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1. I was told that 9:00 bus would take us to Shapingba in time to reach Chongqing university.

A. the; 不填

B. a; 不填

C. the; a

D. a; the

2. Her favorite friend, who won the match, was really excited.

A. one

B. it

C. the one

D. this

3. Lu Han can’t attend the ceremony right now because he is preparing the speech for the Benefit Party tomorrow.

A. being held

B. to be held

C. held

D. having held

4. — I could have been back by 6 o'clock if the accident hadn't happened.

—What a pity! Linda here to see you.

A. is

B. was

C. would be

D. has been

5. He was so delighted he received an invitation from EXO to visit Korea.

A. that

B. where

C. why

D. when

6. —I really thought I’d be promoted.

—Oh, well ... Henry, .

A. better luck next time

B. best wishes

C. congratulations

D. you’re right

7. Today the view is widely held by both teachers and students education should be about more than scores.

A. that

B. what

C. how

D. why

8. The biggest problem for most plants, which just get up and run away when threatened, is that animals like to eat them.

A. shall not

B. can’t

C. needn’t

D. must n’t

9. Tom was giving a lecture to lots of students, the same lecture he to half a dozen other groups.

A. was giving

B. had given

C. am giving

D. have given

10. So difficult it to live in a fiercely competitive city that I decided to move out.

A. have I felt

B. I have felt

C. I did feel

D. did I feel

11. Mary doesn’t want to move to Beijing because if she there, she wouldn’t be able to see her husband often.

A. would live

B. were to live

C. has lived

D. lives

12. The bus was full of passengers going back from the store, most of them various goods.

A. carried

B. were carrying

C. carrying

D. would carry

13. The Nepal earthquake, from effect people are still suffering a lot, has caused great concern around the world.

A. whose

B. where

C. that

D. which

14. ways to praise your children often, and, in my mind, you’ll find they will open their

hearts to you.

A. To find

B. Finding

C. Having found

D. Find

15. — Can I have some sugar for my tea?

—Yes, of course. Do you still want some milk?

—No, thanks. .

A. You are very kind.

B. That’s right.

C. It depends.

D. Don’t mention it.



I live in a big Scandinavian city that unfortunately has a lot of homeless people. 16 there are small ways of helping them even though you may not have a lot of money. One way to help is to buy their monthly 17 . By doing this one day, I got to know a young 18 man who was often standing at the train, selling the magazine.

He was a refugee (难民) from another country and I could 19 what kind of psychological scars (心理创伤) he must have had from living in a war-torn country, 20 from it and then 21 being homeless. I discovered that his birthday was close to mine, which meant we were born under the same sign of zodiac (星座), something we 22 once in a while.

I met him last year, shortly after his birthday, and without thinking, after 23 him, I asked if he had had a good day. He looked 24 and said that he hadn’t really celebrated. I felt so rry that he was alone on his 25th birthday with no presents, no cake, no songs, nothing! Therefore, I went home and set to work and knitted a scarf for the young man. As the wool had become 25 since I didn’t knit very often. I went to buy some special 26 for the wool so that the scarf would be clean when he got it. I ran into him on my birthday as I was going shopping. I had hoped to meet him so I had 27 the scarf around with me and a piece of my own birthday cake. He was very satisfied with these gifts, and so was I. There was 28 in his eyes. I felt pretty good.

16. A. Directly B. Seriously C. Luckily D. Eventually

17. A. card B. magazine C. picture D. newspaper

18. A. tireless B. careless C. homeless D. hopeless

19. A. experience B. observe C. imagine D. ask

20. A. escaping B. living C. learning D. existing

21. A. ending up B. beginning with C. lying in D. focusing on

22. A. knocked B. mentioned C. remembered D. cared

23. A. comforting B. recognizing C. congratulating D. meeting

24. A. grateful B. upset C. stupid D. pleased

25. A. dusty B. short C. tight D. hard

26. A. paper B. flower C. soap D. gift

27. A. knitted B. hidden C. shown D. carried

28. A. fear B. pride C. light D. anxiety


Data processing is a series of operations carried out on data on the purpose of getting information.

29 , the information is the end or the output. The operations were 30 with different tools.Apart from a computer, the brain is 31 a data processing tool. Like a mini PC, the brain controls all bodily and mental 32 , as well as processes data. While apples and oranges 33 in looks, feel, smell and taste,the brain can tell their differences.

There are three 34 of processing data. In manual data processing, simple tools such as pencil are used. Electromechanical data one uses electrically operated machines. 35 of the types of machines used are desk calculators and typewriters. Electronic data one uses computers processing data at a very high speed.

29. A. Therefore B. Then C. Since D. Ever

30. A. performed B. preferred C. provided D. practised

31. A. even B. simply C. yet D. also

32. A. disorders B. illnesses C. credit D. functions

33. A. differ B. resemble C. communicate D. provide

34. A. collections B. effects C. levels D. tools

35. A. Substances B. Examples C. Features D. contents




It was Thanksgiving morning. I was busy preparing the traditional Thanksgiving turkey when the doorbell rang.I opened the front door and saw two small children in rags huddling together on the top step.

“Any old papers, lady?” asked one of them.

I was busy. I wanted to sa y “no” until I looked down at their feet. They were wearing thin little sandals (凉鞋), wet with heavy snow.

“Come in and I … I make you a cup of hot cocoa. ”

They walked over and sat down at the table. Their wet sandals left marks upon the floor.I served them cocoa and bread to fight against the cold outside. Then I went back to the kitchen and started cooking.

The silence in the front room struck me. I looked in. The girl held the empty cup in her hands, looking at it. The boy asked in a flat voice. “Lady, are you rich? ”

“Am I rich? Pity, not!”

I looked at my worn-out slipcovers (椅套). The girl put her cup back in its saucer (茶碟) carefully and said, “Your cups match your saucers.” They left after that, holding their papers against the wind. They had reminded me that I had so much for which to be grateful.

Plain blue china cups and saucers were only worth five pence.But they matched. I tasted the potatoes and stirred(搅动)the meat soup. Potatoes and brown meat soup, a roof over our heads, my man with a regular job, these matched, too.

I moved the chairs back from the fire and cleaned the living room. The muddy marks of little sandals were still wet upon my floor. Let them be for a while, I thought, just in case I should begin to forget how rich I am.

36. The writer had thought she wasn't rich because________.

A. her cups and saucers were only worth 5 pence

B. she ate potatoes and meat soup

C. her family life supplies were not expensive

D. her husband had a regular job

37. The writer left the muddy marks of little sandals on the floor for a while to ________.

A. show that she was a kind-hearted lady

B. prove that she was grateful to what she had owned

C. 1eave room for readers to think about what being rich is

D. remind her that she shouldn’t forget how rich she was

38. Which of the following would be the best title for the text?

A. Two children’s Thanksgiving Day

B. Lady, Are you Rich?

C. Muddy Marks

D. Matched Cups and Saucers

39. Which word best describes the writer?

A. Wealthy

B. Sympathetic

C. Strong-minded

D. Selfless


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40. To buy a Fire TV Stick, you need to search the Amazon under the category of________.

A. cell-phones and tablets

B. electronics

C. household machines

D. groceries

41. ________ makes the feature ASAP distinguishing.

A. That it connects users to a world of online entertainment

B. That users can instantly search for their favorite TV shows, movies, etc.

C. That users can download movies onto their computer as soon as possible

D. That it accommodates users' taste and prepares videos in advance

42. ________ is a must for voice search.

A. Speaking to the television speaker

B. Pressing the remote control

C. Talking to the phone microphone

D. Typing on the keyboard

43. Which of the following statement is Not True with a Fire TV Stick?

A. users can search actors and genres using voice.

B. users can enjoy unlimited commercial-free movies and TV shows.

C. users can project their video on the tablet onto an HDTV

D. users can search TV shows with their mobile phones.


What causes traffic jams? Too many cars, right? No! Some Brits are now saying that traffic lights are to blame for much of the congestion (交通拥挤). They suggest that traffic lights be removed at busy roads. They believe people are a better judge of when it’s safe to go, not a traffic light programmed by an absent regulator.

The idea may sound strange, but it’s not new. Seven cities and regions in Europe are experimenting with no-lights roads.

Drachten in the Netherlands has got rid of 16 of its traffic light crossings and changed the other two to roundabouts under a “shared space” scheme. At crossings, cyclists dutifully raise their arm when they want to make a turn, and drivers follow a first-arrived, first-through approach and communicate by hand signs, nods and waving.

The result? Typical journey time has been cut in half, and accidents and congestion have mostly disappeared. An added bonus is the decrease in exhaust emissions.

There have been small collisions but no problem, said Hans Monderman, creator of the scheme. “We want small accidents, in order to prevent serious ones. It works well because it’s dangerous. The driver has to be responsible for his or her own risk.

“The many rules take away the ability to be considerate,” Monderman added. “We’re losin g our responsibility for socially responsible behavior.”

So far, Drachten’s locals have called the experiment a success. “I am used to it now,” said Helena Spaanstra, 24. “You drive more slowly and carefully, but somehow you seem to get around town qui cker.”

Tony Ooostward, 70, was equally enthusiastic. “I am a walker and now you are the boss at the crossroads, everyone waits for you. But at the same time walkers wait until there are a number of people wanting to cross at the same time.”

Owen Pa terson, UK’s Shadow Transport Minister, visited Drachten. He said Britain should learn from the model. “The idea is to create space where there is mild anxiety among everyone so they all behave cautiously. No one drives fast along a busy street thinking that they have right of way.”

44. Which of the following is the best title for the passage?

A. New Traffic Systems Needed

B. Turn Those Traffic Lights Off

C. Don’ t Count On Traffic Lights

D. Let People Have More Say In Traffic

45. According to the experiment in Drachten, the Netherlands, abolishing traffic lights would NOT

lead to _______.

A. more time being saved

B. reduction of traffic jams

C. right of way being taken for granted

D. improvement of the environment

46. The underlined word “collision” in Paragraph 7 means closest to _______.

A. accident

B. jam

C. trouble

D. congestion

47. From the passage we can see that the experiment in Drachten worked well because _______.

A. walkers have become the boss of the crossroads

B. cyclists, walkers and drivers each have specially designed routes

C. drivers are more careful and wait for cyclists or walkers to pass first

D. everyone finds that they have to do their share in regulating traffic


A regular drop in the sun’s radiation can cause unusually cold winters in parts of North America and Europe, scientists say, a finding that could improve long-range forecasts and help countries prepare for snowstorms.

Scientists have known for a long time that the sun has an 11-year cycle during which radiation measured by sunspots on the surface reaches a peak then falls. But explaining a clear connection to weather is harder.

“Our research confirms the observed connec tion between solar change and regional winter climate,” lead author Sarah Ineson of the UK Met Office told the reporters in an email. The study was published in the magazine Nature Geoscience on Monday.

The researchers found that the reducing of ultraviolet (UV, 紫外线) radiation from the sun can affect high-altitude wind patterns in the Northern Hemisphere (半球), causing cold winters.

“While UV levels won’t tell us what the day-to-day weather will do, they show us the bright future of improved forecasts for winter conditions for months and even years ahead. These forecasts play an important role in long-term possibility planning,” Ineson, a climate scientist, said.

Ineson and colleagues from Imperial College London and the University of Oxford used satellite data that more accurately measures UV radiation from the sun and found a much greater change than previously thought.

They found that in years of low activity, unusually cold air forms high in the atmosphere over the tropics. This causes a redistribution of heat in the atmosphere, making easterly winds that bring freezing weather and snowstorms to northern Europe and the United States and milder weather to Canada and the Mediterranean.

When solar UV radiation is stronger, the opposite occurs.

More study was needed, though. A key uncertainty in the experiment lay in the satellite data used, because it covers only a few years. “So questions remain concerning both accuracy and also applicability to other solar cycles,” she said.

48. The new finding claims cold winters in the North Hemisphere can be caused by _______.

A. a drop in the sun’s UV radiation

B. a sharp rise in the amount of sunspots

C. a complex computer model simulation(仿真模拟)

D. a clear link between the sun and the earth

49. It has long been known by scientists that _______.

A. UV radiation can affect high-altitude wind patterns

B. the sun’s radiation reaches a peak every eleven years

C. there’s a clear connection between the sun’s activity and weather

D. they can predict day-to-day weather conditions from UV levels

50. What will happen if the sun turns into years of high activity according to the finding?

A. Canada and the Mediterranean will have milder weather.

B. The whole Northern Hemisphere will suffer from extreme winter days.

C. Freezing cold weather will appear in northern Europe.

D. Burning hot weather will appear in the United States.

51. It can be inferred from the passage that _______.

A. researchers have analyzed the data collected in eleven years

B. long-term weather conditions can be accurately predicted depending on UV levels

C. the research doesn’t seem correct and true enough due to limited satellite data used

D. climate scientists have just begun their research in severe weather forecast


Equality is something we are all interested, but while some people try to protect the school and examination system in the name of equality, others, still in the name of equality, want only to destroy it.

Any society which is interested in equality of opportunity and standards of achievement must regularly test its pupils. The standards may be changed—no examination is perfect—but to have no tests or examinations would mean the end of equality and standards. There are groups of people who oppose this view and who do not believe either in examinations or in any controls in schools or on teachers. This would mean that everything would depend on luck since every pupil would depend on the efficiency, the values and the purpose of each teacher.

Without examinations, employers will look for employees from the highly respected schools and from families known to them—a form of favouritism will replace equality. At the moment, the bright child from an ill-respected school can show certificates to prove he or she is suitable for a job, while the lack of certificate indicates the unsuitability of a dull child attending a well-respected school. This defence of excellence and opportunity would disappear if examinations were taken away, and the bright child from a poor family would be a prisoner of his or her school’s reputation, unable to compete for employment with the child from the favoured school.

The opponents of the examination system suggest that examinations are an evil force because they show differences between pupils. According to these people, there must be no special, different, academic class. They have even suggested that there should be no form of difference in sport or any other area: all jobs or posts should be filled by unsystematic selection. The selection would be made by people who themselves are probably selected by some computer.

52. The underlined word “favouritism” in paragraph 3 is used to describe the phenomenon that________.

A. bright children also need certificates to get satisfying jobs.

B. poor children with certificates are favoured in job markets

C. children from well-respected schools tend to have good jobs

D. children attending ordinary schools achieve great success

53. What would happen if examinations were taken away according to the author?

A. Schools for bright children would lose their reputation.

B. Children’s job opportunity would be affected by their school reputation.

C. Children from poor families would be able to change their schools.

D. There would be more opportunities and excellence.

54. The opponents of the examination system will agree that _________.

A. jobs should not be assigned by systematic selection

B. computers should be selected to take over many jobs

C. special classes are necessary to keep the school standards

D. schools with academic subjects should be abolished

55. The passage mainly focuses on _______.

A. schools and certificates

B. examination and equality

C. opportunity and employment

D. standards and reputation





A student said, “I completely believe my teacher. I never doubt anything he or she teaches me. ”要求: (1)就此材料发表你的看法;






1. 创办什么俱乐部(足球,流行音乐,街舞等)

2. 创办该俱乐部的目的

3. 该俱乐部如何开展活动