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The Company in Which I Work

by Joseph Heller

课后练习(Exercises on the text)

A.Answer the following questions on the text.

1.In the company,everyone is afraid of al least one person.

2.Because their position is the lowest.

3.Because they fear that they may,start doing worse and they should begin doing better.

4.They live and work under pressure that is extraordinary.


6.Because first their salaries are small,arid they know they will not have much trouble finding jobs paying just as little in other companies if they lose their jobs here.

7.They are not expected to change reality,but merely to find it if they can and suggest ingenious ways of disguising it.

8.He is bored with his work very often now.

9.On days when he's especially melancholy,he began constructing

tables of organization…classifying people in the company on the basis of envy,hope,fear,ambition,frustration,rivalry,hatred,

or disappointment.

10.The passage is a satire on the company's ruining the normal human

feelings and on the sad fact that people scramble for power and profit at the cost of sacrificing their dignity.

B.Translate the following into Chinese.












C.Fill in the blanks in each sentence with the best word or expression from the box below,changing its from when necessary.

1.having fallen victim to

2.with honors

3.have trouble

4.was held to blame

5.credited with

6.regardless of



D.Circle the right word or expression in the brackets in each of

the following sentences.









E.Explain the underlined words in English.

1.how much

they sold in the same week

2.they tend to lose temper unreasonably

3.after several months of feeling sorry for his wife's death,he usually takes up managerial position.

4.which they have to obey.

http://www.wendangku.net/doc/6790367f8762caaedc33d417.htmlually,they are happy,full of confidence and glad to be with people.

6.it's a stupid person who believes.

7.except a temporary feeling of pride and highly spirited,I only feel bored and hopeless.

8.after a difficult period of time,an emotion of enormous disappointment comes over me

F.Translate the following into English.

It's not easy to work in a big company.There is the rigid

hierarchy in such company.If you want to achieve success and promotion,you’ll have to do your work well under great pressure and be subjected to the discipline and direction.

Every day you work under strict supervision with great fear.

If you're doing a job without any opportunity to be promoted, and you can t find another job for certain reasons,you'll be bored with the present work and feel tired of it.You will

lose hope for the future and lose your ambition and motivation

for the work,and finally turn to be a mediocre person.

G.Write a short passage of150-200words in English on the topic

"Do You Like to Be a Salesman in a Big Company?Why or Why Not?".

I Like to Be a Salesman in a Big Company There are many kinds of positions in a big company.If I can choose one of them,I'd like to be a salesman.For one thing,I'11be able to fully explore my latent power by working under pressure,facing challenges from the highly competitive market.To be a salesman,I can usually be vigorous,friendly,generous and confident.Travelling will be

part of my job as a salesman which allows me to meet people of different culture,different personalities.And travelling also enables me to see the world.Another reason I like to be a

salesman is that I can have a feeling of being proud and important,since a company exists to sell.All the work done by others is only a pavement of a road for me to walk upon. Furthermore,it will bring me great pleasure if I can keep a friendly relationship and good cooperation with the previous customers,and bring in new ones.This will be of much benefit both to the company and to myself.


by James Joyce

课后练习(Exercises on the text)

A.Answer the following questions on the text.

1.There had been seven people in her family,now there are five. Her mother and Ernest died.

2.She was a waitress in a shop.No,she didn't find it pleasant.

3.She did the whole housework:cleaning,cooking,shopping,etc.

4.Her father threatened her by saying he would beat her if not

for her dead mother's sake.

5.Frank was a sailor who came

from Buenos Ayres.

6.Her father thought that all the sailors were bad men so he forbade her seeing Frank.

7.He asked her to go with him and become his wife.

8.She wanted to have a new life but didn't have enough courage to have a try.

9.The vision of her mother's miserable life made her suddenly decide to go to the boat station.

10.After reading the story I felt sympathetic for Eveline.She

lived an unpleasant life.But when the chance was there to change it,she was not brave enough to embrace it.It's certain that she would feel worse.

B.Translate the following into Chinese.







C.Fill in the blank in each sentence with the best word or expression from the box below,changing its form when necessary.



3.Where on earth



6.went for

7.was laid up


D.Circle the right word or expression in the brackets in each of

the following sentences.









E.Explain the underlined words in English:

1.the darkness covering the avenue gradually

2.and someone would be hired to take her place in the shop through advertisement

3.Be more cheerful

4.Harry always tried to offer as much as he could

5.do her shopping

6.for the sake of amusement

7.Her departure time is approaching.

8.that a common people ends his life in such a foolish way

F.Translate the following into English:

Eveline had agreed to marry Frank,an Irish sailor living

in Buenos Ayres.They got to know each other not long after Frank came over to Dublin for a holiday.They were about to take a passage for Buenos Ayres that night.The boat was leaving in a few hours.But she still doubted if it's wise to go with Frank to such a distant country.She disliked her work in the stores and her father didn't treat her well.

Anyway this was the

life she was familiar with.What's more, before her mother died she had promised her to keep the house together as long as she could.But the memory of her mother's sad life made her feel an impulse of terror.She wanted to

enjoy a happy life with Frank!She changed her mind just

before stepping on the boat.Then the boat was away with Frank.Everyone dreams of living a happy life,but it needs courage to make the dream come true.

G.Write a short passage of150-200words in English on the topic

"I Think Eveline Should(Not)Leave Home".I Think Eveline Should Leave Home Eveline seemed to have spent a rather happy childhood.But as time went by,everything has changed.As

her mother was dead,she had to carry on the load of housekeeping and the task of keeping the family together.She

had to make sure that the two young children went to school

on time and got their meals regularly.She had to face the

violent threat from her father without anybody to protect

her.At the same time,she had to work in a Store and gave

out all her hard-earned wages for the family's sake.As luck would have it,Eveline got to know Frank,a sailor who

was kind,manly and open-hearted.She's happy and excited to be together with Frank who brought her to see operas;and even sang a little to her.Frank was the first person who

was able to bring her hope,opportunity and perhaps love for

the future life.Yet,at the crossroad of her life she

hesitated and decided not to follow Frank,but to return to

her routine and hopeless life.I think Eveline really should

leave home with Frank to explore a new life.Even though it might turn out to be a failure,it would still be much better

than passively live in the memory with regret.

What's Wrong with Our Press?

by Marya Mannes

课后练习(Exercises on the text)

A.Answer the following questions on he text.

1.It is ironic to say that newspapers have two advantages,by saying so,the author wants to say that newspapers have lost

its function of informing people.

2.In TV programs,there is no intense http://www.wendangku.net/doc/6790367f8762caaedc33d417.html provides a wide range of http://www.wendangku.net/doc/6790367f8762caaedc33d417.html does not tolerate the

kind of distortion of fact,the kind of virulence and personal http://www.wendangku.net/doc/6790367f8762caaedc33d417.html doesn't feed the appetite for hate,etc.

3.The resistance to change marks the end of newspapers' usefulness.The author thinks that the resistance to change

is the end of growth,which,in turn,marks the end of usefulness.

http://www.wendangku.net/doc/6790367f8762caaedc33d417.html does a better job in informing the public than the

nation's press as a whole,but television coverage of

news is superficial and inadequate.

5.On local newspapers,you will find no enjoyment or interest.Local newspapers are not worth


6.The author is a newspaper woman.

7.The author's purpose is to call on her fellow newspapermen to make efforts to improve the newspaper in order to perform

its function of informing the public.

8.Newspapers have become a habit rather than a function.It has lost its function of informing the public,for newspaper people do not treat word with respect it deserves.

B.Translate the following into Chinese.










C.Fill in the blanks in each sentence with the best word or expression from the box below,changing its form when necessary.



3.in vain



6.pass for

7.takes precedence over

8.cater to

D.Circle the right word or expression in the brackets in each of the following sentences.


2.as a whole


4.confined to





E.Explain the underlined words in English.

1.any of the noticeable parts of the face

2.people who work for newspapers,people who work for magazines


4.try to prove oneself correct and his opponent wrong

5.to a greater extent

6.the newspaper is owned to serve for only one party's interest

7.to let news take the precedence over the ads in dictating the format of the newspaper

8.The newspaper will continue to be widespread.

F.Translate the following into English.

Television has a lot of advantages over newspapers.When watching TV,we use our eyes and ears at the same time.We

see both the words and pictures on the screen,and hear both voice and music meanwhile.Television informs faster than newspapers.But television lives on advertising to a greater extent.The seeking of profit makes television cater for the lowest instincts of man.The entertainment programs of American television are full of violence and sex.Television coverage of news is usually superficial and inadequate.There

are also lots of probl

ems in American newspapers.The biggest ones are the distortion of facts,and the attack on those countries,nations,and social systems which they dislike.

G.Write a short passage of150-200words in English on the


"A Comparison between Newspapers and Television".A Comparison

between Newspapers and Television Nowadays there exists a great competition between newspapers and television in trying to

attract most of the public.Both newspapers and television has

some advantages and disadvantages over each other.Unlike the television,the newspapers can give a more profound and adequate coverage and analyses of the news to the public. Newspapers can be more conveniently picked up and got informed

of what is going on in the world anytime and anywhere.In

contrast with the newspapers,television can provide more background information from different point of views which

allows the public to form a balanced and independent opinion of their own.The visual information from television can be more

easily digested by both the young and the old,and by both the literate and illiterate.As a tragedy to the newspaper,now

more and more people are beginning to turn to the television.

And this tragedy will go on,if the newspapers refuse to change

and give it the respect it deserves.

The Tragedy of Old Age in America

by Marya Mannes

课后练习(Exercises on the text)

A.Answer the following questions on the text.

1.Old age is a neglected stepchild of the human life cycle.The old in the United States are discriminated and ignored and moot of theft struggle to exist in an inhospitable,world.

2.Our,popular attitudes towards old age could be summed up as

a combination of wishful thinking and stalk terror.

3.Physical health,personality,earlier-life experiences,the actual circumstances;of late-life events and the social supports one receives are interconnected elements which together determine the quality of late life.

4.Because American society is one which is extremely harsh to live a when one is old.Elderly Americans confront insensitivity,ignorance and poverty.

5.Old age is not an enjoyable part of the life-span in the U.S.

6.Old age is also a tragedy for the rich Americans.

7.In late life,the elderly have the potential for qualities

of human reflection and observation.

8.Life expectancy is closely related to living standards.

B.Translate the following into Chinese.









C.Fill in the blank in each sentence with the best word or expression from the box below,changing its form when necessary.









D.Circle the right word or expression in the brackets in each of the following sentences.









E.Explain the underlined words in English.

1.deliberately forgotten stage

2.accept with a mixed feeling of being pleasant and sad

3.working hard all day long with hopeful expectation

4.time-limits of life