoroughly (c)because he is always given whatever he wants.

87、You have been studying so hard.it’s now (d)that you will become a top student.

88、Don’t leave matches or cigarettes on the table within the (b)of little children.

89、Oh,the wether is so cloudy today. So it is.but according to the broadcast that it (b)by soon.

90、Not exactly so.it was his courage (a)his words that reallyimpressed me.

91、(a)by the police ,the kidnappers had no choice but to surrender.

92、(c)equal educational opportunities, American Indians in the reservations remained backward and illiterate for a long time.

93、All the exam papers (a),the teacher sent the class home.

94、(a)in beijing for quite a few years. Mr. park had little difficulty understanding Chinese.

95、Any packet (c) properly will not be accepted by the post office.

96、Known as grimm’s law, it was a (b)in the development of modern philology.

97、The great wall dates (c)the third century b.c

98、The accused mean (a)that he was not quilty.

99、He lives in a/an (d)little house.

100、His talents make him stand (b)in the crowd.

101、Were all three people in the car injured in the accident? No,(a)only the two passengers who got hurt.

102、Who is making so much noise in the garden? (a)the children.

103、It was (a)she was about to go out (a)the telephone rang.

104、It was (a) he said (a)disappointed me.

105、(b)that silver is not widely used as a conduvtor?


1、tales of the supernatural are common in all parts of Britain…….(Cbada cdbdc)

2、I hear a story about two w orkers who were interviewed by……(cdbcb bdbca)

3、If you were to begin a new job tomorrow,you would…………..(cabac dcdcd)

4、Conversation begins almost the moment we come into………..(abdca dbbac)


1、Moral: when you’re prepared,spiritually,mentally,and physically,you have…..



2、experts say that while there are noticeable differences in labor practices in east ….


3、women who are uncomfortable expressing themselves,particularly negative emotions ……


4、despite the shortage of good femal role models,there are signs of hope that…….


5、where I came from ,not going to the college was not an acceptable choice…….


6、one of the grea test technological and humanistic adventures of all time is….


7、but only in the last 40 years has humankind been able to efficiedtly extract……


8、moral values in America are like those in any culture…..


9、in no way can this brif description cover all the moral values honored by Americans……


10、are you too old for fairy tales?if you thin so ,copenhagen is ….


11、copenhagen is a city on a human scale.you don’t have to ……


1、today,cigarette smoking is a common habit. About forty-three percent of the …..(cddbd)

2、when young people got their first real jobs,they m ay face a lot of new, …………(abcda)

3、much unfriendly feling towards computers has been based on the fear…………. (aacdd)

4、the vitamins necessary for a healthy body are normally supplied by a good……..(dbdba)

5、when we talk about intelligence,we do not mean the ability to get good ………...(ccbad)

6、we use both words and gestures to express our feelings,but the ………………….(bbacb)